June 14,2018

Menstrual disorders eat what conditioning

Irregular menstruation refers to the symptoms of irregular periods, excessive menstrual bleeding, low menstrual blood flow, and amenorrhea. Postpartum mothers should pay attention to conditioning their bodies if they have symptoms for a long time. General treatment of postpartum irregular menstruation drug therapy and diet therapy two. month. Diet therapy can regulate viscera and blood function, so that normal menstruation, Motherwort juice porridge, safflower glutinous rice porridge, motherwort boiled eggs, angelica Yanhu soup, bean soup mutton soup can nourish menstruation, suitable for menstrual disorders. Menstrual disorders eat what conditioning

Motherwort juice porridge effect: nourishing yin, nourishing, regulating menstruation, eliminating phlegm, quenching thirst, Chufan, suitable for women with irregular menstruation, functional uterine bleeding, postpartum hemorrhage, lochia is not clean, abdominal bleeding and other blood stasis. Ingredients: 10 grams of fresh motherwort juice, fresh raw yellow juice, fresh wolfberry fruit juice each 40 grams, ginger juice, honey amount, 100 grams of rice. Production: Rice porridge, when the rice is cooked, add the above concoctions and honey, boiled gruel Serve. Usage: 2 times a day, warm clothes. The disease is stopped and it should not be served for a long time. Taboo: It is advisable to use a casserole and it is not appropriate to use a wok. Spleen diarrhea were hanged. During the porridge, avoid onions and leeks.

Saffron glutinous rice porridge effect: nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, applicable to irregular menstruation blood deficiency, blood stasis. Ingredients: 10 grams of safflower, angelica, 15 grams of Salvia, 100 grams of rice. Production: first fry the various drugs, to the slag juice, after the rice into the porridge. Usage: 2 times a day, fasting food.

Motherwort boiled egg effect: blood Tiaojing, apply to early menstruation with abdominal pain. Ingredients: Motherwort 30 grams, 2 eggs. Production: Mix Motherwort and eggs with water and boil it. After the eggs are cooked, remove them and cook for a while. Usage: 1 time before menstruation, even serving a few days, eat eggs Yin Tang.

Angelica Yan Hu Tang Efficacy: Huoxue cold menstruation, suitable for late menstruation, and amenorrhea. Ingredients: Angelica 9 grams, Corydalis 5 grams, ginger 2 tablets. Production: The above 3 flavors are decocted. Usage: Even take 3 doses, 1 dose daily.

Bean curd mutton soup effect: warm and cold, apply to the cold end of menstruation. Ingredients: 15 grams of ginger, 50 grams of soybean meal, 100 grams of lamb, salt amount. Production: Put the above 3 flavors in the casserole and cook until the lamb is cooked. Add salt. Usage: eat lamb, soup. 10 days before menstruation, once a day, and even served 3 to 5 days.

Dysmenorrhea tea effect: Wen manager gas, analgesic, suitable for young women before menstruation or abdominal pain, feeling fullness or when feeling cold. Ingredients: Cyperus rotundus, Chinese herbal medicine, Yanhu each 10 grams, 3 grams of cinnamon. Production: After the above 4 flavors were ground together, they were brewed with boiling water. Usage: on behalf of the tea, 1 day, and even served 3 to 5 days.

The use of -Foliangfang thermoregulation - conditioning, can calm Qi, kidney deficiency, balance yin and yang, to help the body function to resume normal operation, and can improve the internal and external environment, to regulate body balance, irregular menstruation has a professional effect.

Cuttlefish soup, longan egg soup, Chinese angelica hotpot, and fried lamb liver are very good for menstruating food. These foods have the function of nourishing yin and blood, tonifying kidney and regulating menstruation, and nourishing blood and tranquilizing the body. Eating more of these foods can treat the symptoms of irregular menstruation.

Loofah also has the effect of passing through the meridians, performing blood circulation, and cooling blood and detoxifying. It helps greatly in regulating menstruation. Eat less spicy and exciting things. Women with large blood loss should eat more high-fidelity foods such as spinach, candied dates and red vegetables. Postpartum irregular menstruation should usually pay attention to more rest and proper exercise in order to achieve prevention. Precautions

To maintain a good mood, depression and tension can lead to irregular menstruation. Participate more activities, but you can't overwork. In short, menstruation will have to pay attention to diet and lifestyle as well as drug governance.

Coffee, tea and other beverages can increase anxiety and anxiety; they can change to barley tea and mint tea.

Avoid foods that are too hot and have too great an ice temperature change.

Women who are about to face menopause should have more calcium-rich foods such as milk and dried fish.

Such as drinks, cakes, brown sugar, candy. Prevent blood sugar instability, to avoid aggravating mc's various discomforts.

Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats and other foods contain more fiber, which can promote estrogen discharge, increase the content of magnesium in the blood, and regulate menstruation and calming nerves.

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What do women have about irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is a relatively common condition in women's physiology. Irregular menstruation can lead to amenorrhea, gynecological inflammation, and ultimately women infertility. Therefore, women should pay attention to irregular menstruation. So, what does it mean that women have irregular menstruation? Let’s take a look at it below.

