January 8,2014


Why can't I do that? Why so irresolute and hesitant?

Why do I speak always concerns, always think that others don't necessarily agree with me?

Why, I can't do that kind of person my life inside? They can swim and play an even I myself don't like role in life?

A few days ago to read Xi Murong's essays, there is such a word, deeply reflected in the memory. There is a voice in my life, a kind of want to cry sound, a desire, a want to run deep in the Mang Mountain desire. Up to the endless sky, to all star worship, so a kind of an unstoppable tears flow, one can finally cried merrily, shouting in the heart:

Let me do it yourself, let my life be my own!

This is in my heart began to cry, let me do it yourself, let my life be my own! So I can run free.

Finally, in the real world, playing a quiet, ordinary role, unable to get rid of the fate, long way to go on one is arranged, bumpy road, try, don't let yourself be dazed, not looking back, no longer......

To install a mirror, let the life into the mirror, and finally, in the dead of night, not others, out of the mirror mirror!

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With her gentle and calm attitude showed me a gentle and mild bride; autumn leaves, with her pure and vicissitudes of the face to offer me a quiet and strong feelings; the leaves gave me a deep thought, she this mellow feeling, let me indulge in the warm autumn and calm, I silently chant of Tao Yuanming "the Palm Court many leaves, he had a fall. Some new Chuseok, Maxine Hong Kingston month circle "of the poem, a lot of things in my heart. So, I put the pieces of the autumn leaves picked up, readily caught in the "prose", become a permanent bookmarks, let I often read, watch her accumulation of beauty, reading her heavy emotion, the taste of her transparent Li, her way, with a generous support a transparent, with light set to defend the beautiful.

At this moment, I seem to have become a new leaves, flew toward the distant, in the deep blue sky, I had no job worries, no worldly strife, no more in the world of sorrow, there is only one kind of aloof, a free, still have a kind of heart to happiness!

The autumn leaves, red green, red earth, harvest a year of fruitful; autumn leaves, in the beautiful, red cheeks, a crimson, shy shy, contains profound truth, flowing thick sweetie, only the autumn wind can truly understand the deciduous feelings, truly understand what leaves miss, truly understand the mind of the leaves......

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