January 26,2016

Let the mind

When I think about the universe, the thought will suddenly open, when I think entanglements trivia, Red wine cellar mind will narrow as a niche. 
People, it is a grain of small creatures in the universe, important and insignificant, advising the outcome is trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. The heavens and the earth is still unclear, the sun still rises fall, SDTL Energy Cube life is still round round to inheritance. Life is only once, should live happy and valuable. In the world this have no matter, much ado about nothing. Without distractions in my thoughts, the soul is natural with sublimation, is the sublimation of the soul, nature becomes free and easy and happy life. 
The meaning of life lies in simply, to think things will fetter of liberation thought, hair restoration will become a stumbling block to career, become and flow of life. Fly, fly soul, life will get another level of sublimation. 
See more day, mind open and active spirit; See more day, will have a lot of enlightenment. 

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October 29,2015

Dream, is not far away

Growth path, because of dreams and become more firm, more and more obvious due to sow sweat. A correct goal in life, when you lost, to guide you, when you're down, will give you confidence. Heart's desire, became necessary, as long as the firm faith, and perseverance to put into practice, so, nu skin hong kong success will be just around the corner. Even if finally can't make it perfect, we also can learn a lot, understand a lot, make oneself of the ability to get promoted, experience is more rich. So, line from across the world of mortals, to life, we might as well a ideal light light, light the way forward. 
In master's coat, disposed of my Alma mater, also opens the way to my new. At this time, I didn't know, confusion and helplessness. I was a student, immersed in a friend's care, the teacher's guidance, and family care, feel oneself is a happy bird, only the future how, why bother to pay attention in advance. Dream will eventually wake up, however, the reality to face. Book knowledge can't solve the problem of their employment, teachers and friends and family care also can only give you comfort and encouragement. It turns out that way, but it must be his strong to walk, bumpy, be brave. 
In the end, I chose the road of teaching, and lit the lamp of my ideal. My life, is expected to leave without regrets, my enthusiasm, to the motherland the delicate and charming be about to drip of flower cultivation. When I come here only to find that, originally there are so many like-minded friends with yourself, you regret the choice of the teaching, they threw the acceptance of the closed training, they are willing to do hardworking gardener, willing to do the burning candles. 
The next training for most of us want to entry the new teacher, is the metamorphosis of pain. Novel cry for the moon let we learned to flexible ably, out of the rigid constraints. Practice of guanyin let we learned more from themselves to find problems, when the blame others, we often ignore their own problems. Distant power circle, Dream beauty pro hard sell let many people away, we can do 200 times, can? "Everyone firewood high flame", as a result, it was 2500 times, it's very, very unexpected. It turns out that beyond is when they are about to give up, tell yourself to insist on it. In the end, we go beyond himself. The four development project, not only fun, more let surmount we've learned to trust and support. 
Then, in the business training, new teachers again for the common goal, collision out the spark of the atmosphere warm and strong. , new jobs to be about to enter the us, the heart is full of enthusiasm and look forward to at the same time, also with tension and panic. As the physical and mental anxiety, the ensuing expert lectures, is undoubtedly injected a dose of stabilizer for us. Through shu-ping gao teacher "teacher professional development", I more profound understanding of the teacher, at the same time, also strengthened their choice. Yes, the teacher should not only know in a reasonable way to impart knowledge, more important, is integrated into the world of students, make the leading role of the classroom, those lovely children. And Ren Min teacher "beauty in harmony", Wu Gongxia teacher's "the quiet, Dream beauty pro hard sell education has mark", Lu Zhen teacher's "teaching design based on standard Yang Sheng teacher" based on class, walk the first step of teaching, I have benefited a lot from all, feeling is quite deep. 
At the moment we, much like a phoenix ashes, after heavy test, rebirth, and get sublimation in the rebirth, make oneself become more powerful. People often say that the refined into gold. Indeed, everyone wants to stand, must first break also. Dream on the way, will not afraid of pain, constantly improve themselves, hone their, eventually become solid, abundance. Ostrovsky said: "the person's life may be burning may also decayed, I can not decayed, I am willing to burn." This kind of combustion, is not only a kind of sublimation of the soul, is a kind of life. For education career, for no regrets to the road of life, we will go all out, behold, the dream is not far away. 

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September 11,2015

Dare not expect too much

From met you that moment, it is destined to dare not to expect too much for you, just want to can see you once a month, Dream beauty pro or even just to see the back of you also feel very satisfied. 
Disappear from see you alone in the rain shadow of the moment, it is destined to I dare not to expect too much. The only idea is: can one day walked side by side with you, even if is a content. 
From falling in love with you at that moment, it is destined to I dare not to expect too much. Can say to speak, Dream beauty pro and you just want to chat, you can see your face light smile, is enough. 
From the moment of together, it is destined to I dare not to expect too much. Only willing to accompany you for a long time, you can more happy. 
To you, I to all dare not to expect too much. For the love, also dare not to expect too much. Because I am afraid she is too greedy, you will disappear from my world no hidden. Afraid one day you will be let me pass the heart is like the needle pain like strangers. 
Dare not, also don't want to crave so much, Dream beauty pro no matter love or not love is not important, time is long and short also don't want to go to care about, the role of good and bad are unwilling to consider, as long as it can accompany you ratio what all good. 