Lotus root

Rich in vitamin k, it has the effect of contracting blood vessels and hemostasis. It is very suitable for patients with congestion and hemorrhage. It also contains a lot of vitamin C, dietary fiber and abundant tannic acid, and it also has a tonic effect on patients with weak constitution. Applicable to irregular menstruation, menstrual period ahead of schedule and a large amount of embolism, "having blood circulation without breaking blood, stop bleeding without stagnating blood."

Uchi chicken

It has the effect of supplementing and cultivating labor to win and weak and benefiting maternity. It is a good product to nourish the body. It has good curative effect on irregular menstruation, leucorrhea and some deficient diseases.

Safflower rice porridge

Ingredients: 10 grams of safflower, angelica, 15 grams of Salvia, 100 grams of rice.

Production: first fry the various drugs, to the slag juice, after the rice into the porridge.

Efficacy: nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, apply to those who have blood deficiency and blood stasis. 2 times a day, fast food.

Motherwort boiled eggs

Ingredients: Motherwort 30 grams, 2 eggs.

Practice: Mix Motherwort and eggs with water and boil it. After the eggs are cooked, shell them and cook for a while.

Efficacy: blood menstruation, suitable for early menstruation with abdominal pain. 1 time before menstruation, even for several days, eat egg Yin Tang.

Lamb porridge

Raw materials: 250 grams of lamb, 100 grams of rice, green onion, salt, ginger amount.

Practice: First put the glutinous rice into the water to soak, and then cut the mutton into flying water and wash it clean. Ginger cut into slices, glutinous rice with glutinous rice and mutton, porridge thick after adding chopped green onion, seasoning with salt.

Efficacy: This side has the effect of regulating menstruation, nourishing blood, and relieving pain. It is especially suitable for dysmenorrhea caused by blood and blood deficiency.

Motherwort fried chives

Ingredients: Motherwort (to be fresh), 30 grams of fresh leeks.

Practice: First motherwort, fresh leek clean, and then heat the pan, add motherwort, leek fried can be.

Efficacy: Motherwort itself has the effect of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, especially for postpartum menstrual irregularities and lochia. The leek is rich in leek acid, which has the effect of reducing the clotting time and shortening the bleeding time. Therefore, the combination of the two can play the role of blood circulation, blood circulation and menstruation, and is particularly suitable for menorrhagia.

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Four culprits knew early prevention

In recent years, the white-haired and bald-headed population has been expanding year by year. The data shows that there are more than 20 million adults in China with less whiteheads and more white hair. When they walk on the road, they often meet with a few whiteheads. There are still many young people in the middle age. See

What are the main reasons for less white hair and more hair?

1. With brain multiplication

Many mental workers use their brains for a long period of time and are under high pressure for a long period of time. With mental stress and lack of rest, the body is in a state of stress, and the diet is not balanced, it is easy to have premature gray hair.

2. Malnutrition

In many young and middle-aged groups, the diet is not balanced and the partial eclipse is more obvious. This can lead to the presence of some trace elements in the body. For example, copper in the hair, and some trace elements may lead to a lack of melanin in the body and the hair is yellowish and white. hair

3. Endocrine disorders

Pituitary or thyroid disorders can affect the ability of pigment cells to produce pigment particles and lead to premature whitening of the hair; there is also the deficiency of kidney deficiency in the spleen deficiency of Chinese medicine, blood and liver blood loss, and so on, leading to endocrine discord, resulting in hair loss White hair

4. Genetics

The hereditary inherited genetic defects in the family and albinism are congenital genetic diseases and may produce some white hair

It is easy for hairy white hair group to go to oily hair, hair oil dye can solve temporary white hair, but it can not solve the problem fundamentally, and less whitehead still needs health conditioning, try not to choose oil to dye oil, hair oil hair can easily lead to hair hair damage, Increases hair damage and is not conducive to the long-term health of the hair

Health Black Hair Coupon 1: Seven Black Teas

Select 8 grams of black beans, 8 grams of mulberry leaves, 6 grams of mulberry, 6 grams of cinnamon, 6 grams of medlar, 8 grams of medlar with tea, boiled in a frying pan for about 8 minutes, or made into a tea bag, drink 2 per day. Each time 200ml, from the "Herbal Salvation," the name of the party; this tea can be self-made can also be found on the market to make a good, many Chinese medicine are more respected this party has long been circulated;

The mulberry leaves have a legend of "need not to be white and old;" and the mulberry leaves can be used to make liver and kidney, make fluid and dryness, and have a black eye; it contains a lot of human hair; black beans contain ash and various minerals. Trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, phosphorus, etc., can supplement human melanin; cinnamon regulates the body's qi and veins, and clears the scalp meridians. The effectiveness of kidney qi; the root of the hair lies in the kidney.

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April 28,2018

What is the dark spot on the teeth

I believe that most babies are only aware of the symptoms of teeth, such as toothache, swollen gums, missing teeth, etc., will pay attention to teeth, I should go to the hospital to see a tooth. But there are always some details that we ignore in our daily lives, and these are often signs of dental diseases, such as those superficial black spots on teeth...

