November 10,2015

case as well as lowercase

When it comes to a secure website and passwords it is all in your hands to create a password that a hacker simply cannot crack. However, this will require that you be creative and use everything at your fingertips to create the strongest password possible for a secure web site.

Tip #1 - Use All Spaces

No matter how many characters are available for your password you should be sure to use every one of them. The more characters available for your password and the more you use makes it that much harder to figure out the combination. Always make use of all characters available for a strong and secure password.

Tip #2 - Obscure not Obvious

Personal information such as names, birthdays, nicknames, pet's names, social security numbers, and the like should never, ever, ever be used because these are way too obvious and too easy to crack. The more you avoid using things like this as your passwords, the more secure your login areas will be.

Tip #3 - Non-Alphabet

Never use just the alphabet to create your password. If you include numbers, hyphens, dashes, and other symbols or characters, you will have a more secure password which is increasingly harder to crack with every different symbol or number you add.

Tip #4 - Don't Write Your Password

This tip you should already know, but once you have created your super secure password to protect your website, commit it to memory, never share it with anyone, and never, ever write it down. No matter how secure you think the location is, if you write the password down you are decreasing the security of your website.

Tip #5 - Case

Also, make sure you use upper  in your password if the password is case sensitive. This will add even more variables to your password that will increase security.

Tip #6 - Create a Word

You do not have to use a word that already exists, you can actually create your own word with a mixture of numbers, cases, and symbols and before you know it you will have a secure password that nobody can crack!

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August 13,2014

Place the lingering nostalgia

Busy work, busy life, slowly forget longing for home. But whenever a longing for home appeared in the mind, we always tears. No matter what life has changed us, mind is always the same place hotel in hong kong.

Looking for home mark in the strange city, can find is that six months ago blue ticket or a year ago that pictures with pictures of parents. Other mark only search in my memory.

Time to change life, change the appearance, change and home range. But never change a longing for home. Time is eternal in front of nostalgia, is not passed in drop drop tower bells in the tower.

Nostalgia is me on the phone here, parents on the phone. They always say again met some setback, parents always said we all are good, you can rest assured to work.

Nostalgia is on high iron heart, is reluctant to leave their parents. Nostalgia is a dream of parents was ill DR-Max, he woke up with tears.

Nostalgia is the hometown of the pepper cooked, think of but can't touch. Nostalgia is childhood friends drift apart, in the micro letter, Tencent in the find, but not to.

Nostalgia is desire endless yearning, a melancholy and sweet memories, inexplicable guilt, regression and sad helpless.

Who knows how long the road of life, life's next post will go where, but the feeling of home in the not far ahead DR-Max, traveled the world no matter how vast the end of life or that my hometown.

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February 28,2014

No matter what is happiness

When listening to Yang Kun's "no so-called" is in Suzhou's second year in school, walking in Guanqian Street when it listened to the street last ring with such poignant song, in the school of hard, and a leave us alone, there is also a because Sese youth in ignorant not to have no feeling arise spontaneously. I really like this song, listen to tears with feeling. In the year of school, a lot of pain, or scholarship, student cadre or, that effort is very pure, but to survive in the girls uniform collective also have many troubles.

Many years later, once again encounters the students there, is a man's wife, the mother of the child, but in life on the road I was at the back of the walking person. A lot of people face, the face is still not changed that much, although mature taste was injected with some good, but had pride, a youth have toe high gas Aung aura remains, I don't like a kind of person that. Had not approached, many years later still can't meet near, also don't want to be near, sometimes meet fate is not represented.

I remember the first time to hear "no" this song, I and a class. The girls in Suzhou Guanqian Street shopping, she and I talk about many things that she and her boyfriend, I listened very carefully, because the student practice before I have not contacted the love. She said how good their feelings, she often be rather baffling to him cry, and be rather baffling the titter. A girl only in love will grow, will beauty, colorful. Love is sacred and beautiful, but it is a cup of poison, if a name, the pain love called "crane", beautiful but poisonous. Finally she didn't and his hand together, get married when I asked the man? She said not. I will be together should not together, she said before hell on Inferno love, now to say nothing. Suddenly, feel good fit when we together listen this song mood. No pain, no parting, no matter is that the past, no matter what is right and wrong, and non...... It does not matter because of tolerance.

Time will be abandoned, why should we on a yellow memory think constantly of? Not only their own. Flowers in spring in summer, cicadas are chirping, water still flows in autumn, winter is still floating, everything is in place, I had not lost, just in situ was misty paste eyes.

