February 11,2019

Crushing ratio competition of different crushers

When it come to the field of barite crushing machine, we may be familiar with one phrase crushing ratio. So, what exactly does this mean? How to caculate this ratio? What is the mineral's largest size and how to measure it? Here we're going to make it more clear in detail. Crushing ratio refers to the average number of pieces the raw feed rock is reduced into. Usually, there are two kinds of crushing ratio, one is total crushing ratio, the other is gradual crushing ratio; the former one equals the multiplication of different gradual crushing ratio.

The impact crusher operates much in the same method as a single impeller, with counter-rotating (two) impellers which not only impel the material against the breaker bars, but also impel material high inside the chamber to be fractured on other incoming feed. Uses impact to crush material.

The roll crusher is a crusher that breaks material by squeezing it between two revolving metal cylinders, with axes parallel to each other and separated by a space equal to the desired maximum size of the finished product. Uses compression to crush material. There are also triple roll crushers able to handle larger feed sizes. They also produce fewer fines per pass than do cone type crushers. Roll crushers are good for producing road chips. Not recommended for abrasive rock, but very good crushing limestone.

A hammer crusher is a crusher that employs hammers or flails on a rapidly rotating axis. The hammers are usually made of manganese. Uses impact and attrition to crush material. These series products is character as high crushing ratio, uniform production, simple structure, reliable function, easy maintenance, economical working and so on. We use the superior to make the main part, especially the perishable parts. We connect the superior technology, the results from our test basis and the feedback of our clients to offer these products when the technology accord to our, clients and the standard of the mine industry.

We have a super staff, who can guarantee the punctual delivery. And we can meet the agent delivery requirements. We can guarantee that our cone crusher is broken naturally; we can take charge of replacement in one year. And we are responsible for the maintenance if there is something wrong with our crusher when it is working.

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January 25,2019

Introduction to efficient semi-autogenous grinding mill

The sag mill also known as the semi-autogenous grinding mill is one of the largest mining equipment pieces, and often requires mining equipment repair and maintenance. It is widely used in the mining fields, particularly in the mining of precious metals such as gold, copper, silver, and nickel.

Some of the necessary services to Sag mill machinery include tech support during the building and application processes for mining equipments manufacturers. Other services include fabrication of parts, mining equipment repair, and refurbishing of mining equipment. This type of equipment is extremely important to production and business, and it is necessary to take painstaking care in handling the equipment. Professionals should be extremely knowledgeable in this equipment.

When machinery shuts down, or the process is slowed down by problematic parts, so do production and profit making.Mining machinery maintenance and modifications can keep the production system running at its best. Sag mill operations are no exceptions. Particularly, it is important to ensure that the lifting plates, rotating drums, mill rotators, and other machine components maintain their optimal operating capabilities at all times by ensuring that precautionary and routine maintenance procedures are completed up to date and on time.

Sag mill mining equipment, as well as other mining equipments, is critical to the Canadian mining industry. Sag mill has a long standing history in mining production, and must be handled carefully and with caution to ensure safety and optimal production at all times. Gold mining industry equipment and coal mining industry equipment are among the most serviced types of mill mining equipment that requires maintenance and modification.

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January 24,2019

Detailed explanation of ore grinding process

In the ore grinding process, the most widely used machine is cylinder grinding mill whose grinding process goes like this: materials are sent to the continuously rotating cylinder in which there are a certain amount of grinding bodies with different shapes, like balls, rods, short columns, large ores and gravels. When the barrel rotates with a certain speed, these grinding media will be pushed to produce impacting and grinding force to grind the materials. For this reason, the crushing force of cylinder grinding mill comes from the external force that are exercised to the grinding body and transmit the crushing force to the materials to be grinded.

Generally speaking, grinding is to get fine particles or super-fine products. Other than cylinder ore grinding mill which can also be called media mill, the grinding force of some machines can be directly put on the crushed materials to get products with fine granularity, so this also belongs to the grinding field, such as Raymond mill, colloid mill and air-flow mill. The ore grinding process directly influences the technical indexes of the ore beneficiation plant, for example, the weak single separation degree of useful minerals will reduce the grade of concentrate and the recovery rate; or over crushing or over grinding will not only increase the consumption of electricity and steel, but aggravate the beneficiation process and reduce the beneficiation index. According to the fineness differences of the final products, the ore grinding process can be divided into: 1. coarse grinding: the granularity of the final products is 0.15~3.0mm; 2. fine grinding: the granularity of the final products is 0.02~0.15mm; 3. superfine grinding: the granularity of the final products is small than 10um and even 0.05~1um.