There are two possible dark spots, one is pigmentation, such as smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains, etc., brushing teeth is difficult to brush off, can be removed by cleaning teeth. The other is the appearance of a deep or shallow sputum (the one we often say). From the outside it appears as a black spot, usually located in the pit and groove gap.

Black spots are hidden

Some people may think that is not a little black spot? Is it necessary to make a fuss? However, like the illness, it has penetrated into the body from the lurking inside. It is conceivable how it looks like.

Shallow dental caries: bacteria only attached to the enamel layer, the root will not hurt.

2, in the dental caries: bacteria have attacked the dentin layer, in this case, it may be felt at the beginning of the sore, but after a while it is not so obvious.

3, squeaking teeth: bacterial break dentin faster approach to the pulp when it is more serious, generally encountered hot and cold sour or stinging. However, it does not rule out that some teeth are relatively large and that they do not hurt.

4, pulpitis: This is the final state of dental caries, bacteria attack the situation of the dental nerve, then there will be severe pain; but it does not rule out some cases, dental neuropathy, numbness, numbness, then it will not hurt.

If it is confirmed that it is a tooth decay, but not to control the small black spots on the teeth, then as time goes by, it will become larger and larger, and it will generally erode the entire tooth in 1-2 years. Therefore, once it is confirmed that the small black spots on the teeth are caries, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the development of the lesions.

If it is allowed to continue to develop, it will become a clear hole. At this time, the patient will be sensitive to food irritations such as hot, cold, sweet and sour. When the injury reaches the pulp (that is, the "dental nerve"), it usually takes 3-4 years. ), it will be painful and severely affect everyday life.

What should I do if I have black spots?

In the middle period of tooth decay, black material appears on the surface of the teeth. It is useless to brush your teeth and use your own things to scrape. Go to the hospital for treatment. Get a dentist to get rid of the bad part of the black, and then do the filling treatment to avoid serious damage. . Be sure to go to a regular clinic or hospital! Little babies do a fissure seal and pay attention to the cleanliness of the teeth, which can greatly prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

Preventive methods

1, if your teeth are only some spots on the surface of the black spots, you can go to the supermarket to buy a special repair teeth, toothpaste to reduce plaque, pay attention to buy a big brand, quality assurance.

2. Flossing your teeth after brushing your teeth. In addition, toothbrushes cannot be cleaned in some places. Therefore, the teeth should be cleaned once every six months to a year in a professional medical institution.

3, usually have to drink less tea, less smoking, with special attention not to drink tea, rinse with water in time after drinking tea, can effectively prevent dental plaque. When summer arrives, it is better to drink less, preferably with a straw. Do not be deceived by the appearance of the "black point". The strength behind it is amazing!

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Got liver and ascites and panic

The basic treatment of liver ascites is mainly bed rest and diet therapy. Maintaining bed rest can increase hepatic blood flow, reduce hepatic metabolic load, promote lymphatic reabdominal reabsorption, facilitate the regression of ascites, and greatly benefit liver, heart and kidney function recovery.

Have liver and ascites Mo panic, treatment methods need to be kept in mind!
Dietary treatment should be based on different circumstances. For example, hypoproteinemia should be supplemented with protein and vitamins. If it is a patient with severe renal failure and liver failure, it should strictly limit the intake of protein, dietary carbohydrate-based.

Second, it is the treatment of the primary disease. Liver ascites treatment program should be based on the original disease. Such as tuberculous peritonitis should be given anti-tuberculosis treatment; abdominal peritonitis caused by perforation of purulent peritonitis should be surgical treatment; for tumor ascites should be given according to the condition of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or interventional therapy.

Finally, as the principle of hepatic ascites treatment is the combination of different types of diuretics, it can increase the diuretic effect, but also reduce the dose of each diuretic, greatly reducing the side effects of diuretics, especially electrolyte imbalance. In addition, friends with liver ascites, there are special attention to control the intake of water and sodium, and mainly low-salt diet, can reduce ascites, edema, reduce the burden on the heart and kidney, but also reduce the pressure of the abdominal organs, To help restore normal blood and body fluid circulation.


The more commonly used drugs for the treatment of hepatic ascites in clinical practice are injections of human albumin. The use of human serum albumin increases the circulating blood volume and maintains the plasma colloidal osmotic pressure, thereby reducing the symptoms of edema and ascites. Since human albumin is an injection, it needs to be used under the guidance of a professional.

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How is cirrhosis caused?

How is cirrhosis caused? The etiology of cirrhosis is complicated and difficult to treat. If the condition deteriorates, it may turn into lung cancer and cause other complications, which seriously threatens the life and health of the patient. So, can early cirrhosis be cured? How can we prevent cirrhosis from worsening? Can early cirrhosis be cured? Take a look below.

1, metabolic cirrhosis: seen in the hemochromatosis of iron metabolism disorders and hepatolenticular degeneration of copper metabolism caused by cirrhosis, clinical rare.

2. Cirrhosis of the liver occurs on the basis of viral hepatitis (mostly on the basis of spastic active hepatitis). Some people surveyed in China, the final 3-5% of chronic hepatitis develop cirrhosis. A variety of chemical drugs and industrial toxicants can cause toxic hepatitis and further induce liver cirrhosis.

