February 15,2009

The past 4 months

Apparently work just got my ass really badly. It's all about work during week days. Every morning wake up, teeth brushing, change dress, and then work until like totally exhausted. Even that's the way life goes but somehow i'm kind of fine with that. Actually I think i'm very lucky with it as i got so many good chances to prove myself and learn whole lots of stuffs. I do feel stress sometimes and that makes me not feel so comfortable with my stomach. But I can feel that every time when i feel stress, it's also when I grow up because a bunch of things force me to stand still and move forward. As if I can't do that, then how can i lead the whole team to go through the project. I have to pretend i'm really good and confident and everything is all under my control even i feel frustrated and fear. That's definitely not something easy for me but what i have to do.

Anyway, i know things get tougher and tougher but I just deeply believe that i can make it. We'll see.

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September 13,2008

Freedom is back - Left the army

hey, how's it doing, folks? That's really been a while, right!? Yes, I just finished my military life yesterday which means that I return to the real world with lots of fun and challenge. And i'm gonna move forward for another BIG step to another stage, finding a job. Par for the course, won't be any easier than any hurdles I'd met before, but that doesn't mean I, Curis, will be beaten down. Have lots of interviews during the next two weeks, frankly, being nervous is definitly since it's been a while I havn't touch anything about programming or computer science. Hopefully it will be getting better after a few of interviews. Anyway, Wish me luck, would you?

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Play photo like this?

Pretty cool, right?

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August 8,2007

Trip in Penghu (1)



<搭船前往澎湖> (今一之星)

船挺大的,所以蠻穩的,一點都不會暈船,當然為了保險起見,還是幫大家準備了暈船藥(一粒10元),果真一個半小時就到了澎湖。 到了澎湖,就去事先訂好的車行拿車(就在港口隔壁),租了小50,一台一天300,為了方便起見,租了兩天的車。Check in之後,我們就去吃好吃的烤肉飯了!


在澎湖騎車似乎一定得戴安全帽且不能超速,否則一定會被開單。第一天下午行程是澎湖北島環島,順著203公路騎。 第一站來到了中屯風車,聽說這風車可以用來發電,風車跟想像中不太一樣,個人覺得比較像超大型電風扇。有十來個吧,在頭上轉阿轉的,晚上還會有燈照。

接著就到了通梁古榕樹,是一個好地方啊!尤其是在大熱天下騎了很久的車後,這地方真的是我覺得澎湖最涼的地方了。看起來像是有十幾棵樹,其實就只有那麼一棵榕樹,其他都是他的樹枝蔓延成像樹幹一樣,撐出了一個涼亭。做了休息一下吹個風真是不錯。 再往前騎了一點路,到了跨海大橋,我們就受不了去吃相當有名的易家仙人掌冰了。好吧,只能說就特別吧,但是我一直以為是剉冰結果沒想到是冰淇淋(30元!?),吃完牙齒會有點紅紅的。在橋上那不免俗的照了相,太陽好大,還是繼續前進吧!


赤馬五孔頂砲台,是下一個我們要尋找的地方。其實環島最有趣的大概就是有點冒險的感覺吧,覺得亂酷一通的。聽說視野不錯?我覺得還好。要爬上一百多階吧,可以從上頭看到某一個港灣,這時太陽還是很大... 好一個澎湖。



緊接著是一大片平坦的黃土地,在那上頭的是會邊走路邊大便邊吃草的牛,停了下來跟牛群say hello後,就抵達了北環最後一站 - 西嶼燈塔。燈塔絕對不會是這站的重點,因為它亂遜一通的。重點是大夥坐在崖邊吹著海風等著夕陽的西下。澎湖在這夏天的季節夕陽西下的時間約莫是六點半至七點之間。


註:這張照片是我和友人在玩黑白猜... 一看就知道我很遜。


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August 2,2007


My friend, Sebastian, told me something amazing yesterday and this time I was really impressed!!
I think I mentioned him in the past article, however, I don't know if I have told you people or not that this guy is really someone who has motivation to do something whenever he decides to do something. Anyway, this time, there was one page of newspaper on him who gave birth to http://singapore.roomsdb.net/ !! "roomsdb" is a website helping people find accomodation and good thing is that it's totally free. Ok, here i'm not going to introduce the features of the roomsdb since you can check it out by yourself right here: http://roomsdb.wordpress.com/ The point here I want to say is he DID it!!! He just advertised his website by the newspaper which is very powerful medium without paying anything!!! Was that SOMETHING!? I think he really not only dares to have dreams but also makes them real! Most of people (of course including me) don't think about something incredible but not really impossible, not even to mention about implementation!! I think this is where I should strengthen myself.

