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March 7,2010

Short-mission: Dong-shi Team on January 19 to23

There are three short-mission teams operating during this winter break. The team-leader of Dong-shi team was Wu Qi-zhen who led three students, the assistant of Alumni Association evangelist Lee, Hsiao-lan, the evangelist of the Lutheran Congregation of Shi-en Church: Shi En-hui and five youth of the church to sponsor the“ Joy! Winter Camp”at Zhong-ke Elementary school. This short mission combined mission and care ministry which included: Care for the elderly Ministry, Visiting the day care center, Nursing home visiting, family visiting: sharing and testimony, Joy! Winter Camp. 
dong shi

Traditional dance: Fans Dancing at day care center for the elderly.

This time all the team members experienced God s with everyone and God’s word gives us strength. We all experience and practice the ability of team work, each member learned how to help and cooperate with one another by their different gifts from our risen God. We also notice the important and urgency the ministry of the elderly care. Taiwan is facing the growing life span and there are lots of elderly year by year live by their own.

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