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August 18,2015

In the future, who can give you

Come, come, come, and the future. 
I don't know that I can give you the future, Dream beauty pro often questioning yourself, I think, I hope I can give you a good memory. 
Even if, the future may I not at, memory and the man paid a sincerity to you. 
People always like this, hates the past myself, and I hate now of oneself, always so hate her. 
Always many ways to do bad, do not so good. 
I think you are very good, really good, but I was more and more bad. 
There are a lot of trouble in the home, the ineffable, disappointment and even despair, such family don't want to joint for you. 
Won't solve the trouble one thing after another, Dream beauty pro hard sell to care. 
Many years of dispute is not the solution. 
Cry to go after the elder sister come back, I also very sad, this feeling is not good. 
Lose a lot of confidence, for you and my future. 
Hate now of oneself. 
Negative tired. 
Girl, I wanted to give her to create a warm home, comfortable live a day, but now, I am more and more feel distant. 
Before the fall of pei di life, Dream beauty pro hard sell now uneasy down day, as if no up dawn. 
Reminds me of my grandmother said, before he was born in the offspring of the landlord, when the cultural revolution, the child will never lift head, inferiority, books can't read. 
Society may hasn't changed, different forms of pain. 
Graduate soon, some more confusion, let me not to run around internship at home with family, went to the sister, also can bring you, but, I think, you probably don't want to, because you will have family requirements and ideas. 
Things always backfire. 
Anger is a means of plaint my inability. 
National Day is coming, for money, you have a good rest, relaxed, Dream beauty pro through the university the last National Day. 
It may also have hope in the second half of this one thing. 
The world clarity, tired all yourself, life just stubbornly, are unconvinced. 

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July 15,2015

I want to have a rely on people

I think there is no concerns into the arms of one person, I think I can open up all the secret, I think we have things to think of each other, I would like to have a rely on people. 
Before I think I can to the people around in pettish lai, Dream beauty pro original all changed when I grow up. No one concern you, friends of that kind of taste is changed. Become, don't know which day you will be isolated, do not know the day is cold, don't know which day he is no longer with you, don't know... 
What is this feeling, when I grow up trouble? I had my mother asked me, if all the stage is in this way, will encounter all sorts of trouble, all kinds of uncomfortable in heart. Mother answered me, yes. In fact, I don't believe, I always thought that they don't exist some of the problems I have encountered, they live much more relaxed than I do. Until that day, they also met and I have the same problems, to me for help, ask me what to do. I also want to know Dream beauty pro, I know this sort of thing in the mind very uncomfortable, but what I can do, and life goes on. 
Don't know if you know what is this feeling, there are a lot of a lot of people, like a ship sails on the sea, you slowly fell asleep, and wake to find that everyone didn't leaves your own, they left you, you have to pretended to strong feeling want to cry. As in a dark, original all accompany you, then they want to leave you, you kneeling on the ground for them Dream beauty pro, they will no longer look back, such torenounce, is that kind of feeling. 
Sometimes I just think, in my life there will be a friend? Is that a true friend. On the friends I don't know is my problem, and they asked him, I tried to find out. But I give up, I was afraid of once say, afraid even friends also can't do it at the very least, probably because I am afraid of all sorts of will only let it be. 
Farewell to anything I don't think so, in his own world, but it is not reality, car also needs the guidance of the steering wheel, the television also need electricity, I how can HKUE amec, I want to change, but want to is very beautiful, the reality is give me a hammer. I will be good! 

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June 16,2015


As a young child Dream beauty pro, a little heart always thinking grew up quickly, and then quickly grow up, think of yourself or no change, no so many strange ideas, Dream beauty pro just plain, don't want to so many accidents. Also won't have so many accidents. 
Plain is the essence of life, the people are no longer so enthusiasm, sincere eyes, how many took some forces. The life is not so serious, but the same line. Then we are old, think oneself insipid life regret, see their children and that kind of pride Dream beauty pro. His mouth or to show off their own past every day. 
This is a simple life. The only disappeared in the world. The world or in the rotation, but we just world traveler. Empty is the color of the world, HKUE ENG make our life... 

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September 17,2014

Let me be light of heart from care growth

Time flies, time is old, earthly love, karma destiny, go, go out the God of destiny's palm. Like the balcony of the cuckoo. Summer Dr Max, the hot sun exposure to the universe. Sometimes, Rhododendron leaves in the wind and rain patches of swing, as if flying fairy, with rain moisture, moisture is dark green, along with another iron fence, fiercely to the long, north, South, East, West to, no matter which direction, it should occupy a seat the ground. A fresh breeze blowing, blowing the leaves flying up and down, to look from afar, floor surface, like with a layer of broad green carpet company formation, Carpet Seam with a piece of elliptic flashing shiny green gems, there is a kind of green spread in guiding your heart, tell their own youth is to so unassuming beauty. Sometimes, the wind and rain fade away, the sun is high, all the leaves are like lethargy, is affected by the high temperature steaming like half life, not like. And as is the subject of a major blow, in front of people lift head, a face in shame.

The wind and rain water cool towel, cuckoo flower beautiful, open, open the stunning exuberant. At different heights of the flower, show different patterns of change. The more the lower flower, the more dense, they are like a close friend, tightly close together, hand in hand; and as a close friend, ear to ear, cheek to cheek, whisper tell not "Sue" secret. The more height flowers, more shapes. The lower flower group is a whole piece, a large pink dazzling, high flowers to flowers to describe more appropriate. Clusters of flowers, and some like pink lighting pendant, pendant is more natural than beautiful; some like ancient hiding in the mosquito net after girl, red face down, smiling; some like met loving man, send the dark Yingying glances, to show affection.

Look again carefully, big pink, but thick hit open many shapes, different colors of the azaleas, bow, looked up, shy, bold and unrestrained, red, yellow, white......