3. Schistosomiasis cirrhosis In the past, schistosomiasis was endemic in southern China. After the schistosome enters the human skin, it circulates through the oral veins and grows and develops in its venous blood vessels. It matures and lays eggs, and the eggs enter the liver with the bloodstream. In the early stage, nodules were formed in the liver and fibrosis was developed. In the late stage, cirrhosis gradually developed due to repeated infections and severe egg deposition in the liver.

4, due to long-term, heavy drinking, alcohol acting on hepatic nerve factors, first caused by alcoholic hepatitis, and further cause alcoholic cirrhosis. The mechanism of alcohol induced liver cirrhosis, in addition to chronic poisoning caused by metabolic disorders, there are also people believe that alcohol is aggravated by nutritional deficiencies caused by cirrhosis. In addition, hepatic nerve factors secrete bile, but due to obstruction of intrahepatic bile flow channels, or obstruction of extrahepatic bile ducts, bile flow is poor and heals in the liver, causing cirrhosis.

Rehabilitating early liver cirrhosis, in general, should pay attention to the following points:

1, daily diet and living habits.

The diet must be light, full of nutrition, regular meals, and avoid long-term high-fat and high-sugar diets. Many people often stay up late for a variety of reasons. In the long run, the liver is not rested, causing overwhelming burdens that can aggravate the symptoms of liver cirrhosis.

2, to control the diet, limit drinking water.

For patients with ascites, sodium and water are the two exclusion zones. High levels of sodium, such as pickles, pickled products, and monosodium glutamate, will increase the burden on the metabolism of the liver and must be absolutely limited. In addition, foods such as seafood and floss also contain a certain amount of sodium, and the number of patients must be strictly controlled when ingested.

3, to prevent the original disease.

Fatty liver and alcoholic liver are important causes of liver cirrhosis. Fatty liver and alcoholic liver patients should pay attention to treatment. In addition, chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis C are also the main causes of cirrhosis resulting from cirrhosis. Therefore, if you want to prevent cirrhosis, you must treat chronic hepatitis B and treat chronic hepatitis C.

4, regular inspection can not be ignored.

The condition of liver cirrhosis is unstable. It is necessary to carry out routine detection of tumor markers. Patients with liver cirrhosis should regularly check for alpha fetoprotein, imaging, etc., and it is very meaningful for the early detection and treatment of liver cancer.

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April 22,2018

Is hypertension not a genetic disease?

According to survey data, the prevalence of hypertension in one of the parents who have high blood pressure is 1.5 times that of those without family history, and the prevalence of high blood pressure in both parents is 2-3 without family history. Times.

In fact, family history is not only the cause of the onset of hypertension, it may also be the culprit for poor control of hypertension. The doctors observed in the clinical work that the blood pressure of young adults with family history is more difficult to achieve sustained and stable blood pressure. Moreover, these patients also have a greater chance of future target organ damage such as myocardial infarction, stroke, renal damage, and retinal hemorrhage.

It can be said that there are relatives in the family who died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in their early years. If they do not strictly control hypertension, their prognosis is worse than those without family history. It is recommended that you adjust your lifestyle early and actively control your blood pressure.

Genetic risk: five stars

Scientists have developed some "genetically spontaneous hypertension" mice. This mouse will pass the genes of hypertension from one generation to the next, and their offspring have a higher incidence of hypertension. Some mathematicians believe that hypertension is a polygenic hereditary disease. If parents have high blood pressure, their children will have a 45% chance of developing hypertension in the future, and one parent will have hypertension. The prevalence of children will be 28%.

In principle of treatment: 1. Adhere to monitoring blood pressure, at least once a year under normal conditions.

2. Limit the amount of salt used, not exceeding 5 grams per day. Eat some bananas, walnuts, lotus seeds, spinach, notoginseng powder, American ginseng, Poria, and so on.

3. To prevent overweight and obesity

4. Smoking cessation limit

5. Control your emotions

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Is Diabetes Inherent?

As we all know, diabetes is a condition with a high incidence in the population. Generally speaking, after people develop diabetes, they usually need to pay more attention to various aspects of the diet to avoid deterioration of the diabetic condition. For this reason, the following To introduce to everyone is the question of whether or not diabetes is hereditary.

Studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes in the family members of diabetic patients is much higher than that of ordinary people. Parents are all diabetic patients, and about 5% of their children develop diabetes. If only one parent has diabetes, the chances of the child getting sick are less. In other words, in the case of a family history of diabetes, the risk of developing diabetes is relatively high, indicating that diabetes is hereditary.

However, diabetes itself does not inherit, and it is the predisposition to diabetes. From a modern medical point of view, the children of diabetics only inherit certain genes that are susceptible to diabetes. In other words, it is possible to have an attack in a certain environment, and to avoid such an environment, you may not be sick.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to low-sugar, low-fat, and low-calorie diets. The staple food should be controlled at 80% of fullness, eat more vegetables, and regularly review fasting and postprandial blood glucose. Strengthen physical exercise and enhance the body's immunity.

