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Swimming Aids Asthma Symptoms In Children, Study Finds

這一篇文章原文刊載於亞太區的專業醫療期刊上,由 Science Daily 每日科學 於2009年轉載,作者是台北醫學大學的王正信醫師,真的是很棒的研究!讓我們來分享這篇報告:

ScienceDaily (Aug. 24, 2009) — Research has shown that swimming aids asthma symptoms in children. The activity has been proven to be an effective non-pharmacological intervention for children and adolescents, according to a study in Respirology, published by Wiley-Blackwell.
Science Daily 每日科學 2009/8/24】研究結果顯示,游泳改善兒童的哮喘症狀。根據由 Wiley - Blackwell 出版的 Respirology 呼吸科 期刊,游泳活動已被證明是一種對兒童和青少年有效的非藥物干預治療方式。
Researchers divided children between the ages of seven to twelve into two groups. One group underwent a six-week swimming program in addition to their regular asthma treatments. All of the children in the experimental program showed significant improvement in all clinical variables including symptoms, hospitalizations, emergency room visits and school absenteeism.
Other improvements included asthma severity, mouth-breathing, snoring, chest deformity, self-confidence and general feelings of disadvantage.

"Unlike other sports, swimming is unlikely to provoke asthma attacks. In addition to improving asthma, swimming promotes normal physical and psychological development, such as increasing lung volume, developing good breathing techniques and improving general fitness," said lead author, Wang Jeng-Shing from the Taipei Medical University.
He added, "Not only is swimming an excellent form of exercise for children with asthma, the health benefits reaped continued to be observed for at least a year after the completion of the swimming program."


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