Last night I saw a music program, when Yang Kun explained again heard this song, ear to wake up, wake up some memory. Once a girl, also because love hurt, that is actually a heart is very kind and very pure girl. Until her hit people came to her side, she knew all the hardships and waiting just for that person, that is a eyes and heart are very clear and bright boy, he is a simple and contented and happy boy. They finished the story a happy ending, she married him, she is pregnant with their baby, they would be happy to go on. Forever......

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January 20,2014


Fingertip emotion with water, appearance not old heart of vicissitudes, hanyue as snow, summer, where, a wing, a Qing Huan, a dream city, many dark war, concern stack, heart meditation all for you. A pregnant worry, positioning the night of deep. Dance Sheng Xiao, congeal the sorrow of the night. A curtain of residual dream, lost the vast night, Ren Ren precarious, fall red flowers with a swirling, heart. The snow fly, free love a worry, drank the invitation dream he found the pen, painting and calligraphy finished while being tipsy in meditation, if asked, worried many boring, lonely with dreams NuHart...

Bodhi the Millennium world laugh, winter moon drunk heart, ink stained flower world. The rain flower, silence, broken bridge winter language, who are falling, margin of fallout dust hidden, drops run. Yu Ting in flower, narran and Qin Xiang, a valve, the heart 淡如 LAN, a book, the flower falls dust, heart without a trace. Edge to edge to yuan, deep shallow to clear. Mural painting soul heart, originated origin, drunk the Qinxin Yin silent book, holding the light always lovingly. Jiangnan drunk red, laughing to peach blossom Butterfly Wing Chun, the ancient dream blows ear dumping, Danfeng before winter self-knowledge. Buddha said: the previous five hundred years awaiting reincarnation, just for this life. Dream wishing incense, close attention to keep the Millennium reincarnation. Water ink, pen, Jiangnan essay for drunk month, around the dream flowers ghost. Melancholy sorrowful, dreaming in autumn, a pen and ink, drunk me half crazy NuHart.

Dream love Jiangnan water, clove like misty rain misty. The leaves to be red tears, affectionate always be ruthless hurt. A wisp of aromatic soul, love sculpture bury flower. Buddha said: a bodhi, flowers and the world, phase from the heart, the heart of things turn, environment created by the heart. Trouble began in causality. People such as the old, night, night without sleep, her tender lingering. The west window NuHart, the dream the sorrow of parting, thoughts of entanglement, heart world of mortals, beginning know phase have deep, endless into threads, inexplicable hurt thinking. The breeze, cool autumn knife to cut off the water supply, broken heart. Yuemanxilou, desolate bamboo house, if Ting monologue, painting murals heart, dream of love NuHart, such as bird cry sound margin, shock, make people sad. Although Du Kang incense, but bitter wine, drink, more in sorrow. When recalling the past, love life, only love. So taste, Wang Qingshui, Gelsemium elegans, arsenic tears, heding Hong Qing Chou, why bother? For the pain, the smoke to extinguish. Tonight, Can Xue, flowers Xiaoxiang, hundred years Feng Xu, Jiang cold seasons. Love fall in this life, but if the cloud, wind, tears die a hundred years, Can Xue bridge, wind and rain Road, pain tears, the shadow shield environmental-protection, midnight is wrong, the dreams, the empty into the more hate. Flowers drunk, fall frost rain, tears, flowers residual, redundancy of life, and tears. Xiao window residual wine, Mimi furnace smoke linger, dirt, romantic love, prison, as in the afterlife. A drink of liquor, Gu Huan the sorrow of parting, residual feeling cool, solution of Mandarin, the flower falls, merciless blow tears, broken human intestinal.

The other side of Jiangnan, lotus seat, permanent with citron, frowning in song, Rosary sorrow, pain, tears with dry, night and day, flower message, sprinkle wine drunk sad Yin, Tianya, chest depressed, deep sigh when empty, lonely wild goose lament, a murky sky over a dark earth, tears candle flicker, wind chimes sound, laden with sorrow over, listen, still to come, but, with the wind. That night, a Chinese ghost story, about his heart. My past and present, drop shadow of injury, septum, two Yin and Yang love red, loneliness, Galaxy partition, be like birds flying in different directions, love carving edge companion, past and present, soul painting paper, eternal samsara. Great river, married, happy couple, yellow tree, linden flowers, looking back at the past, alone in this life, the afterlife......

