March 17,2009 16:03

眾神列傳之Leonard Cohen(下) : 聚歌成塔的智者

這是3/17誠品講堂的「搖滾索隱──風流人物與他們的時代 」第四講投影片,以及播出的曲目。


Ballad of an Absent Mare (Recent Songs, 1979)
VIDEO: Dance Me to the End of Love (MV)(Various Positons, 1984)
Hallelujah (Live, 2/19/09 Beacon Theatre, NYC)
VIDEO: First We Take Manhattan (Jennifer Warnes version)(Famous Blue Raincoat, 1987)
Everybody Knows (I'm Your Man, 1988)
VIDEO: Tower of Song (TV Live)(I'm Your Man, 1988)
Democracy (The Future, 1994) *
Anthem (The Future, 1994)
One of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Cohen Live, 1994)
VIDEO: A Thousand Kisses Deep (demo, 1996)
You Came To Me This Morning (recital, 2/19/09 Beacon Theatre, NYC)
A Thousand Kisses Deep (Ten New Songs, 2001)
Boogie Street (Ten New Songs, 2001) *
VIDEO: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech, 3/10/2008

* = 來不及播,先留著。

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