Is No. 1 diabetes inherited?

Type 1 diabetes occurs most often in children and adolescents. It is a life-long disease that cannot be eradicated. Patients need to live on insulin for life. Current research suggests that genetic defects are the basis for the onset of type 1 diabetes, which means that type 1 diabetes is hereditary. If parents have diabetes, you are more likely to suffer from this disease than people without this family history.

If the child's father has type 1 diabetes and has been dependent on insulin or if he was diagnosed with diabetes during adolescence, the heritability is one in seventeen. However, if the child's mother suffers from type 1 diabetes and is still under 25 when she has a baby, heritability is only one in twenty-five. If the mother is a child born after the age of 25, the heritability will be reduced to one-hundredth. However, if both parents have type 1 diabetes, the genetic odds will increase to a quarter.

In addition to genetic susceptibility genes, the onset of type 1 diabetes also depends on acquired environmental factors such as viral infections and postnatal feeding methods.

Is Diabetes Inherent?

Diabetes is not a hereditary disease so there is no genetic problem in every generation.

However, diabetes has a family genetic predisposition, and the family may have a cluster of diabetes. Therefore, people with a family history of diabetes are more likely to have diabetes than those without a family history of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes has a certain degree of family aggregation. Some studies have reported that parents have a history of diabetes, the incidence of type 1 diabetes in their children is 4% to 11%; the incidence of family clustering among siblings with type 1 diabetes is 6% to 11%; twins with type 1 diabetes Consistency less than 50%.

Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is a genetically predisposed disease that often manifests as family clustering. The U.S. Health and Nutrition Census found that about 35% of people with type 2 diabetes report one or two of their parents with diabetes mellitus; there was no previous diabetes, but the oral glucose tolerance test meets the criteria for diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance. 28% and 27% respectively reported that one or two of their parents had diabetes; if the cumulative prevalence of type 2 diabetes was calculated using the life table, if all live to 80 years, 38% of their first-degree relatives would develop diabetes, not Only 11% of the first-degree relatives of diabetes; if both parents are diabetic, the prevalence of offspring can reach 50%, showing that people with a family history of diabetes are the main high-risk group of people with diabetes.

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What are the benefits of passion fruit for the body?

Passion fruit contains not only the various amino acids that the human body needs, but also contains a large number of trace elements, which has extremely high nutritional value and health value. Passion fruit's name can be described as a real name, it can give off a variety of fruit flavors, so it was named as passion fruit. Passion fruit is a natural fruit juice. As long as the fruit pulp is taken out, it is reconstituted with water and does not require any additives. It is a very good fruit juice.

What are the benefits of passion fruit for our body?
1, treatment of throat diseases

Passion fruit can eat only a small part, not so much passion fruit is a fruit, it would be better to say that passion fruit is a medicinal material. If you use herbs to make pills, you can have cough and phlegm, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects that can help us treat a lot of throat diseases.

Dig up the pulp of the passion fruit, then take the red dates that have already gone to the core and brew them in boiling water. When the water is warmed, add some honey and stir it to moisten the lungs. A friend with a condition can also use a juicer or a wall-breaker to break the seeds in the fruit so that it can be absorbed more fully. Honey must be thoroughly warmed before it can be added. Excessive water temperature can destroy the nutrients and taste of honey.


2, improve immunity

Passion fruit is rich in vitamin C, which helps us improve immunity. The vitamin content of every 100 grams of passion fruit is equivalent to eight oranges, and the content of vitamin E is equivalent to ten apples. We can take three passion fruit, a few slices of lemon, plus a little honey blend evenly. Adding 200 ml of cold water and breaking it with a broken wall machine is a very delicious drink.

3, lower blood pressure

Passion fruit is very rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, regular consumption of passion fruit can help us lower fat. Regular consumption of passion fruit can also help us reduce the systolic blood pressure of the heart. Therefore, if hypertensive patients can eat more passion fruit in their lives, they can play a good role in controlling blood pressure.

4, calm and tranquil

Although passion fruit is a fruit, it is a natural sedative. Regular consumption of passion fruit can help relax our nerves. If we have too much work stress and often cause headaches due to nervous tension, we can drink a glass of passion fruit juice, which can effectively alleviate this situation. Having a cup of passion fruit before going to bed can also help us improve insomnia.


Passion fruit has many benefits for our body, but if people with bad stomach eat more, it will cause harm to our body. Moreover, if you enter the taboo of eating fruit, it will not only cause allergies, it may also cause food poisoning.

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Appropriate to eat iodized salt on the human body there are four roles

Iodized salt people eat every day in their daily lives, but few people know what the benefits of eating this salt are for the body. Eating this kind of salt is just a habit. What are the benefits of eating iodized salt every day?

Salt iodization is the addition of iodine to the salt. The purpose of this is to implement a measure to reduce the number of patients suffering from iodine deficiency. Frequent iodized salt can prevent large neck disease and some thyroid diseases.

Since 1995, China has started to implement the national salt iodization policy. Now all the colors on the market can be said to have added iodine, and China has even stipulated that every May 15th is the national iodine deficiency. Disease prevention day.