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December 30,2013


The sudden drop in temperature, all things withered, the wind has become very harsh, it all like a pledge the arrival of wint

No creature can resist cold threat, people can not. But, in the cold before, we had to take off the thin trousers piece next summer to be cool, put on thick clothes, to resist the cool morning air.

Morning, walking in the campus, feeling around in the cold, bind tightly coat, the sun just lazy dropped several beam of sunshine, do things carelessly. The campus is always lack of tree, look to the four round, looking at the surrounding trees have faded to participate in the summer for a ball to gorgeous clothes, with withered and bare branches. Believe that trees are not voluntary, but this kind of things in the winter sun too extravagant. Of course, this one to the exclusion of conifers such "monster", they seem to ignore the cold of winter, just like dying old man to defy death, death is not a threat to the old man, cold also kill themChina business practice.

So when things to the arrival of winter, wildly beating gongs and drums to prepare. I walk into the classroom from the campus, sitting in the window. Then a few leaves out the window attracted me, not they also more beautiful, more strange, but in their strong vitality. They look very plain, heart-shaped, but because in the life and become dilapidated, become like a battered but still firm and indomitable heartdata centre.

They are a few pieces of decorations that white birch only, they reminded me of the white birch in. Two months ago, the white birch also in high spirits, but now they are like an experienced wind and rain old, last pride lies. Loss is not terrible, terrible is failure after lost the strength to stand.

Winter is coming, now it don't have the same style; winter to spring, later it will revive the glory.

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December 18,2013

The road home

Rain, off the road home, flooded the heart of hope, but will not let me go home the footsteps stopped, go home, go home, only the home is a warm harbor, home is where the heart is. The wind rain rain invasion threat, people, the leaves sway in the wind was the wind, can not afford to carry the first, keep not waistwomen t shirts for sale .

Under the streetlight, blown by the wind, rain and fog cheerful hovering above the empty streets, and occasionally still hear them in the window roar roar. In the distance, all the lights are still in the dark night, every bit of light, will be a new hope, it is leading the way back home, it is waiting for the distant wanderer, to find the direction to go home in the raintourism news.

Maybe the night, it is the rain of heaven, all Elves will be singing in the dark night, and we need the most sunny comfort, the most hated hide in the dark and dirty. A storm, thought not rest, let my soul and life together, through the numerous hills and streams, going through all the vicissitudes of life, in the limited time in my life, all I can read.

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November 26,2013

The flowers bloom.

Perhaps, the flowers bloom, is a kind of fate, no regrets, do not have to sigh. Too many things, not the fleeting time

Erosion, wash. World is too noisy, listening, is a luxury.

Perhaps, the truth of the SpeechlessTeny Wu, eventually settling for the silent. The more love, the more afraid to withstand a nirvana. Dust

Edge, always with too much pain, dare not touch, could not bear to touch. Perhaps, not to touch, so it won't be cold, still can

In order to have fine warmth has been slowly flowing water. Hovering between read and not read, the fleeting time gradually far, a late autumn shadow, as well as the former dryness, young frivolous in this season

The fall festival. Experienced, relieved, in the calm of ongoing vicissitudes. A lot of things, has already come, no matter how frustrated, have to silently

Bear. Most of the time, the fate of the world, like a beautiful dream, it will break. Travel time, amber is still a bay.

Perhaps, everything can not stay, not simply to retain. Not carnal thoughts, there will always be some pain. Love, abandon the attitude of mercy,

When there is no pain exists between two people, can be more resolute, more the number of. Don't try so hard, also there is no right or wrong.

AllSamsung Galaxy Note 3 Defender, will instantly go away, leaving only the lonely time, and those memories.

Memories light, still shining, at those lights will still smile. No matter there is no eyes follow, only wish for

That do not want to forget the yearning for that to stay, stay, stay for those warm...

A pen, thoughts with you. Time gradually far, are still. The two kind of warm at heart, fingers, do one thing under cover of another. When the

Light, will remember all. Remember a smile, remember fondly remember a leaf, a rice porridge thick, remember a word of the term

Warmth, remember on own heart scar. A lot of us, in fact, has nothing to do with the world, that is the heart of some thought, in the days verdant.

Flowers, flowersCCIBA, it is fate, is also the silent beauty. In the past, all the past, do not go back anymore, it is clear.

The world is noisy, listening is a luxury. No complaint, no trace, a worthy, ANN, warm, again.