Our youth, in the rain and sun are mixed to beat the body, when the fate let you down, make you be smashed to pieces, and you but is so helpless, so feel helpless......

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August 14,2014

We held their hands

Years such as the sand from the fingers gently slide. I touch your face, still thin, like the old pattern, however, once the young face has been honed by years of angular. Looking out the window, stars still Dr Max, the moon is still so bright bright, it is the eternal trajectory moving slowly along the. But life, rushed for decades, the flowers bloom, Yunjuanyunshu, instant is HUAFA early. Soft heart is a hint of melancholy infiltrates, I looked at your face for a long time.

Love, because to understand, will each other, love, because Thanksgiving will pick up on the way the little affection. Bai Luomei said: find a gentle mediocre man for life company formation, a human pyrotechnics and stable life, just! You're a man, guarding the night and my peace and quiet, watching romantic poem in time, such as water of the time, accompany me to see the season together at.

No one could somehow be appear in your life, five hundred times that of former only pass in exchange for this life, so how many times by only in exchange for this life meet, be together? Dear, you are my life the most romantic reunion water cool towel!

In the days of repetition, like a life, water is generally quiet, seems to be simple, pure almost transparent, but always let me time to be happy hug, lingering. Dear, I like it that way, do you one of the most common and most quiet woman, just like that, you've been pulling, leisurely, was not rash, in the time of the corridor slowly old.

For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word. We held their hands; we were to grow old together with them.

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Life is a lonely man

I have been to many places, also walked in many of the stories, seen the love flower shape, but not witness to the end of time.

I know, not a flower does not wither; and I know not a life will not die out; I know, no one will not say goodbye together; I know not a love can break time. And finally, you don't mention love, I also no longer mention hate. http://www.kidult-audio.com/headphone.html

The meaning of love, is warm. When the time fly, love gradually to such as light as water, I know, between us, has not related to cannot leave.

People, it is a kind of fragile animals. Shallow water fleeting time, walking in loneliness, until finally, in a piece of paper books taken root in the. In a quiet quiet quiet night, pen, ink, for writing down love myself, wrote the life expectation.

Heart, cook the word to word redemption, heating.

Text, is a solo dance, and dance is a carnival. After the carnival, the night has done, in thin rays of morning, his window, the wind blows, curtain, deep sigh. In fact, for truly lonely people, the night is the most beautiful perfect.

At the end of the year, there are always some thin 凉深 into spinal cord. The night gorgeous debut, a sad world open new. Memory in the internal spread into the ocean, text salvation thoughts of deep, a lot of time, sad just because. Is not in the windy days, gently open the closed window can be delivered to the wind in the past?

The leaves and flowers of the lush flowers and eventually will follow season and withered, only text, can in time at the moment and indelible impression.

Lonely endless night, insight autumn hair day, four seasons cycle, just a flash, everything can be in the abstract to concrete text, text color, reflect on the state of mind, once exposed ancient deep, define a memory image, become the traces of time. http://www.kidult-audio.com/tube.html

The moon still, still insomnia, night cool days net, moonlight as water, I know, tomorrow will also see the spring. Curtains don't roll, time and memory overlap, news and emotion in the heart wound, breed character, like spring, the flowing.

Years, with only his words, 'and with pleasure, will sustain life to the terminal.

Literature, is a lonely man. Choose to walk, walk slowly on this road just because the character can not only record the youth in the golden years of prints, more can the dead love. Exile in the text, the arbitrary Xidong, while those who once have nothing to depend on in faith, also will be able to rest.

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June 20,2014

Text fragrance, flavour the time

Since the beginning of literacy, I love the character, and have a great sense of closeness to it, any of the items above the text, they will attract my attention, even if it's just a few words of small paper, can also ride here a few eyes.

I remember the beginning holding a thick book to see, there are many words can not fully, this does not seem to affect my interest in reading, often in the half light of the speculation, to understand the original intention, it ignited the reading interest, often be overcome by one's feelings with the plot of the story of Fugue, plus or minus arrangement since the thought of some more mysterious, strange and interesting content in, any thoughts in the sky fly free imagination.

I want to, any person who, when some things in the hearts of accumulated to a certain thickness, there is always a kind of want to express desire, will choose a pipeline to express feelings. As Mr. Shen Congwen said: "the poets wrote the whole poem in a trivial matter, sculptor in a stone carving that blood as raw portrait painter, a green, a red, one off the ash, draw a picture of a magical painting."

With the increasing amount of reading, my heart also began to write the idea of fluctuation. So, I picked up a simple pen, began to learn to paint. About the time students, in addition to the completion of the teacher explained the composition, I also have their own diary, will their life bit by bit true record, and has maintained the habit of reading and writing.

In the age of each different, reading different books, written with different characters. Then, slowly, the text with time, through the spring and autumn and winter, through the youth. Each paragraph in that period, all studded with thought, each track, have confirmed the cannot copy time.

A while ago, watching a Wang Han mark host entertainment, they invited the singer Li Guyi on that day.

One of them and interactive content, when Wang Han asked the audience who willing to perform on stage, can get the guidance of Mr. li. Then, jump up a very young girl, very pure very lively appearance, the opening is a difficult "dead to love".

Teacher Li always smiling look, the day she was wearing sunglasses, I couldn't see the change in her eyes, but see her mouth while still hanging smile, but her posture but with the girl singing constantly changing, seem to be on tenterhooks. The audience, with every girl to sing the phrase "love must die", the kind of desperate expression, and more than. I was in front of the TV and listen to the scalp straight pins and needles.