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January 22,2019

Artificial sand made by our sand maker is comparable with natural sand

According to statistics, about 30% of sand maker is applied in the cement industry and the mining industry. China economy grows steadily. The construction of the West and the Central Plains needs large amount of sand, which will inevitably promote the development of sand maker. It is predicted that the sand maker industry will have broad market prospect over the next ten years.

Sand maker is the indispensable equipment in the construction industry. Without the help of sand maker, the projects cant keep up with the schedule. Not only in the physical performance, but also in the chemical composition, the artificial sand produced by our sand maker is comparable with natural sand. The ratio is reasonable, and the particle can meet the requirement of aggregate production. our sand maker can produce mellow and full sand and control water ratio. The artificial sand of our sand maker has high quality and can fully meet the technical requirements of modern construction industry.

According to market reaction, our sand maker has been well received. For the raw materials of artificial sand have many types such as granite, natural river pebbles, diorite, sandstone, and limestone, there are various specifications of sand makers to meet the needs of different customers.

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January 21,2019

The national competition of crushing machine becomes fiercer

The national competition of the crushing machine becomes fiercer, that is the reason why the investment is even more and the cost is larger, which will cause the price of the equipment higher, the quality of the service lower and the reputation worse. So the most important thing that the company manufacturing the clay processing equipment is confronting those problems and coming up with the measures, then what should we do now? How to solve the problems?

Which way do those companies choose at such a situation? There are two ways; one way is to keep the same as the used to, the second is to come up with measures which can help the companies make a big difference in a short time. Our company can give you the best answers, we will enhance the strength of innovation and research, improve the percentage of high technology, cater to the high demand of the market, improve the standard of the raw material and continuously improve the craftsmanship of the equipment in order to occupy much more percentage of the international market and to expand its range of administration including jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and sand maker.

The starting of crushing manufacturing industry of concrete crushing machine such as jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher is not so early, so that is the reason why the experience is short and the ability of the technology is not so strong. Most of the companies still are in a certain condition of generation belong to the times of 60-70, whose innovation and research cannot be progressing continuously all the time. Most of the companies don't have the systems belonging to its own company, and with the gradually continuous economic fading of the range of the international and the purchasing decreasing of the consumers, the innovation and creativity of the ability of the company cannot be stimulated all the time.

The marketing manipulation can make one company having wider developing space, which has made us being beneficial so much all the time. Believing the marketing inspection will make us which is the real shining star being the best manufacturer all over the world.

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January 17,2019

China jaw crusher is the best choice for cement limestone crushing

The main markets of jaw crusher China industry include chemistry, mine, construction, waste conservancy, metallurgy, coal mine and glass industry, among which two industries of cement industry and road paving and mine use about 30% of crushers produced in the whole market.The companies producing mining crushing machine in domestic market are not very few, and the types of crusher are also constantly improving and updating from primary crushers, rock impact crusher, hammer crusher machine, teeth roll crusher to rock cone crusher. However, primary crushers still have the widest application range, as no matter stone production line or quarry stone crushing will use primary jaw crusher which is indispensable in the sand aggregate production line. In addition, till today, some new types of China jaw crusher can carry out coarse, medium and fine crushing.

Zenith is a well-known cone crusher manufacturer, has been dedicated in producing highly efficient and large crusher machine, and the jaw crushers researched and manufactured by our company mainly include new type of double curved surface deep-cavity jaw crusher, ultrafine jaw crusher and large jaw crusher which are suitable for the coarse, medium and fine crushing of all kinds of rocks and ores such as limestone, shale, basalt, river cobble and bluestone. In addition, our aggregate processing has many outstanding features such as simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient maintenance and low manufacturing and construction cost, so that it is widely used in many industries such as mine, metallurgy, chemistry, building material, water conservancy and transportation.

