June 28,2006 16:48

[電影上映] 堀北真希"ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日"11/05/05

The film that took Japan by storm is now on DVD. From Takashi Yamasaki, the visionary director behind Juvenille and the sci-fi hit, Returner, comes Always - Sunset On Third Street. No film in 2005 had a higher profile in Japan than Always, which was reflected when it scooped twelve out of a possible thirteen awards at the Japanese Academy Awards in March 2006.
The film uses a combination of elaborately constructed sets and cutting edge CGI work to recreate Tokyo in the 1950s. It is a heartfelt, nostalgic look back at a time when the country was changing and developing, soon to experience an economic boom that would forever alter Japanese culture.

This special edition includes a bonus disc featuring a making of documentary, deleted scenes, development footage, and a CD-ROM that includes content from the official website. This specially packaged box set also includes postcard stills from the film and a color booklet.


Alw@ys Part 01

Alw@ys Part 02

Alw@ys Part 03

Alw@ys Part 04

Alw@ys Part 05

Alw@ys Part 06

Alw@ys Part 07

Alw@ys Part 08

Alw@ys Part 09

Alw@ys Part 10

Alw@ys Part 11

Alw@ys Part 12

Alw@ys Part 13

Alw@ys Part 14 END


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