Sure enough, when the girl sing, Miss Li this Hunan girl, fully demonstrated the spicy style, frank and straightforward asked the girl, you how old this year? The girl said, eighteen! Mr. Li asked, have you ever been in love? The girl said, no!http://www.kidult-audio.com/tube-amp.html

The following is Li wonderful comments, saying I don't remember clearly, the effect is: you have not talked about love, but chose to sing this song, although not who says you can't sing, but you are doomed not to sing that one's real feelings, you love life and death never experienced, you wouldn't be but that's what a feeling. You know, when you sing "dead to love" this sentence, in addition to shout oneself hoarse roar, where still hear a love affection?

Indeed, whether singing or writing, or, you have to experience some things, must have the sweet and bitter taste, the song will truly touching, the writing is vivid!

I love writing. Every word I read into the heart, in taste, some into nutrition and tonic, some became the leading light of life on the road, a cool breeze some turned into a breeze tired'.

I fear the text. May the skills I the not so good with words, may not be so gorgeous, the expression of thought is not mature and profound. But every word I write, is happy or sad, or harmonic or Zhuang, is heart burst out of the most sincere, the most true feelings, is not "poetry that worry"!

Ming Li Xu said: "a day without food, but not without a book."

Text, will to her unique charm and noble spirit, my soul, will use her warm and elegant fragrance, my life!

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March 28,2014

Egypt's Sisi faces formidable task

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who announced on Wednesday he would run for president in a vote he is expected to win easily Domestic Helpe, has gained cult-like adulation since he toppled Egypt's first freely elected leader in July.

Supporters see Sisi as a saviour who can end the political turmoil dogging Egypt since a popular uprising ended Hosni Mubarak's three decades of one-man rule in 2011.

If he becomes president he will become the latest in a line of Egyptian rulers drawn from the military that was only briefly broken during Islamist President Mohamed Mursi's year in office.

Sisi resigned from his posts of army chief and defence minister on Wednesday so that he could run for president headphone amp.

Critics fear Sisi will become yet another authoritarian leader who will preserve the interests of the military and the Mubarak-era establishment, crushing the hopes of democracy, reform and social justice aroused by the youthful protests that swept away Mubarak - but not the system that had sustained him.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which had propelled Mursi to power at the ballot box, accuses the army of staging a coup against a legitimately chosen president and destroying democracy.

Sisi has generated sky-high expectations nuhart, but has outlined no detailed solutions for the poverty, energy shortages and unemployment that afflict many of Egypt's 85 million people.

Nor has he quelled an Islamist insurgency based in the Sinai peninsula that has intensified since Mursi's overthrow.

That sets up the 59-year-old for a possible fall from grace in a nation where street protests on a scale never seen in Mubarak's day have helped oust two presidents in three years.

In a pre-recorded speech to the nation announcing he would contest the election, Sisi said he would take on challenges but warned Egyptians he could not perform miracles.

The world knew little of Sisi before he appeared on television on July 3 to announce the removal of Mursi after vast crowds demanded he resign, and to promise new elections.

Sisi had kept a low profile as Mubarak's head of military intelligence. It was Mursi who appointed him army chief and defence minister in August 2012, in a mistaken calculation that the military would let the Brotherhood pursue its Islamist agenda as long as its own entrenched privileges were kept safe.


Mursi may have been swayed by Sisi's reputation as a pious Muslim. Some Brotherhood leaders have said he used to join them for prayers and wept while reciting verses from the Koran.

But Mursi appeared deaf to discontent on the streets which rose to a crescendo after he grabbed sweeping powers to ram through an Islamist-tinted constitution. The Brotherhood's perceived mismanagement of the economy only fuelled unrest.

When a carefully orchestrated anti-Mursi campaign gathered steam, Sisi picked his moment and gave the man who appointed him a 48-hour ultimatum to resign or face military action.

He then deposed a defiant Mursi and carted him off to jail, eventually to face charges that could carry the death penalty.

Egyptians weary of endless upheaval hailed Sisi, even when the new army-backed government began a fierce campaign to crush the Brotherhood, which as the country's best-organised political force, had won every national vote held after Mubarak's fall.

Security forces killed hundreds of Mursi supporters in the streets in August in the bloodiest civil unrest in Egypt's modern history. They jailed the leaders of the Brotherhood, which the government then denounced as a terrorist organisation, despite its renunciation of violence decades earlier.

But the Sisi bandwagon has rolled on, with images of him in sunglasses and beret adorning posters, t-shirts, chocolates and even women's underwear in this conservative, mainly Muslim land.

Sisi has never publicly resisted the relentless praise.

In an unpublished segment of an interview with al Masry al-Youm daily that was leaked in an audio online, he spoke of a vision that suggested he was destined to be a great leader.

"In a dream I had 35 years ago, I was raising a sword with the phrase 'There is no God but God' written on it in red," said Sisi, who rose from a childhood in the dirt lanes of Cairo's Gamaliya district to the highest rank in the biggest Arab army.


Born on Nov. 19, 1954, he was the youngest member of the military council that ruled for 18 turbulent months after Mubarak resigned on Feb. 11, 2011.

Western diplomats say Sisi only recently took what they described as the risky decision to run for office. "The army may act if things go wrong and its image is tarnished. His fall could be sudden and sharp," said a senior European diplomat.

A few months before he unseated Mursi in 2013, Sisi had suggested he would never stage a military takeover, let alone run for president, despite his suspicions of the Brotherhood.

