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January 6,2008

New Building has been completely done!

front oikos"Theological Education and Church Resources Center" the new building of China
Lutheran Seminay has been completely done and we just finished the first phase check and acceptance. Praise to the Lord! He always watch every processure and item of this huge construction project inculding the
great amount of construction expense.


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October 26,2007

Visitors from FELM

FELM Friends

On 26th Oct, there are six FELM friends visiting CLS. Rev.Tuula Sääksi

(FELM Deputy Director and Director of Department of Mission), Ms. Ulla-Maija Säärilahti(Regional Coordinator), Dr. Pirkko Lehtiö(Retired Seminary Professor) and one young couple Mr. Antti Nironen(theological student) and his wife Mrs. Maija Nironen.  Ms. Ulla-Maija was very excited about this new build because last time she went to CLS, it was under construction by digging the basement!


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October 19,2007

Brandnew Library

The Library of China Lutheran Seminary has revealed its brand new and fashionable style on Oct 15. Praise be to God! We really appreciated that a lot of volunteers from church congregation, Hsinchu Branch of Prison Fellowship Taiwan and Drug Rehabilitation Village of Miao-li offered their energy and time with us to finish moving around 30,000 volumes of books one day. 

moving with sweat




Moving from Old library

Uploadding from Moving Cart




Uploadding from Moving Cart to Stacks of Books

 We are also indebted to the late Dr. Louise Robbert, the wife of Dr. George Robbert, for her willingness to donate her husband's personal library to the new library.  Rev. Thomas Yu, President of CLS, donated his personal library to school as well. We hope all the readers can catch the wisdom of God's words from this theological treasury.


Lobby and Circulation Desk


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May 14,2007

Friends from Southern Taiwan--Lutheran Church of Taiwan

Nuevo CasaThe external hardware of Theological Education and Church Resources Center has been completely. These two days,  on 14th and 15th May, there are over 30 pastors and evangelists of Lutheran Church of Taiwan participating in the training and brainstorming of this meeting. It is a good opportunity for them to know the current condition of the construction project and for us (CLS) to know and understand them more. May them benefit a lot from the training not only brain but also spiritual life.  

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May 2,2007

CLS Newsletter

  • On October 27, 2006 eight representatives from churches and    universities in China visited our seminary and interacted with the faculty.   Afterwards, a fellowship lunch was held. The Mainland representatives were here at Tunghai University for a conference entitled, "Cross-Straits Forum Regarding Church and Society."
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    May 1,2007

    CLS Construction Project


    -A Building for Theological Education and

    Church Resources Center

    The Model of Theological Education and Church Resource Center

    A General Description

    1. A 7-story multi-purpose building with a bi-level

    basement will be constructed:

    a. Total budget is NT$200 million (US$6.7 million).

    b. Projected date for groundbreaking is July 2005.

    c. Projected date of completion is September 2007.

    d. Total floor area : 9240

    e. Three Section of Muiti-purpose Building

    1st Section: China Lutheran Seminary Campus

    -A theological digital library with capacity

     of 60 to 100 thousands books

    - Research Center for Traditional

    Chinese  Religions and New Religious

    Movements,  which meets the needs of

    this era.

    -Professors with solid theological

     background and Study Rooms for


    - Lay-people training courses and Lodge


    - Graduate School in Luther Studies

    with  solid theological foundation

    - Plain but comfortable dormitory for

      single and married students

    - Mission Center - Halls for social

     intercourse and Dinning Hall

            2nd Section: Campus Church

    - Medium Church with 480 members

    3rd Section: Joint Offices for Church

         Organizations - Contains 7 Para-church

         organizations'  offices.

    f. Building Introduction:

    4F-7F the Fellowship Training Center,

    the Faith Training Center, Student

    Dormitories and the Social Center

    3F Classroom, Teachers, Study Room,

    the LutherTheological Research Center,

    the Religion Center

    1F-2F the Digital Theological Library, the

    Community Center for Cooperative


    Offices Outdoor Athletic Field

    B1F Multi-Function Assembly Hall (with

    480 seats for audience), Conference

    Rooms, a Dining Hall and a Kitchen

    B2F Indoor Parking Space, Storerooms


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    March 18,2007

    Human Resource and God's Kingdom

    by Thomas Yu (CLS President)

    Global Views Monthly once had a catchy heading: “Man power is the power of a nation”. It reported on the survival strengths of Israel that makes the best use of its human resources under the shortage of natural resources. The same principle applies to a private corporate whose creativity and prosperity rely heavily on its investment on human resources.


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    March 16,2007

    How great and faithful our God is!


    This Tuesday (March 13th ), Mr. Joseph Lu, the Director of Administration, led all the faculty and students to the construction site after the chapel service. While we saw the building and we all witnessed how great and faithful our God is. From the groundbreaking and the adding of each floor, now the building amazingly stands in front of us.

    Ground Breaking

    Knots and cross--God's amazing work!

    Higher, higher and higher

    Thanks be to God! The construction is rapidly approaching to the end and this June the whole building will almost be finished. When the fall semester starts, students will move to the new dormitory and use new classrooms and facilities.

     Internal Building


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    March 15,2007


    Missionary from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thailand Visited CLS



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    February 14,2007

    Why Expanding?

     Why Expanding?

    by Joseph Lu (CLS Construction Project Director)

    Why do we start the expansion project? What can the Taiwanese churches benefit from the project? What can it do for evangelical mission, growth of the Christian community or the Taiwan society as a whole?

    Today's society puts unreasonable emphasis on "Self"(self-centeredness), "Success"(self-realization). "System" (efficiency, quantification, measurement, and control), and "Diversity" (mixing and compromise). Lots of people struggle to reach the top of the tidal wave and get lost in their aimless pursuit.

    The fundamental mission of China Lutheran Seminary is to "preach the Gospel of righteousness by faith and to train God's servants with the spirit of the Cross." This mission stems purely from the truth of God and keeps streaming down with everlasting significance. The seminary determined not to follow the pattern of the world and not to indulge its students in the so-called "success-ism". It determined to educate its students to aim solely at Jesus Christ and the Bible, to seek solely His grace and faith, and to serve the Lord whole-heartedly as their life-long goal.

    I have witnessed how such a theological learning (learning to be Christ-like) has renovated broken churches and workers, released frustrated and depressed believers. It teaches all Christian soldiers who is the commander what we are fighting for. The truth-abiding theological vision of the seminary points out the correct direction of the Church and provides the real cure of the Chinese society. It is a "pearl" that has been sought by all the churches, but not yet fully discovered as it might be buried with limited resources.

    With a clear visionary mission, China Lutheran Seminary has being growing and transforming over the past 40 years. More active and supportive efforts should now be made to complete the last phase of its reconstruction. The expansion of the seminary ensures an expansion of the theological foundation whereby all the churches are built and facilitates an integration of evangelical resources whereby all the churches can be united and work together to fulfill the Great Commission.


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