Still life, watch, who can seize this season's busy? Who can explain this prosperous and desolation of subtle distance?

Underground shadow, secluded, beautiful and vast at two ends of life.

Ink permeates the attachment, distant love like stroking the cheek of the air. The watchman, silent. Company, not language. Perhaps, some people

Willing to listen to the heart is already enough warm, close to life, warm the heart. Care is not in depth, the quiet listening, trivial.

With, warm smile, is enough, is the world's most warm feelings.

Maybe not embrace, but feel the temperature of the mind, perhaps no words, all converge at silence. Perhaps, more is flat

Light companions, more can through the seasons. Perhaps, you have a recall, sure enough.

All, drifting further and further away, maybe we can do, only to cherish.

The total number of boundless thoughts, will come to an end, perhaps, is predestined fate. Not what you wanted, just belong to you.

The flowers bloom, the first time a song by singing.

Many years later, again, is not the past smoke? How many years of riverside, joy, how many melancholy. Listen to the time to sing,

At sunset, tenderness such. That touch of verdant spring, fencing sparsely finally ended Qiushui long days. In a relationship there, sometimes just like

A scarecrow, I unintentionally, that is due to have a broken heart desolate, a land of broken fleeting.

The affectionate seed, planted in the snow covered plateau, with throbbing and desire, out of a blossoming flower brilliant life, a life

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November 15,2013


Huang Meitian, drizzle wet line, Qin flick, who whispered sigh, shear constant tangled, countless ties, no text, Xiao Xingchenpolo shirts on sale, which is your thoughts, first meet, and you walk hand in hand, landscape, how v. Rouchang 10001000, autumn, don't you see, looking forward to how the day, suddenly, has been for many years, the world on the sky, take heart and Jun pull wire, connected to the heart, he galactic tides, youth, do not see your face, the world is full of long, love rain.

Listen to the song of the sad beautiful song, my mind like a smoke moon halo open, wispy, drifting into the distance,

Huazipiaoling artesian water, light hair has sorrow. Spring autumn frost lovers cuff, half crescent moon like a hook.

Cheng Nan Mo again in spring, I was sixteen years old, flowery season, I have never seen the color of flowers. My childhood is not open already died in the winter, and spring, light filled with flowers, I grow up. Mother is an artist, so I come to the man in the earth mother I would decamp, from now on I and mother, wandering home, of no fixed abode. Mother gave me the cold shoulder, never on the child's affection, I can't see her pupil color, but I know it is colder than the lonely color.

Countless I sleep at night, I can hear the mother's voice came: Huang Meitian, drizzle wet line, Qin flick, who whispered sigh, shear constant tangled, countless ties, no text, Xiao Xingchen, which is your thoughts, first meet, Yu Jun is walking between landscape hand holding, how to say, Rouchang 10001000, autumn, don't you see, Mochi Akiminaha day, suddenly, has been for many years, the world on the sky, take heart and Jun pull wire, connected to the heart, he galactic tides, youth, do not see your face, the long, love rain the world is full of. Song of the mother sad, like nature in my ears rang, mother's gentle contour spread in my mind: such as water as ink eyes, jade like smooth and glossy face, light lips, hair will bind up, as pretty as a flower waist, a lonely and beautiful womandvd storage.

Mother's paintings are not being recognized, even though I knew she talented, but no encounter appreciate, as her marriage, cold surge. Often a man to go home, the man just like mother's face, like mother's scattered, like the mother does not correct is not around, they rejected mother would march off, without any attachment. I just can't see, no, I can't see, but I see the mother's heart, I saw the tears of pearls and crystal clear, across the smooth as jade face, I saw her crystal like heart fell to the ground broken do a piece on the ground, the sad, between me and my mother is so strange, but we are so close, close to I can feel her heart slowly tremor.

Since ancient times, many ill fated confidante, in an autumn evening, mother sat quietly in the courtyard there, watching the leaves fluttering, withered, withered, from morning to evening, mother, said the most tender words: fish, I know why you take the fish's name? Just because he is the sea, I am a fish, and we say, life, however, people have not yet old, is grateful to the flower. Later that night mask house, she finally could not resist this human baoqingguayi ended his own life, when she was 38 years old, but I know, even if she left it is love that makes her a lonely man, he has to occupy her whole heart, and I'm just that the man gave her a sad bean.