"With all respect for those who say to the army: 'go into the street', if this happened, we wouldn't be able to speak of Egypt moving forward for 30 or 40 years," Sisi had said.

Cracks have appeared in his support base. Secular activists who backed the army takeover have joined Islamists in criticising what appears to be a systematic stifling of dissent.

Under Sisi, protesting without permission has become a crime which can be punished by a life sentence. Sisi's election would signal a return to the oppression of the past, opponents say.

"There are real fears and there are reasons for them," said lawyer and human rights activist Gamal Eid. "The current human rights abuses raise a lot of worries over Sisi ruling."

Yet amid widespread disillusion with politicians and protesters, Sisi enjoys the backing of the powerful armed forces and the Interior Ministry, as well as that of many politicians and former Mubarak officials now making a comeback.

Some of Sisi's admirers liken him to former President Gamal Abdul Nasser, a nationalist hero despite leading Egypt to catastrophic defeat against Israel in the 1967 war.


In his early childhood, Sisi showed signs of unusual discipline, people in his old neighbourhood say. While other boys played football or smoked, Sisi and his friends lifted bar-bells made of metal pipes and rocks.

"Abdel Fattah always seemed to have a goal. He had willpower," said Aatif al-Zaabalawi, a dye factory worker who used to see Sisi in Gamaliya.

Neighbours say he came from a tightly-knit religious family. A cousin, Fathi al-Sisi, who runs a handicraft shop, said the future field marshal had memorised the Koran.

Sisi's father encouraged him to work in his shop every day after school. He lived in a small apartment on the rooftop of a run-down building owned by his extended family.

Aware of the scale of Egypt's problems, Sisi may ask his compatriots for patience, said retired general Sameh Seif Elyazal, who has met the presidential favourite several times.

"He hasn't got an immediate solution for everything," Elyazal said. "I think he will tell the people ... you have to bear with me. We will suffer a little bit."

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March 21,2014

The spy surveillance

The U.S. government's top intelligence lawyers on Wednesday renewed assurances that Congress is adequately monitoring government surveillance programs. But it's suddenly an awkward argument for the Obama administration cardinal manchester, since the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee publicly accused the CIA of illegally monitoring its investigators as they carried out their oversight duties.

Since disclosures about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs, including the collection of phone records and emails of millions of U.S. citizens, the administration has said they were approved and overseen by all three branches of government.

The congressional intelligence committees are intended to keep the government's secret activities in check. Those lawmakers are privy to classified details, and Americans rely on them to ensure that the intelligence community follows the law, that the intelligence collection doesn't eviscerate civil liberties, and that the programs are effective in preventing threats to the U.S.

"We've set the balance between public disclosure and the need for secrecy by empowering the congressional intelligence committees," Robert Litt, general counsel of the office of the director of national intelligence, said Wednesday. Litt was speaking to a privacy oversight panel that has been reviewing some of the more controversial spy programs revealed last year.

But that balance is suspect amid complaints that the executive branch interferes with Congress. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a longtime supporter of the NSA surveillance programs, has accused the government of this type of interference.

Feinstein said the CIA interfered with and then tried to intimidate a congressional investigation into the agency's possible use of torture as it probed suspected terrorists after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

"This is kind of a raw example of how things can go wrong in congressional oversight," said David M. Barrett, a Villanova University professor who has studied the history of Congress and the intelligence community. "Congressional oversight of intelligence is going to be imperfect. It always is."

Some lawmakers have said the allegations, if true, have constitutional implications by preventing Congress from carrying out its oversight duties — the same duties the Obama administration points to when it justifies the legality of its intelligence programs.

When details of the NSA programs were disclosed last year by former NSA systems analyst Edward Snowden, the Obama administration and other supporters said the programs were key to preventing terrorism nu skin. But justifying the effectiveness of a secret program proved difficult, because details are classified.

"How can anybody except you people do that?" a member of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, Patricia Wald, asked the government.

The Obama administration's answer: Congress.

"I think the public record now indicates there is a fairly robust exchange between the executive branch and the legislative branch on a variety of programs. And so I think that's where traditionally the evaluation has occurred," NSA general counsel Rajesh De said.

Privacy advocates have been critical of the congressional oversight of the NSA programs, raising concerns that lawmakers are too close to the administration, hindering objective and effective oversight of the secret programs.

"Even when Congress tries to do some oversight, they're thwarted by the administration," said Michelle Richardson of the American Civil Liberties Union. "I don't think the public has faith in congressional oversight anymore."

The former chief counsel for the Church Committee, the special Senate panel created in 1975 that preceded today's Senate and House intelligence oversight committees, urged Congress this week to appoint a special panel to review the intelligence activities of the CIA and NSA.

"There is a crisis of public confidence," F.A.O. Schwarz Jr. and more than a dozen former congressional aides wrote in a letter. "Misleading statements by agency officials to Congress, the courts and the public have undermined public trust in the intelligence community and in the capacity for the branches of government to provide meaningful oversight g-suite cardinal."

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January 21,2014

The Inn

The world of mortals, with you, with me......

You, I am the way of man,

We have a different pace, different starting point cardinal manchester, different direction,

But in the rest of the same hotel -- the red.

You do not appear to me, I would not to you and stored for a long time.

This is the junction station, we didn't make a good meet nu skin, only to rest herself and come, just met the most beautiful love each other.

This time is very beautiful, but very brief, only a cup of tea.

The inn, you and I are passing,

A cup of tea,

You do not appear, I will leave, I did not close, you will not be waiting.

This is a station on a red dust.

Drink this cup, put on the luggage, out of the inn, two people after the two dust Road, no longer intersect.

