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滿分榜》陳以芝搖滾迷 英文作文滿分

2008/02/28  【聯合報╱記者林宜靜/台北報導】




Dear Eve:

Friday's cocktail party was extremely enjoyable. George's house was so huge--the garden was like a miniature copy of that of the Palace of Versailles! The interior design was also breath-taking, you should have seen it. Not to mention, there was a lake. The lake was so placid it was like an emerald mirror. I wanted to take a closer look at the lake, so I started to walk forward. However, I tripped. And…remember that Prada purse you lent me the other day Well…it sort of…fell into the middle of the lake.

I am so sorry! I searched every Prada store in the city, but I couldn't find a purse with the same style. You knew that I adored the purse and lent it to me by yourself without having me ask, and to think that I've lost it through a stupid misstep...! I know that apologizing alone isn't enough.Therefore, the next time we go shopping together, I'll buy you a new purse--regardless of the price. Of course, if you ask me for my opinions I'll tell you the truth. Otherwise, I'll pay for it without any second questions, unless the purse really is too ugly. Anyway, you have every right to be angry with me, but remember: when your fury calms down, give me a call so we can go shopping for your new purse.


                            from Mary

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