No matter sand production line with several tons of thousands of hour-production or quarry plant will use primary crushers, especially in the cement industry, limestone is the main raw material of manufacturing cement, so that its demand is huge. our primary crushers has not only powerful functions and high crushing efficiency, but the wear-resistant parts such as hammers, lining boards, plate hammer and rotor have stand up to the market test in cement industry and sand and stone industry, making them the first choice for limestone crushing in cement plant.

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January 14,2019

Tertiary crusher conforms to the requirements of social development

In the current market, every enterprise needs to seek a better survival way in the fierce competition. In the fine crushing industry, each enterprise has to take the customer demand as the starting point, so as to carry out the development and design operations. our company is a professional manufacturer of jaw crusher application, which has professional customer service team and the services include pre-sale, sale and after sale to meet customer requirements for each link of installation, processing and production conditions. our company is the gold medal service advocator in mining equipment industry.

The tertiary crusher produced by our company has strong versatility, the two crushing cavity can increase the grinding frame without changing other parts, which can be changed to three cavity crushing equipment, so as to reduce the investment for customers. And the sheet and wear-resistant parts has quality, which can reduce wear and improve production efficiency in various conditions. It has heavy rotor design, finite element stress analysis, optimized design, more reasonable structure and greater inertia, which can obtain greater fragmentation, stronger ability and wear resistance. The whole structure is simple and reasonable, which is in accordance with the demand of the development in the new era. In today's market development, affected by the silica sand washing, high performance finely machine design concept is no longer only focus on products, gradually to the equipment usability and human manipulation attention. Therefore, the engineering department has contacted some domestic mechanical engineering experts to address the crushing machine for ease of use and control. What is worth mentioning is that the most important feature of this device is that can through multiple aspects of adjusting the grain size changes, so as to make the machine become a real finely machine experts, finely machine has become the important equipment of stone production line.

Through continuous research efforts and technology innovation, the tertiary crushing machine produced by our company has deep crushing cavity and no dead zone, which not only can effectively improve the feeding ability and yield, but also can improve the crushing ratio of the equipment. It is one of the most advanced domestic crushing equipment, which is equipped with the world's advanced technology in crushing equipment market.

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January 10,2019

Abnormal vibration and solutions of slag crusher

slag crusher is new type high efficient crusher equipment, and its welcomed by customers due to its inexpensive price and excellent performance. But slag crusher has problems of vibration in running. Vibration is inevitable, and any slag crusher machine will be affected by motor, but vibration with light degree is normal, but too severe vibration will have damage on the machine, so shutdown and check the machine if it is in too severe vibration.

Vibrations can occur because various reasons, and there are several cases that may cause vibrations, such as imbalances, too large material block and so on. Faced with imbalances, the user needs to adjust the rotor. For too large material block, check the feeding size, and ensure that the material meets the size requirements. Underlying incorrect process can also cause abnormal vibration, check and reinforce the anchor bolts can solve this kind of problem. Same degree of wear and tear also causes abnormal vibration, which means the hammer head needs to be replaced.

slag crusher is a kind of crushing machine crushing material by slag energy. The rotor of coal processing plant does high-speed revolution driven by a motor, material will be crushed by hammers after entering the crushing cavity, then be lifted to certain height and fell down for breaking again, and this process is repeated until materials being crushed into required size.

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January 7,2019

Analysis of the best crusher for crushing gangue

In recent years, the gangue is not only seen as a type of solid waste that is in large amount any longer, but as a new resource, and it has been widely used in many departments such as chemistry, building materials and metallurgy, and for this reason, a relevant coal crushing plant is researched and developed.

It is known that the gangue is not only used for making bricks, but as an auxiliary material in the cement production, and for generate electricity. However, no matter using it to make bricks or produce cement or generate electricity, it is necessary to crush the gangue and then turn it to valuable material.At present, there are many types of equipment in the market that can be used for crushing gangue, and the most commonly used equipment includes reversible hammer crusher, ring hammer crusher, hammer crusher and single-stage tertiary impact crusher. Which aggregate processing plant has the most efficient crushing effect when used for crushing gangue? Now we will analyze it using gangue crusher to make bricks.