That Inn wither in the red autumn g-suite cardinal manchester, zero in the red dust, unable to hold oneself back for next season's red reconstruction......

Just opened Sina micro-blog; read at the beginning of the wind

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January 7,2014

Woman such as flower

Woman such as flower, flower dream, every woman is a flower, colorful and enchanting, romantic, tender in the youth time, bloom in the poem, the quietly flowing in each other's pastmatching......

Life is like a small city, not deliberately pursue, but for you to meet each other, perhaps inadvertently a sweet romantic would quietly come, just as the flowers bloom, sunny lax, lazy winter, bright ink pastel sketch out a unique beautiful scenery, only is that curved lines are rendering a bit sentimental, let the flowers charming wind flying, spilled in the blurred Temptress Moon, is the smoke like drunk, colorful, so that people can not help but wander in that piece of the fallen gentleness.

That year of spring, I met her in the misty rain over the world of mortals; Li, misty misty rain, we each other's eyes collision, in the air agitation starting point ripples, the feeling and the comfortable as yet unpredictable, a vague sweetness waves spread around, although not little but Der Spiegel, elegant, like a gorgeous colorful and come, all the way with the spring breeze came into my dream, to me not a general enjoyment, warm heart, comfortablewealth management.

In this way, our love in full bloom in the full bloom of peach blossom, we live with a growing, write down the crooked on the beach we word, commitment to a lifetime together. We hold hands walk on the way home, I think, you can always come to an end. But then, later, she said she couldn't I cool thin temper, she wants, is like the fire of enthusiasm. But she forgot, I was proud of how people ah, but also willing to her, humble to the dust. In order to have her just a joke can waves over the entire world, reminders of the mountain flowers, but now, I just who was buried? A flower unique cool, with from shame I played, dip a wet broken heartPrivate Cloud.

The wind had no trace, blooms the other side, leaving only a me, holding a weak feeling, quietly watching the sunrise and sunset, wait to grow old.

So the story of love at the first sight in the years of ups and downs, like a glorious summer flowers in full bloom season, but still all withered, and the curtain, no matter how Changmei, finally or naked face reality, flowers will have to wake up at the end, not sigh the reality plight ah, in the cool moonlight, my eyes full of wet, I looked at the flowers dancing in the wind, and screwed up waves of pink curtain, finally was wandering, Montreal heart.

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December 19,2013

a silent attitude

Then the sun, penetrating, if the soft quiet down on every leaf, so, every trace of the veins are decorated with life rhythm. In this happy and peaceful time of closure, I met the lovechenille embroidery.

I know, every game is a love story. Forget the story from the start. In fact, why should remember when to begin to understand why, and why?

You are from the snow of the snow capped mountains in leisurely walking, swaying lotus dance, as you brisk footsteps, happiness is slowly spreading, all the way to the blue sea. In fact, from first to last, I never expect what surging, I just think, you come, will not leave.

I sleep in the gorgeous, has been reluctant to turn up, the book of songs you said forever, myth in both butterfly said, these are not the future I want to. I do not envy the EMI busy, do not expect what a glorious future, I want to just now, so, the sunlight is very good, cast down the soft, warmPublic Cloud.

Time, is invisible stalker. Love, although wanton growth, to the last only confirms the existence of time, telling us this world nothing will be forever in bloom.

I passed all the sharp and bright, love you until the hopeless. I tried to seize the happinessDBA Hong Kong, in my youth, Bo a nine days ten Pai Gow, and the outcome is I completely lost. I visited the world thousands on thousands of road, but did not see a way back. The moonlight was pale, I send love on the road, the leaves made a last heart dancing in the wind. About happiness, we have to break the pale, finally, peace be with you on your way.

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December 10,2013

Know by oneself whether

Meet, life will always have some friends like a passer-by, some people leave, some people together, in this point, perhaps it is separated from the season. The text is my long has always insisted on something, just like I have been since the text with a sadness of life, sometimes a person drinking tea, writing, listening to music, coolTeny Wu, quiet, comfortable. I may be the feelings of failure, I let the struggling into the quagmire inside, delusion, tell my sorrow in the world, I found that I was wrong. My words as long as loyal to me, no matter who separately or together, me and my words, follow like a shadow.

As a science, but has a longing for the liberal arts heart is a strange thing, the thought, the road I a person silently walk, the fragrant grass, I fold a body and smell the quiet home, proud of Qingyuan, although oneself will, inevitably some low. Such as human drinking water, such as drinking water, but the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. This meets friend thousand cup of few, how can diffuse the heart does not closehair loss treatment?

"A girlfriend the most important time. Timing is everything. Drag it for a long time, like you and the green one." This is "I might not love you". I remember the deep lines, because, I lost to Timing. In fact, I more and more do not want to change, have the habit of habit. The habit of looking for someone to chat a call, the habit of not in a good mood and run down to the lake to sit two hours, accustomed to the night quietly on his own character, used to laugh, accustomed to the habit. But there will be some things, some people, so that when we are alone, will be a silent sentimental, but no repentance. There are some things, some people, we have to remind their eyes light up, be smashed to pieces as intense, and still misssmartone .

Drunk with laughter Jun three thousand field, does not appeal from the injury. The people solemnly and nostalgia of confrontation, perhaps is a luxury thing, but it is worth pursuing. Well, I seem to lose to the. Acacia three thousand, against your heart has to go. Admittedly, our patience and cherish become little. Unfamiliar faces in the world shuttling back and forth, each other also can down hastily. Don't be reluctant. Would rather keep alone, but also to obtain a firm. Keep each other warm, it is not controllable.

