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September 30,2011

【Association of CLS Alumni】

CLS Alumni Association covers 6 regions. Members from northern central region including TaoyuanHsinchu and Miaoli gathered on Sep 26 at JR Coffee Restaurant. 20 participants had a wonderful reunion. ...繼續閱讀

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January 6,2010

TECC + CLS : Taiwan's Expatriate for Christ

TECC (Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee)is a non-profit Christian organization which ministers and cares the migrant workers and the foreign spouses(including Chinese spouses) in Taiwan. Thais, Filipinos and Vietnamese workers comprised the three largest groups of foreign labor. Until the end of 2009, there are 400 thousand migrant workers and 650 thousand foreign spouses and their children. These people who never heard of gospel are waiting for us. The 5th Taiwan’s Expatriate for Christ was held on Oct. 23 at Holy Light Seminary, Kaohsiung. The Grassroot Dep. of China Lutheran Seminary will co-sponsor a symposium with TECC in 2010: The Ministry over the Taiwan migrant workers caring and foreign spouses, is in order to let the churches and congregation pay more attention to this social issues,concerning not only culture abut also society.
Rev. TSAI Kuo-shan

Taiwan's Expatriate for Christ"-The conference is held at Holy Light Theological Seminary, Kaohsiung   2009.Oct. 23

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January 24,2007

Off-campus Programs-Introduction


CLS has six branch schools at Taipei, Hsinchu,

Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The

branch school offers credit courses for students

 who seek personal growth and equipment for

better participation in congregational ministry.

CLS also has a unique Grassroots Ministry

Training Program (GMTP) which is geared

to the enhancement of the grassroots

laity for an active ministry in congregation.

The GMTP's training is down to earth.

Its specific goal is learning and growth

for mission and ministry.

At present we have 16 teaching centers

over the island. The program has facilitated

 rich fellowship across the denominational

lines, and the graduates' active involvement

in parish work has been broadly appreciated

by the local pastors.

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