July 31,2014 15:45

Optimize the Method of Buy FIFA 15 Coins

You want to buy coins as quickly as possible in order to spend them immediately and to create your dream club. But how many coins should you buy? You should start by choosing the cards that will acquire and valuing them. The sum of the partial prices is the amount you should ask.

The greater the number of FIFA 15 Coins you buy, the bigger the discount will be and consequently the lower the price per unit. It is usually sold multiples of 100,000 FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins. But it is not required to be. You may agree with the seller a different number. Note that when you ask a amount of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins, is that amount that is supposed to enter in your account. Why we say that? Because, if the delivery of coins is bought by selling a card, there is a place to tax. Many sellers think that buyers should pay 5% tax. Stay alert!

When looking for a seller, in addition to the security issue, you should also pay attention to the price。and If you want to buy some coins immediately, please contact us.

When you finish the deal, do it with a secure payment. PayPal, for example, allows you to claim your money if something goes wrong. 

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