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March 16,2012

【Acquaintance with New Teachers】

Mr. Chen Kuan-shian finished our M. Th. Program in Luther Studies in 2007. Later, he continues his doctoral study at LTS, Hong Kong. Now he is a Th. D. Candidate in Systematic Theology. Beginning this February, he serves as the vice dean of academic affairs. Please pray for his teaching in CLS, continual thesis writing, and the new role in academic affairs.

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February 21,2012

【Winter Intensive Courses in 2012】

There were three winter intensive courses going on during this winter break in 2012. There were totally 79 students and participants who joined those courses. Rev. Dr. Kaofang Yeh taught “Family Care” on Jan 9-13: 15 students; Rev. Immanuel Scharrer taught Hebrew
on Jan 9-20, Jan 30-Feb 10: 9 students and Workshop on Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills was taught by Teacher Anna Saether and three others on February 12-17: 24 students.

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April 21,2010

Graduate School for Luther’s Theology M. Th. Program in Luther Studies

martin luther
1. The Significance of Martin Luther
Martin Luther (1483-1546) is one of the most outstanding, pivotal personalities in all Christian history. Today’s historians and theologians alike quite unanimously acknowledge that Luther’s importance and significance is unique, both in terms of his tremendous influence upon history (the Protestant Reformation and subsequent history of Protestant churches, theologies and missions) and of his undiminished appeal upon modern man (interest and research in Luther the man and his theology has not decreased in recent years, but has rather grown universal, irrespective of any denominational borderlines). 

If we could ask Martin Luther how he regarded himself, he would probably tell us that he is nothing but a Christian, that is a pardoned sinner – a sinner pardoned for the sake of his dear Lord Jesus Christ, whom he wholeheartedly wished to serve throughout his life in his brothers and sisters with God’s Word. Martin Luther always regarded himself and the church he served not as “Lutheran”, but as “Christian”. Actually, this man and his theology is a precious gift of God not only to the Lutheran Church, but to the universal church of Jesus Christ, and should thus be appreciated as that. ...繼續閱讀

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April 16,2010

Master of Arts Program in Care and Counseling

welcome freshmen

In recent Taiwan, not only does the society change rapidly, but also the church. The “healing service” is more frequently held in the Christian community due to the obviously increasing cases of depression and neurosis, the complicated problems of the family and marriage, and the severe problems of young people with drug addictions.

Moreover, from 1996 the increase of aging population has been preeminent in Taiwan, and the elderly care has become a burning issue. The phenomena in present Taiwan do not only reflect the need of the church, but also call for the social responsibilities. How to respond to the tremendous needs in modern society and to care about many afflicted and broken souls is one of the main challenges of the church in Taiwan. Therefore, in addition to the emphasis on the healing services, many Christian churches and para-church organizations consecutively start the counseling ministry.

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February 2,2010

Instruction on Spiritual Direction by Dr. Ekman Tan


Dr. Ekman Tan just completed his interim course instruction on spiritual direction on January 25-29, and lectures in the seminars sponsored by China Lutheran Seminary. One of the characteristics of the Spiritual Devotion Camp is to enjoy quietness. The participants are supposed to not to talk to each other and try to pay attention to the encountering with God, through the pictures to devote, touched by the scriptures or messages. The other special aspect is that the participants all enjoy the rich Communion prayer meeting under the warm and shine candle light by singing some short graceful hymns and re-read the Psalm 139 by themselves. It is just like God whisper to everyone who is communicating with the Creato
how He is with us, and how He realizes what happened to us and guide us afterwards. ...繼續閱讀

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January 26,2010

Winter Intensive Cours in 2010

Biblical Foundations for Mission

Students in Biblical Foundation for Mission on January 11-15, 2010

There are four winter intensive courses going on during this winter break in 2010. There are totally 79 students and participants who joined those courses. The courses are Biblical Foundations for Mission:11 students; Pre-marital Counseling: 23 students; Practice of Christian Spirituality: 31students; Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills Workshop:14students.

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January 5,2007

Full-time Faculty

 The Rev. Dr. Thomas Yu, President

Th. D. in Pastoral Care, Boston University

D. D., Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri

 The Rev. Dr. James Pan, Academic Dean

Th.D. in Church History, the

Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago

 Mr. Frank Lin, Dean of Students and

                 New Testament   Instructor

S. T. M. in Exegetical Theology,

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri


The Rev. Dr. Armin Buchholz,

      Director of Graduate School

          for Luther's Studies

Ph.D. in Systematic Theology,

the University of Hamburg, Germany

 The Rev. Dr. Immanuel Scharrer,

     Director of Library and the Old

      Testament Professor

Ph.D. in Church History, Marburg  n

University, Germany

 The Rev. Dr. Stephen Oliver,

        New Testament Professor

Ph.D. in Biblical Studies, Concordia

Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri


Ms. Hsiao Shu-na, Sacred Music Instructor

M. A. (equivalent), the City Conservatory of

Vienna, Austria

M. C. M., Tainan Theological Seminary, Taiwan


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December 28,2006

Our Curriculum

Master of Theology, Luther Studies

For those with M. Div. Degree.

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts in Care & Counseling

For those with bachelor degree (or equivalent) .

Pre-M. Div. Program

For those with junior college or 3-year

college diploma.

Bachelor of Theology 

For those with high school diploma

(or equivalent) .

Grassroots Ministry Certificate :No academic


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