However, it should be pointed out that if people take too much iodine in their daily lives, it may also lead to big neck disease and some other thyroid diseases. Iodine intake can not be too much nor too little, otherwise it may cause disease.

What role can iodine play in the body's metabolism?
First, iodine can, to a large extent, promote the decomposition and metabolism of substances to generate the daily energy needed by the body, and it can also maintain people's basic life activities.

Second, iodine can also maintain the physiological function of the human pituitary gland and ensure the normal secretion of various hormones.

Third, in the stage of growth and development, the growth, development and sexual development of height, weight, and skeletal muscle are all inseparable from iodine. If iodine deficiency occurs, it is likely to lead to poor development.

Fourth, the normal growth and development of the brain also need iodine, especially in the primary stage of brain development, referring to the period from the beginning of pregnancy to two years after the baby was born. If a person's nervous system wants to develop normally, it must rely on thyroxine. If this is a disadvantage, it is very likely that the baby's brain development will be very backward. This situation is very serious.

Some people living in coastal cities, it is best that they can usually take a little less iodine in their daily lives, because the food that people in coastal areas eat in their daily lives also contains a lot of iodine. If a person usually consumes too much iodine in their daily lives, it is very likely to cause thyroid disease.

On the contrary, some people who normally live in the plateau area must always eat iodine-enriched salt in their daily lives, because people in highland areas are prone to cause neck diseases due to iodine deficiency, or some other thyroid diseases.

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February 21,2018

Female face-lift eat five types of food, stovepipe eat four kinds of food

Women lose weight most of the three major areas,

Is the face, legs and stomach!

Is there any way to make these three parts thin down?

Today, Xiao Bian to "prescribe the right medicine," respectively recommend face-lift, stovepipe and thin stomach can eat what to achieve the goal!

① female face-lift to eat what?

1, lemon

Lemon can play both beauty and weight loss slimming double effect.

If you want to create an attractive little face, lemon will be your good helper. Because lemon can increase the elasticity of the facial skin, so that you can let the face loose and droop in the fat, lean alkaline substances in the metabolism slowly consumed.

2, spinach

Spinach has slowly begun to become a green vegetable in modern times, and often appear on the table.

In addition to spinach to provide and supplement the body of various nutrients, promote gastrointestinal motility, for those who want to face-lift, spinach is also not to be missed a food.

Because of the rich potassium in spinach, it can help eliminate edema on the face. When the edema on the face disappears, the face will gradually become a little face.

3, chicken

Chicken is rich in vitamin C and protein components, these substances are easily absorbed by the body, but also for the promotion of lipolysis also has a good effect.

In the meantime, it is best to peel again when eating chicken. Because chicken skin contains a lot of fat, it is easy to accumulate fat in the body.

If the chicken peeled food, there will be unexpected face-lift effect. Peeled chicken is a low-fat food, can help eliminate the appearance of edema on the face, so that you can easily create V-shaped face.

4, nuts

Nuts are a favorite snack for many female friends, and the nutritional value of this snack is extremely high, which can help nourish the body. But more importantly, nuts are a face-lift effective food.

Nut can effectively strengthen the facial muscle fibers.

In other words, nuts can actually squeeze the loose muscles on their faces to tighten their excess fat on their faces.

5, bean sprouts

Green bean sprouts, contains a wealth of nutrition. Of course, of course, the beneficial elimination of edema of potassium, and bean sprouts can also enhance the chewing effect, both nutritional value and promote oral activity of high quality food.

② female stovepipe to eat what?

1, sesame

Sesame can provide the body needs vitamin E, vitamin B1, calcium and so on. Eat sesame paste, you can more fully absorb such nutrients.

2, red beans

Red beans contain alkaloids, can increase gastrointestinal motility, promote urination. Red beans contain cellulose, can discharge the body's salt and waste, the legs have a good weight-loss results.

3, bananas

Women prone to edema legs, you can eat bananas. Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which has a particularly strong effect on eliminating excess sodium and moisture in the body. However, one day to eat bananas can not be too much, so as not to cause diarrhea.

③ women eat what?

1, sweet potatoes

Sweet potato contains soft and digestible fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, help defecation. The best way to eat is roasted sweet potatoes, and roasted with skin, eat together, taste sweet and refreshing.

2, yogurt

Why yogurt can reduce stomach? Because yogurt contains a large number of active lactic acid bacteria, its role is to regulate the balance of the body flora, gastrointestinal motility acceleration, which can eliminate constipation problems.

In addition, yogurt has a strong sense of fullness. Slight hunger, drink a cup of yogurt can ease hunger, reduce your desire to eat a meal.

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February 19,2018

Fitness will be injured? The top ten reasons you want to know

Perhaps you often see a variety of examples of injuries to fitness training, from time to time some sports injuries will be exposed news. Naturally, people regard fitness training as a high-risk activity. But in fact, fitness and no difference between ordinary activities, but fitness training will make your body stronger, to resist future risks.

The following ten common sports injuries, can refer to.

