January 20,2012 11:40

【2011 Christmas Celebration at Detention Centers】

During the 2011 Christmas time, CLS encouraged students and faculty to participate Christmas services at Sanxia, Hsinchu and Nantou detention centers. There were more than 20 people in each service, it was a great joy to cooperate with brothers and sisters in Christ.
The people in detention are from many countries, especially from Southeast Asia. Most of them come to Taiwan to work. They are detained for various reasons and wait to be repatriated to their own country. Some people stay for several weeks and some for more than a year.

CLS performed a drama to explain the marvelous work God had done for us. A woman was stuck to a chair and could not break loose from it. Finally, a pastor came, and preached the good news of freedom through repentance and trust in Jesus Christ. Miraculously, the woman stood up on the chair. The chair represents sin, which separates us from God. There is only one way to reconcile with Him which is through the atoning death of his Son. We thank God that the people in detention can understand the message we intend to express through the drama. Many of them even open their heart to accept Jesus as their Savior and only Lord in their life. Praise be to the Lord.

If you ask the people in Detention Center, what do they want? Their answer would be gift and go home. We can give them gift, but not exactly what they want. As for going home, there is nothing we can do. But the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ can fulfill these two wishes. Jesus Christ is a gift for everyone who feel desperate, He can bring them out of darkness into His wonderful light. That’s what the message we shared at the detention centers. We hope when they go home, they can bring the most precious Gift, Jesus Christ with them.

This past Christmas season, our faculties were invited to a number of evangelistic services. Our vice president went to Luodong Ling-en Church. Lots of people were touched by his message and gave praise to God.

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