October 28,2011 17:10

【The Progress of New Immigrants’ Mission】

New immigrants become one of the main groups in Taiwan. Most of them engage in the so-called 3D(difficult, dirty and dangerous) job. They need respect, care, advocacy and shepherding.
So far, we have not put enough attention on new immigrants’ mission in Taiwan. If we start now, their next generation may have more chances to hear gospel and become followers of Christ. In past three years, we have intensively engaged in the new immigrants’ work. We have cooperated with Marburger Mission for three years. This fall, we will establish a first new immigrants’ mission center- Home of Blessing in Hukou industrial district. The church for Thais will be formed first and then for Vietnamese.

We pray that this gospel mission may become a part of your church’s outreach. We need your support and intercessions.

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