Seen from the discharged material granularity: the granularity of the gangue material that is crushed by the ring hammer crusher is 30mm, by the reversible hammer crusher is 3mm, and by the single-stage tertiary impact crusher is 5 which is the most suitable for producing cement and bricks.Seen from the production procedures: The materials that are crushed by the ring hammer crusher and the reversible crusher, if used for making bricks and cement, need to be recrushed in the powder grinding mill, but the single-stage tertiary impact crusher is able to realize the goal that that materials will reach the granularity requirement after sing stage crushing.

Seen from the crushing effect: The single-stage tertiary impact crusher manufactured by our company has great crushing effect in limestone brick making and building wastes brick making, and reversible hammer crusher and the ring hammer crusher has great crushing effect in raw coal and fine coal brick making.From the above analysis, we can see that no matter from the production investment or the crushing effect, the DPX single-stage tertiary impact crusher independently researched and developed by our company is the best crushing equipment for crushing gangue.

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January 4,2019

Six development tendencies of feeder machine in coal dressing plant

The flow transportation of large solid materials and the development of equipment with high handling capacity are also influencing the determination of design, manufacturing as well as handling capacity of feeder machine. Large feeder machine has such advantages as high efficiency and handling capacity and large size, standardization and high reliability of equipment is also the development tendency of feeder machine. In generally, the vibrating feeder machine in coal crusher plant has the following six development tendencies.

  • 1. Pay attention of basic theory research and strengthen scientific research management.Basic research provides basis for product structure optimization, quality and reliability improvement and reasonable material selection and test standard formulation and promotes the application of new technology and research and manufacture of new products.
  • 2. Speed up the research of automatic observation and control technology of the coal dressing process. The automation of coal dressing machinery is a necessary path of improving labor productivity, ensuring working safety and reducing coal dressing cost. Even though the application of automatic technology has a long history, technical imperfection has long existed and the introduction and application of automatic technology in silica sand plant is also very slow. Today when the computer technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence have developed to a certain level, the automatic progress of feeder machine will speed up.
  • 3. Realize specialized production and improve technical level.Introduce and apply foreign advanced design method, processing technology and management pattern to improve the reliability, precision as well as the production and management pattern of domestic feeder machine.
  • 4. Improve existing equipment.Like other industries, even though the application of modern technology on feeder machine will expand day by day, existing feeder machine will still be used, and will be constantly improved.
  • 5. Develop diagnose-maintenance technology.With the wide application of large and comprehensive coal dressing plant, diagnose and maintenance of equipment show its great importance. To ensure safe and effective operation of feeder machine, we should develop monitoring system for working conditions to monitor the running condition of the main spare parts of the equipment.
  • 6. Strictly control environment pollution.The environment pollution caused by feeder machine is mainly noise and dust noise, for this reason, the focus of controlling environment pollution is to control it to the limit stipulated by national standard try to apply and develop new technology to minimize the pollution.

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December 29,2018

Cone crusher constantly upgrades the processing technology

When compared with other several crushers, aggregate processing plant appeared relatively late, in 1927, it was formally used in industrial production. At that time, due to the limited production technology, the material is not very good. With the slow progress, cone crusher is also carrying on the technical upgrading road. Cone crusher spare parts mainly include a frame, a horizontal axis, a movable cone, a balanced wheel, an eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), low crushing wall (movable cone), hydraulic coupler, lubrication system, hydraulic system and control system.

Cone crusher is basically the spring type before, in the late fifty's countries, it began to appear cone hydraulic crushing type, which makes the manufacturing technology of cone crusher improve to a new stage, the end of the seventy's is a big development period for cone crusher. The emergence of a large conical SMG800 crusher has made certain upgrades in the interior design, which makes gypsum processing plant produce more fine products. It can be used for crushing ore and rock with not more than 250MPa compressive strength, which can be used for crushing hard and medium hard materials in mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and other departments. The device adopts the spring overload protection device to make iron and other impurities passing through the crushing cavity without damaging the machine. Now cone crusher still does not stop the technological upgrading road, now cone crusher conducts the primary upgrade of its production material, which uses the current best steel to make good wear resistant equipment. It makes the service life of cone crusher greatly increase. We believe that in the future, cone crusher technology upgrade o road will continue to go on, and go farther and farther.

Our company is experienced in the production of crushing equipment, and we have cone crusher for sale, which has complete models, reliable performance and high efficiency. Due to the reasonable cone crusher price and thoughtful after-sales service, we have been fully approved by customers from home and abroad.

