September 28,2017 17:41

How to connected to the printer if the computers are not in a local area network?

1, first the printer installed on the computer must be in the same workgroup (if not, by right clicking on "My Computer" - Properties - Computer Name - Click "To rename this computer or join the domain, click "Change" the right side of the change, select the lower part of the workgroup "). Restart the computer.

2, open the printer installed on the computer "printer and fax", right-click to share the printer, click Properties - Share, choose to share this printer.

3, open your computer "printer and fax", click Add Printer - select the network printer or connect to other computer printer network printer - browse the printer - find a shared printer, click Next, will jump out of a dialog box "you Will be connected to the printer on XXXXX, it will automatically install a print driver on your machine. The printer driver may contain a virus or script that damages your computer. Be sure to determine the reliability of the printer. Please click "yes".

4. After installing the cf400x, at the "Start" - "Printers and Faxes", share the printer you want. Remember to share the printer's IP address (such as) or user name, to another computer (LAN computer) settings, "Start" - "Run" "\\", or automatically search the IP address to share the content, find Printer and double-click to open, OK!

5. Several ways to add a hp 201x printer are available on the Specified Printers page. If you do not know the specific path of the printer, you can select the "Browse Printer" option to find the printer sharing the same working group in the LAN, the computer where the printer is installed, and then click the "OK" button after selecting the printer; if you already know the printer , You can enter the path of the shared printer using the Universal Naming Specification (UNC) format for accessing the resource, such as "\\ james \ compaqIJ" (james is the host's username) and click "Next".

6. At this time the system will want you to enter the printer name again, after the input, click the "Next" button, then press the "Finish" button, if the host set a shared password, here requires a password. Finally, we can see in the client's "printer and fax" folder has been a shared printer icon, here we have installed the printer has been completed.

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