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January 24,2007

Research Center, Publishing and Campus Church

Research Center for Traditional Chinese Religions and New Religious Movements

Due to the prevalence of traditional beliefs and

new religions, the churches in Taiwan are called

 to face the challenges of dialogue and to testify

the Gospel. CLS established the Research Center

 for Traditional Chinese Religions and New Religious

Movements in 1995. It is devoted to the study of

and dialogue with other religious groups. The Research

Center shares its fruits with the churches by holding

 seminars, conducting meetings and offering personal


The Objectives of the Research Center:

1. Dialogue with traditional religions and new religious


2. Being a bridge between other religions and the Gospel.

3. Cultivate the expertise in religious study and dialogue.

 4. Collect update religious information and offer consultations.

Publishing House

In order to fulfill the ministry of the Word and to

preserve the precious treasures of the Scripture,

christian confessions and theological understanding,

the CLS Publishing House was established in 1998.

The following seventeen volumes have been published:

The Beginning of Dialogue; The Two Natures in Christ;

 A Straw View of the Theology of the Cross; The Theory

and Practice of Hermeneutics; From Buddhist Temple to

Christian Church; How to Build a Diaconal Church;

Word from God's Mouth: Key Homiletical Challenges;

The Theology of Martin Luther; A New Vision for

the New Millennium; Christian vs. Buddhist...

Campus Church

CLS entered into a special cooperative relationship with

Triumph Lutheran Brethren Church in 1998. We share

building spaces, equipments, faculty, staff, and students

in the work of ministry and in the training of future ministers.

The cooperation has been mutually enriching and beneficiary.


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