First, the range of sports action

Take a squat for example, if a squat may hurt your knees - yes, a lot of people say that xx squats are very damaging to your knees, but although you can not all squat, You can squat it 3/4. You go down this feeling, knowing that you know and master the action. Who said 3/4 squat, it must be wrong?

Second, the choice of action

Although there are many different kinds of weird exercise training on the internet, any training is not magic, nor is it the only and only way to train your muscles. Such as forging the buttocks and thigh muscles, if your knee in the process of feeling pain, then may wish to change another. Such as the choice of squatting neck, goblet squatting, squatting and so on. Which way do you think is good on what kind of choice, you can maximize training to the part of the muscles, but also reduce the risk.

Third, the type of contraction

We know that there are different forms of muscle contraction, such as contraction to the heart, such as long-term contraction of eccentric contraction, etc. If you are in the centrifugal contraction and contraction to feel more difficult and painful, then may wish to choose isometric contraction (static training) .

Fourth, the location of the body

Some people will feel shoulder pain in sitting posture, then may wish to tune back 5 to 10 degrees, a sloping face of your shoulder push will be of great help.

Five, rest time

If you are in a hurry to do a workout and leave very little rest, you may feel very tired and sore. Nowadays popular HIIT training may make you feel uncomfortable because it gives us too little rest time. There are also 5 × 5 training, it also takes a long rest.

Six, training frequency

If you are a runner and run thirty kilometers in two days, why not try thirty kilometers in three days? We can change the frequency of training to improve the quality of training, not just the number of pursuits.

Seven, duration

A 20-minute run will make you feel pain on your knees, but why do not you spend 19 minutes running, leaving a minute to stretch and do other exercises? This minute you can be used to do some low-intensity training of self-weight forces, such as doing a little push-up, why have knee pain stopped?

Eight, weight

If a 150kg, 4 × 5 bench press training will make you hurt, for you is a great challenge, then why not try 120kg, 5 × 5 bench press training it? Is there a real difference between them?

Nine, speed

Speed ​​is one of the many causes of injury in sports training. It usually needs a stronger body to support. For example, in running exercise, if your tendon has problems, start with jogging. Do not blindly pursue the speed.

Ten, no pain is the biggest pain

There are always people in front of lying bench feel shivering, there are always people in the face of the squat rack afraid of his lower back or knee injuries. But as long as the correct implementation of the action to find a way for their training to minimize the chance of injury, those you often see the horrible sports injuries (barbell hit the neck friends, leg press machine broken leg friends), in fact, really Will not happen.

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February 16,2018

It is best not to do seven things at night!

iFor many modern social life, more and more people do not know how to do it at night in order to make their own body more healthy, and bring very good help to our body. In the end, What are the seven things you do better? Will bring great harm to our body, let us understand the relevant introduction.

1, do not play mobile phone

Many people spend their nights playing bed games in bed, watching the news, or talking to friends on the phone, which not only can not be relaxed but can lead to more exhaustion.

A new study published in the United States Prevention shows that people who use a 20-minute smart phone after 9PM will noticeably increase their levels of fatigue and may even affect the concentration of their attention during their second day of work. Therefore, it is best to turn off your phone after 9 pm every day or to keep your phone away from your bedroom.

2, do not look stimulating film and television programs

11 pm to 6 am is a golden sleep time, in order to ensure good sleep, it is best to go to bed before 11 o'clock. Make your heart calm down, go to sleep well in advance, and then close your eyes to sleep, so as to ensure a good night's sleep. Therefore, after 9 pm, it is best to avoid over-excitement, do not look nervous, intense drama, gun battle films, do not karaoke OK, playing mahjong and other activities that make the cerebral cortex more active. Before going to sleep can listen to soothing music, read a book, help to sleep.

3, do not eat late night

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "stomach is not peace, then sleep soundly." Gastrointestinal comfortable, smooth, in order to ensure high-quality sleep. Therefore, it is best not to eat for two hours before going to bed, so as not to cause an increase in gastric acid secretion, bringing more burden to the stomach. If you feel particularly hungry before going to sleep, you can eat a little light diet, such as eating a whole wheat bread.

In addition, do not eat dinner too full, Qi Bacheng can be full, nor too hot, should be light, millet gruel is a good choice.

4, do not drink plenty of water

It is best not to drink plenty of water before going to sleep, especially those who are prone to start the night, otherwise the toilet will interfere with sleep in the middle of the night. If thirsty, you can drink a small amount. Many people have the habit of drinking milk at night, in order to avoid the night, you can drink a little earlier, or only half a cup of milk. Caffeine-based foods stimulate the nervous system and have a diuretic effect that is a common cause of insomnia, so it's best not to drink coffee after 9 PM.

5, do not eat calcium tablets, vitamin supplements

Many people eat calcium supplements, multivitamins and other health supplements before going to sleep, but these also add unnecessary burden to the stomach, resulting in poor rest. Recommended with three meals when taken. In principle, it is best not to take other medicines and supplements after 9 pm unless the doctor asks for therapeutic medication to be eaten at night. And when people sleep, the body's metabolic function is also in sleep state, some organ functions began to "rest", and not conducive to the absorption of nutrients.