That year, I am 18 years old, I began another journey in life, I met him, my destiny. His warm words ringing in my side: fish, fish, you are the only wife of my life. I hand gently touch your face, I can't see it, but I can feel it, bushy eyebrows rebellious up slightly raised, long and slightly curled eyelashes, a pair like morning dew, clear eyes, straight nose, pink lips like rose petals, there are white skin...

In the brilliant Yamahana spring, I know what a riot of color, we walk through the fields, enjoying the spring send a warm embrace, we defend, had the most wonderful time in my life, I thought, I have a mother and a different life, not a vagrant, never suffering and sadness, but how can I avoid my fate? When the general facts such as knife stabbed me in the heart, I have no feeling, I like a dying ghost, spread in the cold air, till disappear in the sky. Until I wake up, be torn with grief: why? We need to pay for what you all the debt of gratitude? My lover, this is my half brother.

Acacia River, a leaf boat, flowers falling, I seem to see the red like blood, my lover for me to wear a wedding dress, "my beauty? "My soft voice lightly ask," beauty, you are the most beautiful forever in my heart." We both drink the love wine, he gently kissed me on my lips, the lips blood flow out, red red, red the whole river, the warm sunshine flowers scattered, tender crisp, we want to leave here, go to a never cold world.

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October 28,2013

Quietly when the season of love

My dear, I don't want to admit in the case before you, I am not in, but it is quite true.

I love the wild chrysanthemum, it is young hours playing in the park, a mother like flower warm yellow eyes. I don't know, except that the peasant family's yard, what is more beautiful than flowerssteel storage cabinets.

I like in the gardenia flowers, white and thick, chastity, but always let me feel the father. Whenever the home garden of gardenia, my father always managed to give me some, even though I am far away in the country schools, sometimes after flowering had not home.

I love the mountains of wild lily, it is the youth in the most pure gift, had the most beautiful encounter, also had the pain of separation, when all the lead story has become a thing of the past by, and I was home from the mountains of wild lily, year after year in the open, it filled the friendship and affection, even in once the flood destroyed our homes, it is intact to be lifted to a corner, preservation. Often, the thin slender flower diameter, let me think of is a tough and extension, so many years, my poetry interline grows flowers or grass, it is almost the only modelvwaterproof iphone case.

In these flowers are plain and elegant, I all quality, is the only woman just a country, a Szechwan field in the growth of the child.

Someone said, in love with a person, will fall in love with a city. My dear, I don't know the growth of your city is what, I also not exaggeration to sure I will fall in love with it, but I miss the point is, you in the south, that I had arrived at the placewittspartners, this season is the lotus lotus, picturesque landscape. But once I in the sky of some water, although like wind through a large field, but always not once met in charge, in the summer night, accompany me homesick in the moonlight under the willows, a river of duckweed and water plants.

And I was born in Jiangbei, bearing is a kind of wealth, which I had poor is a very inconsistent situations, therefore, I'm not in, perhaps, the flowers too plump, perhaps, it is red too beautiful, too dazzling white. If, once had a close bearing on it, it was only watching the water lily, I think, it is with load are different, lotus, more quiet and more poetic, even with a melancholy.

I'm not Iowa, yes, in case you before.

But, I was in a moment, in the lotus dress, as the embodiment of an elegant woman, in the world of mortals the smoke rain balcony. As monarch dancing, drinking, and wrote poems......

It was a meeting how, is the fate is doomed, or fate?

I don't want to look for one of the most logical answer, perhaps, in itself is not logical.

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September 23,2013

Green bamboos have heart

In the south, bamboo everywhere, she fair DiCui, rhyme noble but shows low quality. Regardless of seasons, bamboo with exuberant vitality or long grows in ravines, pond, willow shore, trail, or quietly hiding in the deep ravine, the wilderness, the valley, far away from the earth, the split flow. Entered the Jiangnan, presented in front of the towering Castle Peak green, faint green bamboo, they or Zhetianbiri, Gao Jie upright song Lingyun, or standing in a corner, indifferent as nano breeze. All spring and summer and competing flowers greet the sun, sun, autumn and winter with the frost GUI Judou, plum Ao snow, with crisp green, eternal youth, politely. The eyeful of green, green everywhere, is elegant, is the quiet, with a cavity at leisureCraft Storage System, comfortable tenderness. Said "there is no fear frost summer, the four seasons yan".

