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為了促銷將上市的 Bootleg Series Vol.8: Tell Tale Signs,哥倫比亞唱片公司為 Time Out Of Mind 時期的 outtake 歌曲 "Dreamin' of You" 拍了一支MV,由八十二歲的資深演員 Harry Dean Stanton 擔綱男主角,飾演一位流浪江湖的 bootlegger,專門經手 Bob Dylan 的種種地下錄音。
Stanton 和搖滾圈多有淵源,自己也組了個樂團,負責主唱和吉他。他曾在1973年和 Dylan 合演 Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid。這支MV把「迪倫靴腿神話」具象化,很是有趣,據云影片上線後,Amazon.com的迪倫作品銷售增加了250%。

Dreamin' Of You

The light in this place is really bad
Like being in the bottom of a stream
Any minute now I'm expecting to wake up from a dream
Miss so much, the softest touch
Like the grave of some child child
Who neither wept nor smiled
I'm hiding my faith in the rain
I've been dreamin' of you
That's all I do
And it's driving me insane

Somewhere dawn is breaking
Light is streaking across the floor
Church bells are ringing
I wonder who they're ringing for
Travel under any star
You'll see me wherever you are

The shadowy past is so vague and so vast,
I'm sleeping in the Palace of pain
I've been dreamin' of you
That's all I do
But it's driving me insane

Maybe they'll get me, maybe they won't
But whatever, it won't be tonight
I wish your hand was in mine right now,
We could go where the moon is wide

For years they had me locked in a cage,
Then they threw me onto the stage
Somethings just last longer then you thought they would
And they never ever explain
I'm dreamin' of you
That's all I do
And it's driving me insane

Well I eat when I'm hungry
Drink when I'm dry
Live my life on the square
Even if the flesh falls off my face
It won't matter as long as you're there

Feel like a ghost in love
Underneath the heavens above
Feel further away then I ever did before
Feel further than I can take
Dreamin' of you, that's all I do,
But it's driving me insane

Everything in the way is so shy like the day
In queer and unusual form
Spirals of golden haze here in there in a blaze
Like beams of light in a star.

Maybe you're here or maybe you weren't
Maybe you touched somebody and got burned
The silent sun has got me on the run
Burning a hole in my brain
I'm dreamin' of you,
That's all I do
But it's driving me insane.

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    前幾天看這支MV才驚覺Harry Dean Stanton已八十二了。
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