Freshman Association and I said: "I still single really too bad." In fact, I want to say what, but I smiled a bit perfunctory. I miss that in twelve years, how can easily transfer? There is always a kind of melancholy, called seems to have no, always have a kind of feeling, called silly. The left hand right hand reflected time, fleeting expectations.

Lonely night, lonely, rain knocked on the window, you can linger, write a text, to remember some clear on paper, not to escape from the reality, not to escape the eyes blurred, anesthesia himself not to have the pain, only to follow fading beauty, for tomorrow to live more specific.

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December 9,2013

The charity children

AN EMERGENCY ROOM is not the nicest place in the world to be at any time.

But for children those experiences can be heightened. The waiting rooms of emergency departments are typically not welcoming to younger patients, which is why the Teddies for Loving Care Appeal was established.

Running in Ireland since July, the charity have delivered over 10,000 new teddies to 29 hospitals across the country.

The charity is funded and run entirely by members of the Freemason Society of Ireland and is based on an appeal that started in England in 2000. Since then that appeal has given over 1 million teddies to hospitals.

Philip Daly of the Irish TLC Appeal says that the reaction in Ireland has been outstanding.

“The reaction has been absolutely brilliant. The teddies are there for the medical staff to hand out as they see fit at their discretion for children who are in distress.

As you can imagine, most children in an emergency department would be in some distress.

“One of the big advantages of the teddy is that the nurse or doctor can actually demonstrate to the child what they are going to do.”

Because of rules governing toys that can be used in hospitals, the teddies are bought in from Asia, sealed in sterile bags. The first time they are opened is when they are given to children.

That means that the charity can’t accept donations of teddies, but all teddies are kept by the children they are given to.

Money is being raised by Freemasons organisations across the country, but public donations are welcomed.

Philip says that the scheme “has no life end” and will be done on an ongoing basis, ultimately aiming to deliver 30,000 teddies a year.

The positivity doesn’t end in hospitals, however.

“If there is any surplus at the end of a year, we have plans to donate that to the Laura Lynn House or the Children’s Hospital in Northern Ireland.”

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November 18,2013

Confused with

Sorrow yo, cheap sorrow like the mention of the river overflowed, endowed with power, I draw a question mark in the heartSamsung Note 3 cases :

If, Nepenthes can take me to forget sadness, sonic youth will become bright, by shining light decorated?

If, Nepenthes can take me to forget the sorrow, the pace of growth will become solid, is colorful dream fondly?

If, Nepenthes can take me to forget the sorrow, the life mask if becomes falsescrapbooking storage, is blurred the real doom?

Long years of river flow to you my life, for as we sigh, glory, fame, expectations and dreams, all shrouded in mist, immersed in the river, we cry through endless waves, boosting in the sky of life, our youth weaving singing in the blue sky, I put on the white clouds tailored clothes, forget time, forget, forget and you together through bluestone alley, this is only the illusion of my poor, looking forward.

I would rather lonely with meWomen fashion, don't let the past become sad wine, I'm the only one who tastes. My pride, my self-confidence, all with Nepenthe magic, let all confused, helpless, lonely, and who put on silly dream rosy clouds, until my emotional and rational, there comes a moment no longer seems confused, I think I will forget to smile, gentle hand open the veil of the future that blurred, I think I can see the future, proud of her.

I want to wait until that day, it is the growth of peel back the layers of mist see the hope of one day, I'm out of sadness chains, goddess of fate to stretch out his hand toward me, again she love me, she told me Nepenthe answer, tell me life meaning, she gave my youth in a pair of beautiful wings, I began to fly, I wish, is to let the dream fly me away from that a sad precipitation in the past, I think, if there is a dream, a firm with.OtterBox Preserver Series otterbox iphone 5 case OtterBox Defender

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November 5,2013

Facing the difficult problem

Detroit's voters go to the polls on Tuesday and face a choice between Mike Duggan, a former Detroit hospital executive, and Benny Napoleon, a county sheriff.

DETROIT — Detroit, saddled with $18 billion in debt, has filed for bankruptcy. Crime is rampant, and the city cannot provide its depleted population with basic services. So why would anyone want to run for mayor, especially when a state-appointed emergency manager has all the power anywayStorage for toys?

"That's a question I get asked all the time, because some people do wonder why they (the candidates) would want the job," said Bill Ballenger, publisher of Inside Michigan Politics. "But there is an opportunity here to achieve things that no mayor has been able to do for the past 30 years."

For at least that long, the city's political class has mostly failed to address the city's ever-expanding fiscal problems. Corruption has dogged Detroit, especially under former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was sentenced to 28 years in prison last month after a series of scandals that left the city worse offotter box iphone case.

Detroit's voters go to the polls on Tuesday and face a choice between Mike Duggan, a former chief executive of a Detroit hospital, and Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

Duggan is widely expected to win, which would make him Detroit's first white mayor since 1974. But whoever prevails will take office under Kevyn Orr, the emergency manager appointed in March by Michigan's Republican governor, Rick Snyder, to tackle Detroit's fiscal crisisfashion men clothing wholesale.

Orr's sweeping powers allow him to reverse most actions taken by the mayor and city council. As a result, Mayor Dave Bing and the current council have become mostly bystanders to Detroit's turnaround effort, including the July bankruptcy filing, the largest Chapter 9 municipal filing in U.S. history.

The next mayor will also have little power at the beginning of his four-year term, but that could change next September, when Orr's tenure is slated to end.

