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February 15,2010

Visitors from Singapore on Feb. 2

Kee and Rev. Fin


On February 2, there were two visitors from Singapore Lutheran Church: Bishop Terry Kee and Rev. Tapio Karjalainen. Both served as missionary in Thailand for many years. This time Bishop Kee would like to know more about the development of the CLS mission center and the development of the ministry about TECC (Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee), a non-profit Christian organization which ministers and cares the migrant workers and the foreign spouses (including Chinese spouses) in Taiwan.

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January 25,2010

Dr. and Mrs. Visited CLS on Jan. 22

Dr. and Mrs. Granberg visited CLS on January 22 and they stayed in Taiwan for two more days for the FELM conference in Heng-chun. Dr. Håkan Granberg and his wife, Mrs. Judy Christian-Granberg have been working as FELM missionaries for about 20 years in Hong Kong. Their first assignments were in ELCHK churches and then at the Lutheran Seminary in Hong Kong. Dr. Granberg was responsible for Doctor of Ministry in Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong and Mrs. Granberg had been working as a librarian in LTS. This time they would like to know more about the development of theological education in CLS. Now, Dr. Granberg teaches Ethics and Mrs. Granberg teaches English in Chang-sha, Hu-nan Province, China. ...繼續閱讀

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November 18,2009

Jews for Jesus missionary-David Garrett visited CLS

Jews for Jesus missionary, David Garrett, visited China LutheranSeminary on November 11 and gave a presentation in chapel and Genesis class about spreading the Gospel to Jewish people and about the Gospel God planted within the 7 Jewish feasts. Dave is also the Missions Committee Chairman at West Portal Lutheran Church in San Francisco, which has been supporting China Lutheran Seminary for about 8 years. God inspired us in a wonderful way through his message!! 

Praise God for the Garrett's ministry, and pray for their continuedserving and fruitfulness.
Oliver + Dave Garrett


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November 2,2009

Rev. Per Erikson visited CLS on Oct. 29

1029 Rev. Per Erikson

On Oct. 29, Rev. Johan Tidamann Johansen and Rev. Per Erikson visited CLS. Rev.Per Erikson is the Pastor of Fredikstad church, Norway. This trip to the seminary for him to know more about the need of the seminary but also witness God's amazing grace upon us. May God bless his ministry and family.

campus tour 1029

Rev. Per Erikson paid attention to Mr. Timothy Chou's guide to the model of the new building.

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April 14,2009

Visitors from Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

In the morning of  February 13, 2009, there were six visitors from Evangelical Lutheran Church in America coming to China Lutheran Seminary. They were Bishop Dean NelsonBishop of Southwest California Synod, Dr. Franklin IshidaDirector for Asia and the Pacific Global Mission, Rev. Dr. George TanAssistant to Bishop Dean Nelson for Mission Empowerment, Dr. Sherman HicksExecutive Director of ELCA Multicultural Ministries, Rev. Joseph ChangTruth Church in Los Angeles, Ms. Gladys Chowtranslatorand Taiwan Lutheran Church Bishop Ji-Huang Chen.

visitors from ELCA

President Dr. Thomas Yu warmly welcomed visitors from ELCA

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