Jiangnan bamboo do not have a charm, her style and Jiangnan scenery elegant com., complement each other. And Jiangnan Qingshanxiushui temple, white walls and grey tiles pavilions, bridges people, as is the set consistency, indispensable. These natural scenery mutual authentic, Jiangnan bamboo more graceful graceful, elegant character and wind-induced indifferent. "Indifferent to Ming Chih, quiet and Zhi Yuan", "sit and watch the sun and the moon and the stars, and amidst the winds of change" is perhaps the best portrayal of bamboo. That a clean and free from vulgarity, is not the ancient literati pursuesamsung mobile accessories?

You see a corner of the white and grey tiled courtyard, a few clusters of small bamboo decorative light, add a bit quiet and gentle, add some weak character, this time, if there is a vacant clean, magnificent; ornate; fascinating Pipa string sounds floated, Cecil strands in the head, really such as shoe Wonderland, not know at what in. Jiangnan bamboo is with Jiangnan Sizhu music to enjoy, to render. Jiangnan Sizhu music delicate touching, sometimes like Ji Jiu, sometimes like the ink cloud, sometimes as the vase I break, sometimes as freely flowing style of writing, as if weeping and complaining, dreamlike, poetic and picturesque, intoxicated people, people indulge. Bamboo and enjoy music, poetry and painting, body and mind are drunk, so life and geometry? Walk through the bamboo forest beauty of Jiangnan, spring Ding Dong and an idyllic scene in the ear filled the streams of the cyclotron. In Jiangnan Sizhu culture atmosphere, ornamental bamboo elegance, listen to the music shows, cultivate the romantic sentiment, comfortable feeling in the eyes, the ears, cyclotron in heart ripples, worries and troubles all with rain falling, leaving the beautiful gentle, subtle poetry, flowing inside a soft tenderness.

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September 17,2013

A past the sea.

The autumn moon, memory space and incomplete, as if some one thing, a person, stay for a long time. Every time after autumn wind is broken, there are lots of feelings of sadness, shaky in the wind. Love as if no sunny rain in the next field, has been wet, the memory of a lot of the time, listening to the stories of others; too feel, the world; not many things and things will not change, we live in the always changing process, static see flowers bloom, a calm, then is the growthbusiness vpn service.

Loving tired time, time wasted, life tomorrow, always leave a lot of unknown answers and thinking. Suddenly; a moment feel sad hit, down to the abyss, a kind of feeling and the world instantly isolated, abandoned in a corner and sad. In fact; in the life most days, we just can not pass with oneself. Youth in good time, is limited to complete meaningful life value, youth passes as a fleeting wave. In the past, numerous is to grow matureotterbox.

Years of water, drain away the time, loving tired wasted in youth, how many days are used to hesitate? Perhaps; we all have a kind of feeling, is in an extreme environment, feel like lost myself, but could not find how had strong. Take the throb mood, mood ripples appearing can not tell the feeling. This time the river wander, collection of how many years of Youth Wind died. But the face, who had been ruling, why; life to bear too many ups and downsGo Organize?

The sun and the moon cycle, after the baptism of four seasons, all the bits and pieces, like the flush in the story leaves like that heart pain. The course of life, not as we arrange everything go to, but arrange every thing in life hard, we often in reality, desire from the nip in the bud mistake, how know; every danger, always close to their. Life; life; not much surprise, little Shao Hua.

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September 9,2013

You are the most beautiful legend

Today in the streams of people busily coming and going on the street aimlessly walking, perspiration came down like raindrops. Soon, so hot and tough weather, can not help but let me upset. At this time, I always think of April, she does not like the summer is hot, if not in the autumn winter depression, different from the cold, always fascinates me.

When winter began to thaw snow mood, without a trace, the breath of spring come one after another, coming is a beautiful and graceful woman - in April, with a peach incense drifting gently, in my life the most warm and cozy in desire the most happiest day.

April is a bright smile, warm flowers, moved to transfer in the season is spring fever. Hold, is Duoqin hearts sweet, nourishing the heart has almost dried up heart, in a cold rain in Xiaoling, more ancient unchanged, time can't wash warm.

The one after another, a carving of every hue smile in the face ah, most beautiful and most lasting flowers, crystal agate is incomparable charming, just like a collar unadorned yarn drifts in the Ying Ying candlelight above.

Tao is the Princess Diana million people to worship, the princess's dimple with dew clear smile, like sunshine, warm warm spring breeze blowing the soft, bright moon like pure love. The shallow smile in circulation with even God is afraid of light, enough to let the dark clouds bloom gorgeous brilliance.