Oh! This is the URL link of the page: http://singapore.roomsdb.net/roomsdbnet.pdf
Check it out!

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May 14,2007

Taichung bus system sucks!

I don't know if it's me getting used to Taipei bus system or what. Yesterday I tried to take bus from the main station to Stella Matutina Girls' High School in Taichung. Since I dont take bus in Taichung very often that I'm not familiar with the bus system. So I checked Taichung bus system website first: http://citybus.tccg.gov.tw/ which really sucks compared to Taipei one. Why I said so is because it's not so easy to use. For example, if you want go from place A to place B, and you have no idea about if there's any way for you to take bus to there or what number of bus you should take. However, Taipei bus system will tell you everything, everything you query! Here it is: http://www.taipeibus.taipei.gov.tw/ You could just choose your start and destination by specify the name of the road or specify scene spots or traffic spots like MRT, and then they would show you all of the ways which works, like you could take NO. 11 bus to And also for each way they will show you the distance, like how far it is, 11.2 KM or what. For me, this facility is really fantastic!! I think taking bus to anywhere in Taipei would not be a problem to me even I don't take bus usually. Somwhow, it's really difficult for me to take bus in Taichung, even I had lived in Taichung for 18 years. What is more sarcastic is, I even don't know where to take bus at the main station!? Let's say, Taichung bus system is a bitch.

I think that if goverment want to improve the traffic in Taichung, the first thing they need to do is not charge for parking, it should be making bus system better. Then the problems of parking and traffic jam will get better as people like to take bus rather than driving. What do you think?

hum, looks like I should go to compete for the Taichung city mayor!?

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May 8,2007

one month pass

Hey!! How are you doing? It's really a while I havn't post articles. Yes, all is because of my thesis. Recently i'm on it. And the good news is, i almost finish it although it's just the first version and there's still much space to improve.

In this month, i met a new friend, Holly, who is an American girl. We have exchanged language for one month. She has been here for 2 years and is a English teacher. I think this really helps me a lot. We teach each other 5-6 vocabulary words everyday and she also correct my pronunciation and accent although i'm so stupid at it. Two days ago, I recorded myself again saying the same words as those of the video a month ago to see if there's any difference. um, I don't know, yes, we'll see.

ok, here we go! And thanks for listening. :)

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April 5,2007

Haha, TV show

Check it out, I tried to record myself to see how's going on with my English speaking. Hopefully you will give me your comments. :)

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April 2,2007


Several days ago one of my friends called me and guess what? She's going to marry!!! Oh my goodness, I was really extraordinarily touched and it felt so unbelievable that my friend is going to start her own family. Why I was so excitied is because that she's the first one to marry from all of my friends and suddenly I felt like I upgrade to another circle of friends. Just like promotion in the game and I'm a real adult now. I'm going to receive the wedding invitation and give the cash gift. Haha. Try to image that she's gonna furnish her own house and learn to live with her spouse. And if you think a little further, there may be a little cute girl or boy one year later. And after marriage they are going to move to Mainland China to find out a way to develop their own business, sounds like starting a whole new life. Wish them luck and happiness.

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March 31,2007

If every basketball players worked as hard as me, I woulbe be out of a job - Steve Nash

Yesterday I watched a short film about how Steve Nash,one of the top three mid-range jump shooters in the NBA, practicing jump shots. You could check it out here:http://www.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjgxMzU0OA==.html The length is about 20 mins and it is quite boring for most of the people but not for me. I was so touched by every single shot and all the words he said. At that moment, I realized that people who succeed do not have talent at all but all work really hard and I started to admire NBA players especially those star players. It's really hard to image how hard they pratice behind the screen. I think if you want to be really good at something, you got to practice constantly, just like a routine. Maybe just 20 mins a day, but do it everyday and never,ever quit. Success or not it depends on your willpower and patience. So, figure out what are you going to do? DO it!