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December 28,2018

Daily overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant

Mobile crusher plant is also referred to mobile crushing station, mobile construction station and mobile screen station in industry, which is the more advanced mobile equipment among current mining equipment. In our using process, mobile crusher station can conveniently move the overall equipment, which is of flexibility, convenience, strong maneuverability and saves a large number of infrastructure and relocation costs. Widely used in metallurgy, building materials, water and electricity, chemical industry, etc, stone quarry plant is good equipment of material relocation operations. We can configure different mobile crushing stationsaccording to difference of materials to be crushed and processed. As the applications of mobile construction station increases gradually, overhaul and maintenance of mobile crusher plant become even more important. Here, we will briefly introduce overhaul and maintenance of mobile construction station.

1. Daily Maintenance

The equipment should be lubricated according to requirements. Medium and small equipment mainly uses lubricating grease and lubricating oil to lubricate on a regular basis. Large-scale equipment like cone crusher and jaw crusher is generally equipped with forced lubricating system. At this time, you should often observe oil temperature, oil pressure, quantity of flow and other parameters. Besides, it's necessary to tighten the loose fasteners.

During the running of equipment, you should always pay attention to noise and vibration of equipment, if it appears excessive noise or vibration, you should quick stop to check the machine. After troubleshooting, you should restart the machine with no-load according to starting sequence. Additionally, you should also pay attention to quality and productivity of product, when quality and production rate are abnormal, the machine is likely to be clogged or worn.

2. Overhaul

In order to keep the equipment in good performance, you should also carry out minor repair, repair and overhaul in addition to normal maintenance. Repair schedule of mobile construction station is put forward according to inspection requirements of each machines used in silica sand plant. Due to the difference of repair schedule of each machine, when conditions allow, you can replace some machine to carry out overhaul, thus reducing down time and improving utilization rate of equipment.

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December 26,2018

Application of flotation column in ore dressing plant

The industrial flotation equipment in the mining mechanical market has made great development achievements in recent years, and the improvement of the flotation machine technology significantly enhances the output and production efficiency of the ore beneficiation plant.The flotation method of the flotation column which is one of the crusher plant in pakistan originated from Canada and it is originally used in the concentration of molybdenum concentrate. In 1980,a double-column flotation unit was installed in the molybdenum return circuit in the mine of Gaspe, Canada and achieved good ore dressing effects.

This flotation column unit replaced the mechanical flotation machine of the concentrate series. From then on, many countries in North America installed the flotation column in the copper and silica sand plant to concentrate molybdenum minerals and the flotation column began to spread to other countries in the world and was used for coarse and sweep separating various ores and rocks. The flotation column has been the topic of the international conference for twice in three years.

After comparing the flotation results of chromites by the flotation column and traditional flotation cell, we can see that the separating effect of the flotation column is better. After researched by technicians, the flotation column has been used in the flotation of coal powders. And in the future it will have wider application in processing rocks and ores to be deslimed and concentrated after being fine ground.

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December 25,2018

To focus on product quality and efficiency of mobile crusher

The crusher machines have been developed for many years in mining machinery market, which make great contributions to mining industry. In order to make mobile crushing plant develop faster and base on market longer, our company pays more attention to product quality and efficiency of mobile crusher and enhance overall quality of mobile crusher, jaw crusher, hammer crusher and other crushing equipment so as to forge more perfect crushing equipment to win trust of customers.

After many years of innovative development and baptism of mining machinery market, mobile type crusher has formed a certain scale. With the gradual deepening of economic globalization, the cost advantage of domestic mobile crusher is increasingly outstanding. China has a huge market and abundant industry resources, which provides sufficient raw materials and support for mining machinery industry. Product quality of mobile rock crusher involves in lots of details, design, selection of raw materials, welding technique and large-scale production and transport. our crusher equipment has superior process technology and scientific technology. The reliability and availability of our stone crusher equipment have provided customers with safe production, wide applications and excellent benefits. In order to reward the trust of our customers, our company will provide more qualified crusher equipment.

