August 5,2017 09:00

The Beta Of NHL 18 Includes Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Vs And Threes

The Beta for NHL 18 is now open to worldwide gamers until August 8th, hence, if you have been looking to play NHL 18, it might be the only chance for you before it releases on September 15th. Now, you can get in on the action by downloading the NHL 18 Beta from the PlayStation Store. Some questions need to be answered? Click for source

You can try the new 3-on-3 game mode titled NHL THREES. The mode puts 3 players a team, ups the speed, and increased the hits. This is a new game mode to really target the more arcade friendly mechanics in the game. Also important will be the new deking system implemented in the upcoming game, which will lead to highlight reel goals. 

The beta itself includes Hockey Ultimate Team, Online Vs, and Threes. As it has gone live for all players on Xbox One and PS4. The final game will increase the 3-on-3 aspect with added game modes revolving around it including a circuit mode, and online game modes. We should take the opportunity of buying Cheap NHL 18 Coins as soon as possible. 

In addition to opening up the beta, it more pleasing is that NHL 18 will still feature all the other features you have grown to love over the years. The game is a quick, fast-paced, high event hockey simulation video game. The game is a mere month and a half from its worldwide release, in relation to its news and guides, tips and videos, trailers, stay tuned U4GM. 

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