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June 1,2015

my essay) should humans conduct experiment on animals? part.

In my opinion, experimenting on animals is necessary.

Scientific experimentation on animals in important for us. It's better to use animals in tests rather than human beings.

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May 29,2015

my essay) #15 What is your favorite website?

My favorite website is Voicetube. This is a Taiwanese webiste for those people who want to improve their English. It combines with blogs and media. There are two parts.
First is the blog. They post difference English skills for learners. For instance, which grammar is correct and how to speak like a native spearker,etc. They update their blog every day, so I can check it every day. 


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May 6,2015

My intro wirting

老師指導後的intro 寫法
There are many different holidays each year.
On the Chinese calendar, we have Chinese New Year, The Lautern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, and The Moon Festival,etc.
In western calture, there are Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, for example.
However, the most celebrated day for people no matter westerner or Asian is New Year's Eve.


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A memorable Birthday


Actually, I seldom celebrate my birthday,only once I had a special birthday.
It was my 24th birthday. I was living with my ex-boyfriend.
On that day, I went to school and to the gym as usual. 
I didn't expect to receive gifts.

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April 11,2015

Last week

I moved to a new place. The new place is 10 minutes away from my old place by car. My friend and I put the furinture together. ...繼續閱讀

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