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April 3,2012

【APELT Symposium at CLS】

On March 5, 2012, there was an APELT symposium at CLS, the title is “Justification and Spiritual Growth”. There were 131 participants. The two speakers were President Yu, and Dr. Armin Buchholz, Director of Graduate School for Luther’s Studies.

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January 2,2012

【CLS 45th Anniversary Fundraising Banquet】

We thank God for giving us most pleasing weather and evening. Also, New Heaven and Earth Restaurant served us delicate cuisine. There were more than 330 brothers and sisters participated in our fundraising banquet, and we received almost one million (NTD) donation.

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November 4,2011

【CLS 45th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Ended】

We thank God for the participation and supports from a great many brothers and sisters in Christ. The week long 45th anniversary celebration from Oct 24 to Oct 30 successfully ended. Everyone was encouraged by God’s word and filled with joy and thanksgiving. ...繼續閱讀

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October 14,2011

【CLS 45th Anniversary Celebration introduction】

We thank God for leading the CLS in the past 45 years. CLS is a seminary that has experienced the marvel of God's grace and continues to press forward with vision for the future. The growth in the past four decades is an evident proof of God's wondrous work. We are unflinchingly committed to the vision and mission that we received from God.

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September 27,2011

【New CLS Board Meeting & Two-day Pre-Class Retreat】

1. New CLS Board Meeting
New Board members of China Lutheran Seminary were reelected at the board meeting on June 13, 2011. Rev. KAO Ying-mao is the board chairperson. ...繼續閱讀

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May 26,2010

Rev. Adhikari's Lecture on "The Phenomenon of Migrant Workers and Cross-Cultural Marriage Under Globlization: A Missional and Pastoral Strategy Toward the Grassroots People in TAIWAN"

On June 28, Rev. Adhikari will address “The Phenomenon of Migrant Workers and Cross-Cultural Marriage Under Globlization: A Missional and Pastoral Strategy Toward the Grassroots People in TAIWAN”. He will give us a general introduction to terminologies used toward migration and globalization, a world of migrations, and recent Asian migrations.

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May 20,2010

A Conference of " Seeking God's will regarding of being a fulltime church workers"


The conference of  "Seeking God's will regarding of being a fulltime church workers" was full of brothers and sisters with a willing heart to serve God

On April 24, there was a conference for “Seeking God’s will regarding of being a fulltime church worker” which is held at Justification Building and the speaker was Dr. James Pan. His theme was the “The Call and the Vision of God's Ministry”, those who participated this meeting they all had great interaction toward this meeting. We hope this time we can have more freshmen with a deep understanding of the Gospel, a keen awareness of our times, a burning passion for mission, a genuine commitment to shepherding.

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May 19,2010

Fieldwork Supervisors’ Meeting on May 14

Fieldwork Supervisors

Fieldwork Supervisors' Meeting at CLS on May 14
On the morning of May 14, there was a “Fieldwork Supervisors’ Meeting. Dr. Thomas Yu started the opening speech and all the participants and pastors positively supported the graduates from China Lutheran Seminary and the CLS faculty had great interaction with those pastors and evangelists.
pastors and CLS02.JPG

Supervisors, pastors and CLS professors had great interaction
Those pastors also suggested to set up the “Mentor System” focusing on the spiritual and schoolwork of seminarians. It will strengthen the students spiritual lives and become their help in need. Some mentioned the counseling needs of all ages in the church and if we provide the practical counseling training and it will become the bridge between seminary and the congregations. We are going to establish a new counseling center and hope to help more and more people.

Pastors and CLS01

The pastors positively approved the performance of CLS graduates

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April 30,2010

President Yu Recovering from Surgery

China Lutheran Seminary President Thomas Yu is recovering from back surgery today in Taipei's Cathay Hospital. He has recently been experiencing terrible back pain to the point that it has been difficult just to stand up and walk. He was admitted into the hospital on April 12 and we thank God that he is now recovering from surgery that took place this morning, April 19.

Pray for his continued recovery, our seminary, and completion of this semester.

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April 27,2010

Car-washing for Thai Ministry in Taiwan

This Spring semester there are many activities held by the Mission fellowship of CLS. On April 18, teachers and seminarians of CLS swept streets near the seminary and shortened the distance between the seminary and the neighbors.
washing cars

Car-washing Programs for the Ministry of Ethiopia
We held the 4th car-washing program for mission and there were lots of staff and students joining this event. That night, we all had a traditional and delicious Thai foods festival which was prepared by some Thai sisters. After the dinner, Rev. Scharrer and Ms. Qing-hua Wu introduced the ministry and development of Thai
labors workers and new expatriates.


CLS faculty and students pray for the car owners driving safety

The Mission Center and the Marburger Mission are cooperating with pastoral ministry among the new migrants and expatriates. We hope more and more Thai friends can hear gospel in the future.

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