December 31,2013 11:10

Poetic half half day

The two thing text and kitchen actually had not detached, here has become the right words left the kitchen, which is so closely connected with. If we say that life must be what interested, then essays and cooking is my best interests. If life must have a dream, my dream is that there is a certain relationship between!

And when love chat also chatted about the topic of "dream", I said: "well, we haven't heard you what is your dream?" love slightly do meditation: "yes, you said I didn't dream! One should not dream that not sad, right?" I make fun of to say: "don't tell me is five million ha!" This he asked me, "you dream is to be a writer?" I do not hesitate to say "this is not possible, not everyone can be got embroidery logo. I ah as long as it can let me do what I like, but I can see in the text book that is better. Tell me about your dream?" Love said: "to think that I would like to have an SUV and carrying one family to travel around the country, and this is the dream?" Is it! In fact, we are not what great ideal, I can do the things you like, there is a happy home and this is my dream. But the wife just want to in his life, he has me, with my family, can make us happy, also is his dream.

All my words could not get out of the house ", is just in the" home "in the name. Like what "full of honeysuckle, makeup look white, flower Shabana flyings sky" snow world, or "pink, blue light overflow, spring rain of the spring season, enriching the soil" or "field for frogs, butterfly fly, scorching summer sorching summer thick", or "a pool of water, a few rays of setting sun, half howling half River Red River," autumn mood, like this beautiful, beautiful words from my pen to write, perhaps half the inspiration has played in how to make delicious food.

The write also love the kitchen, I just want to personally do something from that Food let me eat more enjoyable. Each made a new dishes, like to shoot it down to the album exists, then love will say: "you can not play ah, a low-key point not?" I will be proud and raised his head and said: "I would like, I would like cloud, how? Ha ha......" Often this time will be a face of helpless, then more or happiness and warmth quietly rippling!

A lot of the time they think play some too, such as the cake first successful experiment, was so excited sleepless night, thinking about how to do more delicious, after thinking breakfast milk, cake or pizza bread, or Boiled dumplings wonton noodle is good! Think about it and think about how to write a word about it and Food... Oh! The song "in the moonlight like you" alarm told me this morning to realize their dream of the breakfast!

In fact, life in the so-called dream is: "the dream, is to think, so is dream." Half day poetic half, right hand left hand can dance the Food, live in the rivers and lakes years is also an enjoyable life. Once to chase some with no reality whatever things, have insisted on not adhere to things, the flashy happiness like the hands of sand. But now the true feelings to now than the day once half empty half waiting more real CCIBA, more warmth and happiness!

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