Cloud to smile, is the rain of Cambridge

The mountain smiled, is the water flow slowly.

In April the smile, is a flowering tree of a tree, Yan the beam of twitter, is love, is warm, is the world in April day.

Her smile makes me fascinated, but her night but also make me drunk.

April night, moonlight as water, quietly sway in between heaven and earth. At the moment, I can walk in the small town, in silent thought so that the wings into the boundless moonlight, quietly through the dust on the in between, the wind, let the mind to the world beyond, a quiet beauty. Let all bathed in the warmth of the moonlight, let everything calm in the warm and quiet. At the moment, the distant world of blanking, blurred, and the heart of washing in clear, suddenly become quiet and clear. No see painted floor, no see GUI Tang, in the heart is still persistent shining stars last night. Not see the tide, no trees, in the heart quietly swaying or from the ancient elegant and to poetry incense.

Gently hold a ray of moonlight in your arms, quietly taste a sleeve of the fragrance, the night after rain, there is rain Zhanyi refreshing breeze, Xianhua landing, with the melody.

Cloud light, breeze, the sparse stars, I do not know who to have again and this affectionate month passed by? My friends always ask me, why alone would walk in the dark night, and I are always only smiled but did not reply.

In April, a legendary time, whenever this time, I always want to be the best the most affectionate feelings not hesitate to her, although I like the feeling in my heart sinks into thousands and thousands of words, I dry barren text but silence in the deep abyss. I know, I am feeble words in any case can not express my love for her kindness. Perhaps, the most pure expression is speechless......

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July 23,2013

my junior year of college

I was back on the medication. I didn’t feel different. I went through 5 different doctors from the time I was diagnosed to the time I graduated high school. Some times they would take me off the medication purposely for their tests, only for me to gain more weight. Most of the time I couldn’t remember to take my daily pill, and the biggest reason for that was I didn’t feel anything whether I was on the medication or off Medilase.

There was no validation that it worked, so I wasn’t reinforced to take it. I was still at home then, so although I couldn’t remember, my mom did a pretty good job of reminding me to take it dermes.

When I got to college it was a whole different story. I couldn’t ever remember to take my medication, and because of that, my hair started to fall out more than it ever had, and I could barely keep my eyes open. The fatigue was overwhelming, and I struggled with life itself until my junior year of college Health supplement.

 I gained 50 lbs my freshman year, handfuls of hair came out every time I showered, and I couldn’t wake up for class. I was so extremely tired that I spent 12 hours a day sleeping and I still couldn’t function during the day. Mixed with outside stresses, I failed all but one class my fall semester of sophomore year fully furnished apartment. ...繼續閱讀

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July 12,2013

To make things worse

Evidence of their skill at eluding hunters was sharp in the running-quail footprints stamped in ice and snow before the melt. But the most humiliating experience was a covey of more than 20 birds that ran ahead for a half-mile, crossed a road and flushed behind the sign that said "Leased Land."

To make things worse, the runaway quail hunkered in safety and whistled their two-note, come-back call at the hunters.

We will come back, we decided. Maybe earlier some season, but maybe not in mid-November, when Wilson says the weather can be too hot for dogs. Oklahoma's quail season opened Nov. 13 and closes Feb. 15. Its five-day nonresident hunting license is a bargain at $42.50, although it is not valid for pheasant, deer or turkey. A season license costs $137.

Despite the slow pace of late-season hunting, our group found a few birds, enjoyed some stylish points and bagged, well, our share. The stroll through trees and shrubs frozen in crystal was magical. (The good news from Wilson is that the ice storm didn't hurt the coveys terribly).

More, there was the gratification that comes from tromping around in native brush, hailing other hunters who are driven by the age-old quail culture and by their love of pointing dogs at work

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Fifteen or 20 years ago

The Chuck Swan WMA in East Tennessee has been one of the finest public-land opportunities for deer hunters for decades. In fact, the deer herd on the 24,444-acre peninsula between the Powell and Clinch River arms of Norris Lake was so good during the 1970s that the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency trapped almost 1,000 deer and moved them to other spots in the state to help establish herds.

But in the late 1980s and early 1990s, things started to go wrong on the big chunk of land in Campbell and Union counties. The herd got too big, and the deer didn't get big enough.

"Fifteen or 20 years ago, when the deer density got real high, we were killing 1,200 or 1,300 deer every year, and there were 4 1/2-year-old deer taken here that weighed maybe 60 to 65 pounds (field dressed)," said John Mike, the TWRA's area wildlife manager for Chuck Swan. "Then, the deer herd really dropped off four or five years ago. We didn't even kill 200 deer that year.

