January 4,2014 09:40

Connecticut Woman Finds Razor Blade In Dunkin' Donuts Croissant

Dunkin Donuts CroissantA Connecticut woman made a shocking discovery when she bit into a Dunkin' Donuts croissant recently. In addition to the flaky pastry, she found metal shards.

According to NBC Connecticut, Priscilla Salas made the discovery when she felt something sharp cut the inside of her mouth. It turned out to be a broken razor blade. Some pieces found in the croissant measured up to one-quarter inch set up business.

Upon detection, Salas called police and representatives at Dunkin' Donuts corporate office, who said a box cutter probably made its way into the frozen pastry dough at a distribution center, and was then baked into the croissant and served to Salas.

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Salas, who purchased the croissant at a Dunkin' Donuts in Windham, CT, was utterly shocked. "I was just floored completely," she told NBC Connecticut. Salas, however, didn't come forward for a big payday. She says she just wants to make people aware of the incident. "It could be a little kid eating and not notice it and next thing you know their mouth is bleeding or something, so it is concerning," she told NBC Connecticut. "I just think its a public hazard. I want the public to know and be aware of what they buy and look over everything that they eat."

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In a statement to NBC Connecticut, Dunkin' Donuts called this an "isolated incident" and said they are "very concerned" about the safety of their customers. They are conducting an investigation to find out which distribution center may have delivered the razor blade-filled croissant to the Windham locationBo Ying Compound Eu Yan Sang. In the meantime, they have offered Salas a Dunkin' gift card.

Do you think Salas should sue Dunkin' Donuts or is a gift card enough of a consolation?

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