February 28,2017

February 22,2017

國王的祝福 (2017)



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December 16,2016

《大師》(The Master) (2014)



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一場大雨將至 !



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December 1,2016

A Thousand Kisses Deep (2001)

And summoned now to deal
With your invincible defeat


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September 30,2016

September 29,2016

August 30,2016

August 18,2016

August 17,2016

《大狗民》( Citizen Dog) 2004

We cannot always find the things we are looking for
But sometimes, when we stop looking
those things come looking for us.


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August 15,2016

August 8,2016

《我們的南方家園》Our Southern Home (2008)

I'm just a good boy from the Southern


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《一片純真》Innocence (2006)

這部2006年的片是記錄附屬清邁府偏遠山區部落的一間小學,漫湄托小學 (Ban Mae Toh School )的故事。


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July 28,2016

《幻夢墓園》 (Cemetery of Splendour) (2015)



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