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June 17,2013

lost about something

I just read this entire book in one sitting. The title is what caught my eye, such a wonderful title. It is beautifully written. This is a story of Rose, a young woman that marries twice to men that she does not really love, and though she spends her life helping others, never really finds the unknown thing that she is searching for.

 I can understand her in the beginning, driving for the pure sake of driving because she only feels free when she is driving. I do that when I am uneasy or feeling lost about something.

This book is sad and a bit uneasy itself, with all its themes of alienation and yearning. There are some wonderful characters, especially Son, the second husband, and Cecilia, Rose's daughter, and Sister Evangeline, who serves as grandmother (and saint?) to Cecilia.

 The setting in a Catholic home for unwed mothers is poignant and a bit of a heartache in and of itself. I'm not sure why I'd recommend this book since it is sad and feels sort of unfinished, but then, perhaps, that is the moral of the story... that that no one really ever is completely content except through your own will to make it so.

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May 30,2013

company's coming

which usually means that something like, oh, say the wood trim that lines the doors of my 1972 bathroom cabinets 2400K VIRIWARM bulb..
seems to somehow become number one priority above anything else.
what? it's eight o clock and you still haven't eaten dinner!!
because of course, it'll only take 10 minutes to paint that wood strip, right?
and why change out of my cute summery skirt?
it's such a simple project, no way i'm getting it all over me!
how do i always end up with each of my fingernails nearly painted and atleast a spot or two on my leg or face!!

and if my friend cindy, from pennsylvania, happens to call overhead garage storage..
well, then maybe i'll just sit right down in front of the cabinets, all cozy like, chatting away..
and realizing in the course of it all that painting this thin piece of trim isn't so easy.
so.. then i'll need to paint the whole door to match. and suddenly the entire cabinet!!

and.. if you're already sitting on the floor, that close to the baseboard, well, you might  happen to notice how dirty it looks.
so, of course, it needs a bit of paint too.
and then the walls suddenly look nearly yellow fashion news...
so, might as well throw some paint on them too!!
and who knew that trim paint and wall paint aren't the same?

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G-d's light

Every year we celebrate this holiday because of my husbands family who were holocaust survivors. We will be going to see them tonight.

I am not Jewish but my husband is in his heritage. We are not practicing Jews but have family that does.

I love this holiday for its symbolic meaning: G-d's light in the Darkness international SEO.

I know many are angry at the politics that surround Israel but please realize many Jews are for peace. They are not bad people. My husband has dealt with so much Antisemitism even in America it is sad it still exists. Something we found we had in common as A first Nations Native Woman and man with Jewish descent, was the clear discrimination for both our heritages. Blame for this countries ills and problems in history as well as in the present Comelow.

Fighting for our rights to exist often are often looked at as a feeble attempt to promote ones self above all others. It is not plastic storage drawers.

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March 25,2013

my last blog

It is been way to long since my last blog but I, firstly, needed to find out about what my weblog should be. I have a lot of interest. Whether it is music or books

there are a lot. However there is one thing I am interested the most - FASHION! I have started loving fashion as a really little child. I guess I have got my sense for fashion from my mommy and with the years I have been developing my own personal style.

Whether it is how to decorate my room, dressing myself for school or for a party night out I have my own way to do so. And with my new re-defined weblog I let #you know what my tips and tricks are. See it as an tutorial for how you can bring your inspirations into being!

Enjoy my blog and have fun with all the creativity which is all around the world!

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March 13,2013

The best way to achieve your dream

The best way to achieve your dreams is to wake up!

What are your dreams?  What motivated you to have these aspirations? What are you doing to move closer to achieving those dreams?  As a child these dreams are an exaggerated fantasy, and in your youth the dreams shape your short-term goals and actions.  Now they're forgotten, being molded, or being realized company registration bvi.  

This summer I rode the light rail every day to my internship in Phoenix.  That gave me the opportunity to read the book The Alchemist which tells the tale of a shepherd boy, Santiago, realizing his dream.  The wisdom of the novel combined with my unreasonable recent workload have inspired a "sufi step-back" as my husband likes to call ithome furniture.

That is, a step back to realize what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.  When you get so caught up in the work, you can forget why you're doing it.   And most importantly, there was no clear path to changing the world: my one true dream HTC phone cases.

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