January 8,2014

Autumn's arms

I gently roll up half the curtain, a cool autumn squeezed in, clear and sweet, with a number of autumn leaves autumn wind into the hall, they just like a butterfly rise and dance in a happy mood, after a crazy dance, sitting in the light, and read the text once green. At first glance, the autumn leaves, is the dream of writing full sent to future letterhead, inform the next spring.

I put down the cup, with both hands, with great care to holding a leaf, will it tightly in the bosom, close to, close to...... And then, I walked along the autumn leaves a clear venation, already entered her world, I saw her winter experience, spring summer autumn breeding, healthy, beautiful; the transparent beautiful autumn leaves, for burning red, let me have a new interpretation of life, there is a touching, I eyes gradually drying up, I do not know why, my mind suddenly play "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai" the beautiful violin music, the living together, the butterfly rise and dance in a happy mood, it is not the epitome of lovers?

For thousands of years, how many men of literature and writing and leaves with grief, and the wind and rain with V., weep, the wind seems to be overwhelming life executioner, autumn seems to become a ruined soul demons, autumn leaves seem to symbolize the end of life. However, who can appreciate the happiness? Who can explain to the autumn leaves feelings? Who else can feel the autumn of lingering? The autumn wind is not a sad song, leaves not meteorites rain does not cry tears, letter, autumn leaves is the bride, autumn leaves autumn is rely on, clean sweep!

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myself in the dialogue

We often hear: howl, he, mutual influence is commonplace, just your unconscious and slowly evolved into another he, you don't know, you can't do it. But the funny thing is you will inherit his thought and behavior, is to meet you now the so-called glory. I know you like this have no idea even always copy others, in my eyes you are what a tragedy. Of course, you can make any debate for your foolish behavior, I also can be used as you make fun of himself.

The friendship sometimes not to love to say, be in the present social class was the capital, we all become self, clear, interest. Conversation will be thinking of my share to which relates to the taste, not all my ideas are one one report to you, even if I said you do not listen, even with my personality, you know we usually talk about are based on living, because I knew, this kind of you will be receiving this belongs to "Wulitou" character's existence, so you also feel funny, happy. This is you, you are in a conversation with himself, is different, potentially more with you as like as two peas a you, but also more image, hit off the pleasure to you. So I'll high opinion, knowledge, culture, you never touched, I can only regret and you think that the so-called "fun".

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