In addition, we also solves a variety of problems in production and operation of crusher equipment for customers with many years of experience. our company is a good trustworthy manufacturer. Hence, mobile crusher from our company does very well in both product quality and after-sales service. Besides, our company continuously expands product channels and vigorously promotes quarry crusher machines, sand washing equipment, ore beneficiation equipment and so on in mining machinery market, which continuously enhances reputation in such a fierce market competition. In the future, our company will continue develop mining equipment and be aimed at making our be one of the best high-end mining machinery enterprises in domestic cities.

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December 22,2018

Stone crusher machine has a wide application range

stone briquette machine is mainly used for pressing stone powder, slime, coke powder, coking stone and metallurgical powder, cold pressed pellet and refractory materials. For the powdery materials, grinding machine is needed to complete the required pressing. stone briquette machine can produce the stone with proper particles to achieve efficient processing of stone resources. Burning clean stone is one of the most rapid and effective ways to limit waste gas emissions, which not only improves the air quality to meet environmental requirements, but also brings great economical benefits for related industries.

As the manufacturer of stone crusher machine, our company is a modern production enterprise. The stone crusher in our company can press briquette into balls at one time, which has high yield and high strength. It has been put into use in a number of metal smelting companies, steel melting factories, mining companies and other industries. The stone briquette machine production line developed by our company has created a new situation of the briquette pressing industry and truly realize the recycling of resources. It turns waste into treasure, and creates more economic and social benefits, which is in line with national sustainable development policy. Our company has simple processes of stone briquette production line, which is available for customers to conduct on-site testing.

Our company is specialized in producing crusher machines, in addition to stone crusher machine, and we also produce dry powder briquette machine, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, mineral powder briquette machine, stone powder briquette machine, etc. Our products have excellent quality and favorable prices. If you are interested, please leave us a message or send emails to us, we will answer you as soon as possible!

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December 21,2018

Why is quarry crusher suitable for making sand?

There are many machines to make sand-stone aggregates with different features and qualities, so how can we choose the best one from them? Quarry crushers are the most important equipment that needs to be selected carefully. We need to consider the mineral elements if we want to choose the proper quarry crusher type. Selecting a reliable quarry crusher manufacturer or supplier is also important because the supplier market share and actual using effect are the most useful reference indexes.

Among so many crushers, which one may be the suitable machine for the production line of sand aggregate considering all factors? The answer is the stone crusher with three main advantages for customers: 1. it can produce very fine crushing granularity and is not afraid of very hard and wet materials; 2. it is quite simple to maintain and suitable for middle and small enterprises; 3. it is effective and energy saving which saves the running cost of the equipment.

Extending the industry chain has been considered the only road for Chinese cement enterprises to upgrade and transform. In recent years, more and more cement companies are trying diversified development in the upstream and downstream industry field and marching to the sand-stone aggregate industry becomes the first choice to realize upgrading and transforming.

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December 18,2018

The performance of stone crusher has been continuously improved

With the long time development, the quality of stone crusher has been improved, which continues to develop a broader market field. The SBM stone crusher adopts innovative high allocation timely to meet the different needs of customers. O company is persistent to walk out its own unique areas, so as to promote their continuous growth. Just take the energy saving and high efficiency as the main trend of the market competition to occupy more space in the international market.

In the research and development process of stone crusher, under the premise of ensuring the energy saving and high efficiency, make the pursuit of innovation and efficiency to the maximum extent. stone crusher is used for crushing various ores and rocks, coarse, fine. It is especially appropriate to be used as the required high iron construction sand building material of stone processing equipment. As the important mineral processing equipment, stone crusher also plays an important role in high-speed railway construction industry. During the structure transformation of stone crusher, lining board is the main parts, so its replacement for a certain period of time should be paid attention to. The biggest advantage of stone crusher is reflected in its scope, which can almost crush any type of rock, and it has very low crushing requirements. Whether it is crushing hard rock, cobble and all kinds of ore, stone crusher can perfectly crush them successfully to get the required size for customers with large crushing ratio. stone crusher is processing from the top of the crushing chamber, through the discharge port; it can be arranged to a minimum size, so as to improve the crushing ratio. The design of lining plate angle makes the material more in the crushing cavity at the bottom of the stroke to improve the through ability of materials.

stone crusher has great impact on aggregate quality, and the building materials will have an important influence on the high-speed rail construction engineering quality, thus its importance in railway construction is very obvious. stone crusher is one of the long history production equipment of our company, so its technology is very mature, which can effectively control the production cost. We have many types of stone crushers such as stone stone crusher, mini stone crusher and small stone crusher for sale.

