January 1,2013 09:40



 Acts 5:27-32

Our faithful God of Love and Hope!
They say there is no way to escape the net of the injustice 
They say it is the rule of economy,
 that there are always losers and winners 
And actually losers have no voice. 

But we still have voice. 
We can tell stories. 
How can we stop proclaiming the Gospel of Hope? 

They say it is better to obey the rules of global players.
"Buy more software, hardware and other ware.  Come to the warehouses then you will be happy."

But we come to you. 
Although we are a small group, we still follow the rule of love. 
How can we obey the rules of the worldmarket rather than you? 

Give us strength, God of the whole cosmos. 
Let us continue to hope for the day, 
 in which the true Justice will blossom like the lilies of Taiwan 
 in the darkest valley and on the Street. Amen 
  1. 仁愛、向望、信實的主:人講不義的羅網 阮無可能通脫離, 人講經濟的原理 不時都有輸有贏, 事實上輸去的人 攏無機會通出聲。 總是阮有聲 通講故事傳阮心, 阮豈通停止 宣揚向望的福音? 
2、仁愛、向望、信實的主: 人講卡好著遵守 環球遊戲的規則, 人講著大量採購 硬體軟體兼設備, 若去到大間倉庫 你就歡喜閣滿意。 總是阮就你 雖然人少真稀微, 猶久阮遵守 上主仁愛的原理。
  1. 仁愛、向望、信實的主:
普世市場的規則 阮哪會通來遵守? 宇宙主宰的律例 阮欲擒住無偏離, 賞賜阮氣力實現 阮所向望的日子: 公義欲開花 親像台灣百合花, 在烏暗山谷 遍滿城鄉大小街。


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