November 4,2011 17:12

【CLS 45th Anniversary Celebration Successfully Ended】

We thank God for the participation and supports from a great many brothers and sisters in Christ. The week long 45th anniversary celebration from Oct 24 to Oct 30 successfully ended. Everyone was encouraged by God’s word and filled with joy and thanksgiving.

First day’s lecture was titled “Interpretation of the James.” From his speech, we know that James’ point of view doesn’t necessarily conflict with Paul’s. Action is the result of faith. Genuine faith is active in love.

On Tuesday, Pastor Wei gave a talk on “Seven Principles of Uplifting Spiritual Life.” He used seven comparisons in John, I am the bread of life, the light of the world, the gate for the sheep, the resurrection, the good shepherd, the way and the truth and the life, the true vine to illustrate the keys to renew on spiritual life.

Ms. Chen Yun-lin introduced us a missionary movie called Joan of Arc on Wednesday night. She commented on the interplay of God’s will and the protagonist’s will in this movie.

Our aboriginal friends from PaGa Church danced and sang with their beautiful voice to the praise of God.

Haka Omei church presented a dragon dance. Their youth fellowship was active and had a good interaction with audience.

A Korean short missionary team presented a moving mime about how God the Father searched for and saved the lost through His beloved Son.

On Friday’s night, everyone was immersed in the Bunun’s eight-part harmonic singing chorus and dance.

Bazaar began at 10:00 on Saturday. We thank God for 24 stands which were tended by many congregation, para-church organizations and individuals. We all had a rich and wonderful day.

CLS Archives was opened on Oct 29, President Yu led the opening ceremony. We thanked God for His leading in the past 45 years and His marvelous work in the CLS history.

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