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December 15,2018

Technical efficiency improvement of the stone grinding plant

In the stone grinding production line or stone grinding plant, to improve the technical efficiency means much for the improvement of ore beneficiation indicators. So how can we improve the technical efficiency of the SBM grinding plant? The answer is to adopt the closed circuit grinding technological process.

The reasonable grinding flow means that mineral grains should be discharged quickly from the grinder once they are ground and separated. For the existing stone grinders, its very difficult to realize the material grain gradation. Therefore, we usually adopt the classifier or fine screener to gain the qualified granularity grade and those coarse material grains will return to the grinding machine again. This process is called sand return.

In the closed circuit grinding flow, the grinder will add returning sand to the new materials. When more materials pass through the grinding machine, the grinder will run faster and the grinding time will be shortened. The closed circuit grinding process requires the unqualified materials moves into and out of the grinding machine again and again till they become qualified ones.

With a large amount of coarse sand fed into the grinder, the closed circuit grinding flow increases the coarse fraction content of the feeding materials. Besides, the proper sand return will remove the vibration of the new materials and bad influence on the granularity of minerals.

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December 12,2018

Grinding mills are core devices in mining industry

As China's mining machinery industry has developed rapidly and the country has gradually increased investment on the energy saving and environment friendly industry, the grinding machine with advanced technology has met the opportunity for prosperous development. Grinding mills are the core machines applied in the industrial raw material and energy production, so the enhancement of the working efficiency has been the most important step.

The grinding machine becomes the priority of mining machinery industry and the features such as energy efficiency and environment protection has made it the perfect choice for the mining process. As a lot of small metallurgy, coal and cement enterprises are forced to close, new large scale ore beneficiation plant, coal preparation plant and cement plant are set up gradually, which raises more requirements to the mining machinery industry, causing them to manufacture the raw material mills with high production, high grinding efficiency and reliable performance.

China's mining machinery has developed much faster than the domestic plan and market expectation. The vitality and profit of the whole grinding mill industry has grown sustainably. The better profitability and abundant cash flow will in turn strongly support the enterprise, thus making the new raw material mill popular among customers on the market. Our company is an international mining machinery company that specializes in the production of high pressure grinding mills with many different types. The standard technology of these mills has been in the lead among similar products at home and abroad.

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December 8,2018

High pressure suspension grinding mill realizes multiple use of minerals

After many years of technology accumulation, the type and production capacity of SBM grinding mill are also constantly changing with the market demand. Because when the grinding roll of traditional Raymond is processing high hardness materials, it has serious wear and tear, the development of roller mill has been hampered. In recent years, with the roller surface wear problem gradually be overcome and resolved, the high pressure suspension grinding mill has been used in mineral processing field. High pressure suspension grinding mill is used in crushing fields and coal dissociation in an earlier start, which is currently more often used in the grinding operations of metal and non-metallic ores and other mineral fields. It is used as fine ore crushing or super fine crushing equipment.

It is understood that the application of high pressure suspension grinding mill in mineral processing and dissociation of middling crushing has become a standard process of the industry. High pressure suspension grinding mill is the first generation of high pressure mill products on the basis of Raymond mill, and the increased pressure spring is to ensure the stability of equipment as well as improve the grinding efficiency of the mill. The high pressure suspension grinding mill produced by Our company has small wear, and its lining plate and grinding roller adopt special materials, which have long service life, so as to reduce the operating costs and create high utilization rate; it is also equipped with external circulation device, which can further reduce the power consumption and product size range, so that the coarse particle size can reach up to 0.95 mm (20 mesh). Fine powder diameter is up to 0.033 mm (425 mesh). A small part of the fine material can reach 0.013 mm (1000 mesh). The dust removal effect also meets the national emission standards, and its analysis machine also has easy adjustment.

Our company is one of the large-scale joint-stock enterprises in China, which is the integration of scientific research, production and sales for crusher, grinding mill and sand production line. We can offer customers with full ranges of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand production line, stone production line and all kinds of grinding equipment, such as superfine grinding mill, raw material mill, tube mill, cement mill, Raymond mill, wet grinding mill, dry grinding mill, high pressure suspension grinding mill and so on.

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