When the bankruptcy process is completed and an emergency manager is no longer in place, the person elected could find himself at the controls of a city with its finances restructured and a true chance to lead the city.

"There will still be tough decisions to be made and the mayor would still need to fix Detroit's neighborhoods" after Orr's departure, said Sandy Baruah, chief executive of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce. "But I can't imagine the new mayor wouldn't rather inherit a city with the books balanced and where some of the tough decisions have already been made."

Others argue that the mayor could have significant influence from Day One. A proactive mayor with a clear plan and a willingness to cooperate with Orr could influence the emergency manager's decisions.

The two mayoral candidates have shown little disagreement on the major issues facing the city. But they have diverged broadly on how the new mayor should deal with Orr.

Duggan, who is running on a track record as a turnaround specialist, has said he would engage with Orr while trying to persuade the governor to curtail the emergency manager's tenure.

"I'm going to try to convince the governor to do one of two things: either shorten the tenure or turn over operational control of the city to the elected mayor and the team at the earliest possible date," he told Reuters.

Napoleon has said he would not work with the emergency manager, in part because Orr has shown no tendency to cooperate.

Even so, he agrees that Detroit may have a "once-in-several-centuries opportunity" to reinvent itself without its crippling amount of debt if it goes into bankruptcy.

"When you have a clean slate you become the architect, you become the painter, you become the artist, and you get a chance to do some creative things that haven't been done before."

Political consultant Eric Foster of Troy, Michigan-based Foster McCollum White & Associates said the "smart play" for the new mayor is to help assure there is a restructuring plan "ready to implement."

"If you don't work with the emergency manager, then none of the decisions will reflect what you want," Foster said.

Duggan's message seems to be gaining traction. Despite being a write-in candidate - he did not meet residency requirements because he had not lived in Detroit long enough - Duggan won the August 6 primary by a large margin and has consistently held strong leads over Napoleon in polling leading up to the election.


Once the envy of the world for its automotive prowess and role as the "Arsenal of Democracy" during World War Two, Detroit has declined for decades, with a population of 700,000 in 2010, down from a peak of 1.8 million in the 1950s.

As jobs and people moved away - especially Detroit's white population, much of which migrated to the suburbs - the city's tax base eroded. Declining investments in basic services like streetlights, police, fire and emergency services have only compounded the problems faced by residents.

The two candidates, both Democrats, say they have plans to revitalize Detroit's neighborhoods and tackle blight, including some 78,000 abandoned structures, nearly half of which are considered dangerous. Access to quality education and jobs for much of the 80 percent-black population is a persistent problem.

Napoleon has championed a One Square Mile Initiative that would assign a police officer for every square mile of the city. He has promised a 50 percent reduction in crime by the end of his first term.

Duggan has said he would create a Department of Neighborhoods to consolidate public safety and blight-removal efforts. He also has said he would reinstate a program from his time as Wayne County prosecutor where he would seize abandoned homes and sell them to new owners who would occupy them.


An economic boomlet is now under way in Detroit and could signal a turnaround that might benefit the new mayor at some point. Online mortgage provider Quicken Loans has moved 7,000 employees and invested $1 billion downtown, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has added thousands more. Small tech companies are sprouting, and a proposed $140 million light-rail line, if built, would create jobs.

The big question for the next mayor is how to boost the economy in neighborhoods beyond downtown and midtown.

Still, political consultant Steve Hood says Detroit now "represents a great challenge, but also a great opportunity," with a waterfront ripe for development and large tracts of vacant land.

Lauren Bigelow, CEO of Ann Arbor-based Growth Capital Networks, which promotes programs to connect startups with venture capital, said that most mayors can merely make "incremental changes," but Detroit represents a chance for a turnaround along the lines of what Rudy Giuliani experienced in the early 1990s as the new mayor of New York.

"Giuliani moved the needle significantly and, love him or hate him, he had an impact that's indelible," Bigelow said. "Whoever wins the election has that opportunity and that's really rare."

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November 1,2013

The red maple fragrance fall melancholy!

When we learn to sigh, life will be abnormal care for you, and for your beautiful miss you. When I broke ten fingers out of life, I know I thought you, g-suite manchester want what we can again accidentaly across. In the autumn of maple leaf fragrance eyeful, fall that moment red, I ride on the wind and. When a lot of thought, a pen, a Xuan paintings show, a fine, enough to rich my life. When the maple leaves turn red, meeting you is beautiful, I know, I also need someone to accompany, people need to miss.

I know, last night, a continuous rain wet my eyes, stranguria that wet miss. On the familiar path, alone in the floor fall red maple leaf, a carelessly tramples painful all the night you. All clear memory, in the misty rain and fog, the willowy your shadow, g-suite in oldham in the late autumn season, into my eyes, the blue night lingering in my heart, no use, no longer drift.

Think of a song "love the way thousands of miles", had drunk too much the lovers hand in hand walk this love, many people put the happy tears over marriage every sweet and romantic. I know this is only my look, a look, beautiful so far, far away can not touch. If the fall of the year will come, will be in such a rainy night, let me alone bath piece maple red Luo Ying, quietly miss you, miss you all, g-suite cardinal manchester will feel.

Picking up a red maple leaf, as if your eyes in your hands, don't touch it, I'm afraid you will be gently touched the scattered fragments of the tears, but I also can not afford to pick up the pieces of the sad ah. Don't want to be like the past, falls in always cannot help up the sad and Miss Li, but watch your back in the snow. Finally I got filled with love and sorrow, let the city, eventually not see a trace of red maple falling again.

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