6, do not do strenuous exercise

Moderate exercise helps to sleep, but try to be done before 9 pm exercise. 1 to 2 hours before going to bed do not do strenuous exercise such as running, playing ball, dancing, or else the brain will be in an excited state. Although it feels easy to fall asleep, it will affect the quality of sleep. Before going to sleep can do some gentle stretching exercises, so that body and mind slowly calmed down, you can rub the stomach, rub the waist to health care.

7, do not think too much work

Many people are accustomed to recalling one day's life before going to bed and then starting to think about the work plan for the next day. Some people even repeatedly remind themselves that "there is an important meeting to open tomorrow, and we must sleep well today." However, Often contrary to expectations, eventually difficult to sleep. So it is best to sleep without thinking about anything, if you want to review today, plan tomorrow, it is best to put these things down before 9 o'clock, and then go to bed.

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December 7,2017

Gastrointestinal disease can not eat cream side, or avoid taboo?

Whenever the autumn and winter seasons, the weather turns cooler, southern folk long-awaited cream has begun to occupy people's attention. As a traditional Chinese medicine dosage form, because it can play a strong body, the efficacy of treatment of the disease, the cream side more and more aroused people's attention.

Ointment need gastrointestinal absorption, then the gastrointestinal tract patients can take ointment it?

What is spleen, what is stomach?

Chinese spleen and stomach vary in function, the stomach is responsible for receiving, decomposed water to make it into a digesta, the main pass; spleen responsible for the digestion and absorption of Mizutani subtle substances, and the nutrients transported to the body, the main Shengqing.

Good or bad spleen and stomach function directly affect the body's digestion and absorption, if the body digestion and absorption of bad and affect other organ function activities, so there is the "stomach is acquired, the source of qi and blood" argument. Therefore, regulating the function of the spleen and stomach is of great significance to the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, while replenishing the spleen and stomach is the main method of regulating its function.

Gastrointestinal disease cream side should avoid

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases can be treated by serving the ointment for therapeutic purposes. But does not mean that any gastrointestinal disease can be orally administered, but refers to a number of chronic gastrointestinal diseases such as chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal bleeding recovery, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal cancer surgery after conditioning. If acute gastrointestinal disease or chronic attack, such as acute gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal bleeding, acute stomach pain, abdominal pain, etc. should not take ointment.

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases before taking ointment, if there is bloating, boredom, loss of appetite, thick tongue and other symptoms, suggesting that spleen and stomach have dampness, or diet stagnation of the spleen and stomach, affecting the spleen and stomach function. At this point should not be taking ointment immediately, but should first serve some spleen dampness, digestion and stagnation of traditional Chinese medicine, is commonly referred to as "open square" to wake up the spleen and stomach, improve the function of the spleen and stomach, such as herb, Magnolia, Citrus aurantium, Pinellia, Citrus, Hawthorn, Valley Malt, Divine Comedy.

Gastrointestinal disease cream in the medication should be based on the spleen and stomach, according to different diseases, syndrome differentiation, can not blindly apply tonic, but should be based on the tonic gasification dampness appropriate, heat purging fire, digestion and stagnation, blood circulation Huayu and other drugs, both virtual and real, both with the specimen, the attack did not forget to maintain the spleen and stomach, replenishing benefits should not be too sweet and sour, so as not to increase the burden on the spleen and stomach.

Cream Fang Ji mouth

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases should not eat radish, black tea, coffee, tobacco and crabs while taking ointment. If the constitution is cold and cold, they should not eat cold or cold foods. Encounter a cold, diarrhea should temporarily stop taking ointment.

If the spleen and stomach function deficiencies in patients with gastrointestinal disorders, while taking ointment at the same time, may be appropriate to eat yam, white beans, coix seed, Gorgon fruit, red dates for Sibu.

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October 29,2017




這家公司是抓住蕭條是公眾的心理,移動,浪漫,沒有工作......但是他沒有拍攝黑暗,他真的想做的是生活的靈感,是為你拍一部鼓舞人心的電影 - 這絕對是一件好事。你必須在東京工作,搬到大阪找工作,你可能會感到很鬱悶 - 大阪的工作在東京不好,東京的工資不高。導演把這個舞台記錄下來,讓主角在未來的任何時候看到自己的生活曲折,然後激發更大的力量去努力工作,當然錄影電影服務也會收費,但不高。起初我們沒有註意到這個模式,那麼有五六個特別突出的移動方式,移動人們寫了一封讚美信,這個事情是接受電視採訪的,我們都是眼淚。


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March 8,2017

Saynotomonkeytreehongkong-The Importance of Learning English in Stages

Saynotomonkeytreehongkong, often it is said that the Roman Empire is not a day to build up, in fact, learning English is the case, to master a better level of English is not a good morning can be achieved through the different stages of practice can be achieved, first
In the English stage of the practice can be seen in the daily life of the learning characteristics can be understood through the plot to cultivate the usual learning English hobbies, and secondly, learning English can be easy to understand the sentence to start the practice, greetings is to learn English more Fast way, not everyone
In English, the degree of mastery and understanding are the same, for this want to learn good English first need to master from the spoken English.

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