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March 29,2007

Something I felt really bad about

Check it out:
The URL above links to a story written by Sebastian whose impressions on The Bureau of Consular Affairs were really bad. And I post it here because I want everyone to check out what was going on there.

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March 21,2007


Few days ago I tried to play squash I ever saw on a Korea movie called,” My sassy girl” with Sebastian whom I mentioned in the first article. Before that, I needed to buy a racquet and balls and I bought the cheapest one which cost only $750 NT and was suitable for a beginner like me at the shop of the gym. The ball is made with rubber compound and different balls are provided according to the variation of the bounce of the balls. The experienced-players usually use slow balls with less bounce than those used by the beginners. The colored dots on the balls indicated the level of the bounce and there're four kinds of colored dots: yellow, white, red, blue. (Listed according to the level of the bounce) I bought a red one.

According to what Sebastian said, squash is kind of sports that expend your calories very much and it's very unbelievable you could expend several thousands calories in 2 hours somehow I believed it after the play. I was totally exhausted after the play for 2 hours. And it's very interesting that you got to chase the ball all the time by utilizing your legs to run around the court and arms to swing your racquet to hit the ball back.

Anyway, next time I would still like to enjoy it! Any difiers? Your service! :p

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March 15,2007

Great figure

As everyone knows, in general that foreigns have stronger figure compared to Asia is beyond dispute. I've ever asked one of my American friends why he has such great body with 6-pack abdominal muscles(Abs),perfect pectoral and back muscles, and guess what? His ans which sounds so deservedly is, "Nothing, this's natural." Somehow I don't believe it, well, I admit that gene must be but one of key fators. However, it's impossible that he has such great figure without doing any weight training.

Then now you may wanna ask me why I think having a great figure is so important. Here's my personal point of view. The most important factor is that it's better looking even like a fashion model if you have a great figure. In additional to the esthetic reason, I believe that you would be in a great humor after fit and firm weight lifting training program and that may keep your body young even you age. Besides, your strenth and endurance will of course increase. With so many advantages, don't you think you should give it a shot?

However, it's not easy to form the habit of having regular training session and that's why I also admire people having great patience and purpose. How do you think?

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March 11,2007

Tonight we dine in hell!

Two days ago I went to see the late show of the movie,300, with Samba & Fuego. I really wanna see this movie because of the trailer attracting me so mush even I was so tired and sleepy at that moment. This movie is talking about the battle of Thermopylae which I've heard of it from the lines of several movies, The Last Samurai and Troy. And I also believe that this movie is definitely a restricted one because you could see that the blood was splashing and the corpses are all around the ground all of the time, I'm really satisfied at first. Somehow, after a while, I'm kind of bored with it because of the scenario is never changing and always fighting. Anyway, that's not so bad.

So what kind of people is gonna like this movie? Maybe the people list below:
1. Someone who is gonna has exam soon.
2. Someone who has waited for Wii for a long time
3. Greek

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March 8,2007

Start over

This is not my first blog,actually,it's my third blog which is used to force myself start writing everything just happens in my life in english. To keep maintaining your personal blog is never a easy job even there're some of my friends do make it.I know it, I know it's never easy because this is not my first time to try it. And you may ask me why I start over again? All of the motivation comes from a friend, Sebastian, who is a exchange student from Germany.

He's really a hard-working guy who is so eager to learn chinese, and he's doing it right now at 師大. And the courses starting from March is every morning from Mon to Fri, I really think that he's gonna become fluent in Chinese when he finish it because there' s a lot of chance he could practice chinese with so many native speakers and people also studying there,including listeing and speaking. I'm so jealious that I wanna have that kind of chance to learn English cause I wanna become fluent in English too! And I will, I know it! Now I force myself to read at least one article of China Post one day and also watch movies with only Eng subtitle or nothing. But that's not enough, I got to improve my writing ability also and that's why I start to write blog again. I'm gonna do it!

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